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  1. Cons - I can't afford most of the covers I would want.
  2. I prefer not to, but some artists insist on it or even add the personalization without asking you.
  3. Eduardo Risso - innovative panel layouts and awesome use of blacks to create mood
  4. Larsen/Bagley Spider-Man Keown Hulk Tex Ghost Rider Jim Lee X-Men These are among the first runs I read when I started reading comics. Early 90s Marvel
  5. The closest I have is amnesiac Sentry and his Watchdog, possessed by the Void:
  6. I got this from the man at the National (Big Apple Comic Con) in 2007. I missed out on the first two days, but somehow made the list on Sunday and got it same day as well. I don't think that would ever happen for an artist of Darwyn's caliber in today's con scene. Fun fact: at this same show, I also got an Amanda Conner full body commission (also secured on the last day of the show) and an Adam Hughes copic sketch.
  7. Chris is one of the seminal artists of my youth - his run on Generation X is a classic and he was one of the first comic book artists I saw who brought an indie aesthetic to the mainstream - definitely a contrast to many of the other superhero artists around in the 90s. I’d kind of written off getting a sketch from him ever as it didn’t seem like he ever made it to cons I could get to, nor did it seem like he did home commissions. I learned that he did art drops on his site from time to time, but he only announced them through his mailing list and you had to act fast because they sold out quick. He picks and chooses characters he wants to do - typically from stuff he’s worked on (Gen X, X-Men, Dr. Strange). I usually get Black Widow or Black Cat sketches, and it looked like he had done both in the past, but knew I was at the mercy of what Chris felt like drawing. Long story short, Chris actually had Widows in two of his last three art drops, but I missed out on the first two (one just barely). I thought I was never gonna get a Natasha by him. But on the last one, I finally lucked out. Happy to finally add a piece by Chris to my collection.
  8. After hesitating for a little while I decided to post some pages I was seeking as "gallery pieces" in my CAF gallery. I also posted about the pieces I'm seeking everywhere I could think of (here, comicart-l, Statue Forum). I was also hesitant on being potentially "gouged" on price, but since I had absolutely zero leads on these pieces, I figured it was better to post about them in case someone knew their whereabouts (no luck yet).