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  1. Well... 1+ week after my eBAy “ Hell Week” — frozen funds, unsatisfied ( unjustifiably! ) buyers, and reading all comments here, I have to come this conclusion: 1. eBay has NO viable competition for selling ‘RAW’ Comics 2. I will continue to use their Venue, and “Be Me” - Sell using my experience as an accomplished raw grader, and boldly state the numeric grade I assign to each and every sale 3. hope that one of ..... you? has the ambition, Financial backing, desire and energy it takes to “build a better mouse trap” ~ that I don’t! just listed 2 more raw, “my grade given” auctions, and moving forward ...
  2. Venom 3 / 2nd Print / 1st Sleeper Cover — presently selling at $60 for 9.6/9.8 raw copies —- IMHO there’s seems to be MUCH more potential upside then downside —- ( but what do I know? - everything I touch seems turns to GOLD ... eventually )
  3. I’m selling some VERY High Demand, HIgh Grade Modern Keys over the next 30 Days - stay tuned!
  4. Interesting... why do you think this book has UF4 like potential?
  5. $1 start / 3 Days / No Reserve!
  6. Come on - you’re “The Brain”! You see what I’m asking about, right? ( or did I drink too much tonight?! )
  7. In 2019, the top book ( IMO ) that took the Market by Storm: Marvel Comics Presents # 6! I can’t think of anything that compares ... FOMO - or a belief that Wolverine’s Daughter would one day be a Marvel Movie Star? .. all I know is that the craze lasted for 3 or more Months - non-stop! pic is of my 9.8 “keepers”. I also fanned the fire on this issue, and probably bought / sold 50-80 copies myself this Summer - and I’m just 1 guy ( collector - not LCS owner ). 10 years from now — gold or fools gold? I have enough faith to stick with them, but they’re no sure thing. (Doesn’t require faith - you just own it and your done!) What’s your pick as the Top Book from 2019 that took off like a rocket? .... whether it made sense to or not!
  8. Just don’t pay too much in 2005 .... then find out the hard way during the sub-prime crash of 2009– that the masses didn’t hold it in the same light you do ( did , shouldn’t have, whatever....,) when you send your copie(s) to Heritage to sell at a Signature Auction, because you need the money back you spent on them to pay for your own house, since your income dropped overnight by 80% -90% due to the mortgage meltdown / that ironically you contributed to at Wells Fargo as one of the Nations Top Subrime Loan officers.,.....while your wife’s at home Raising your twin sons, and you have a $3,800 mini-mansion mortgage you got for yourself because you could.... just saying.
  9. If this isn’t a slam dunk 🏀 CGC 9.8 after pressing 📚, then I give up! ... and I’m switching to Stamp Collecting (and I HATE Stamps!)