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  1. BTW may think there is rust on staples from the pictures..that's from my bad lighting..there is no rust.
  2. This is coming in a lot higher than posted at myComicShop ..I did think it was better than listed. Perhaps whoever graded it knocked it down for some severe tanning at edge of inside front and back cover pages and some on inside pages so I have included some pics of these. Will this change your opinion? I have inspected it closely and can not find anything severely wrong! I think I just got a bargain!
  3. If those tears are only defect I think 9.0 maybe 9.2.
  4. also color breaking long creases at top and bottom FC near spine and some stains by back spine and a stain (water?) at top of BC. so 5.0 at best
  5. I was hoping that was a weird camera angle. Its really rolled? Not good. Press it out. 4.0 as is.
  6. The crease can be pressed out, but not the color breaks on the spine. You should probably change the backing board anyway and put microchamber papers behind FC and BC at least. Its due to take it out and for that anyway. Also, the bag may not be mylar. Without more detail and back pics/scans its impossible to really grade. Assuming nothing wrong with back this could be anywhere from hmmm (thumb in wind) 8.0 to 9.0. Color breaks on spine ding it done from higher IMO.
  7. This plugged the last hole in my 1966 TOS collection, wonder if you'd agree with what the auction graded it as. Thanks