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  1. I just signed up with Collectibles Insurance Services - they seem to be the leader in this area.
  2. I like and appreciate Tony's art but never enough to seek it out. Maybe because he's very much associated with Batman now, not a character or universe I seek much art from. I actually still associate him with his earlier Image/Top Cow stuff, like The Tenth, F5, Witchblade. His style was distinct then, maybe a little more T&Aish. As far as commissions, don't know what it says about me or the market that I actually thought his prices when I saw them were not bad at all ($500-ish with decent detail and backgrounds?).
  3. About every two months or so, sometimes more often. The last one was on 4/27.
  4. He seems to be a fine arts/street art guy so this is probably a comparative bargain to most of his work.
  5. Actually, Bachalo does announce these drops if you sign up for his e-mails via the site, but again, you basically have to get on that e-mail within 3-5 minutes of it arriving in your inbox to have any chance at any of the art in the drop.
  6. Bachalo often has a Magik sketch in his semi-regular art drops, but he never announces them and you have to be quick.