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  1. Good question. I was just charged for the Premium membership in January. I paid $279 to upgrade to Elite in April. Will I get a credit of $130 for the difference?
  2. Can I submit slabs from another grading company for CGC to crack open and grade? Or should I removed them from the other grading companies slabs before sending to CGC?
  3. Curious to see if there’s anyone else on these forums that grade issues of Sports Illustrated. Here are a few of my recents submissions
  4. Seems reasonable to be able to ask CGC for a request like this...and reasonable for CGC to consider including it or not
  5. I have seen graded issues of Sports Illustrated where CGC left the cover on and folded it over the back cover so that the real cover could be displayed. Don't know if the person having the issue graded requested it this way, or if CGC did this on their own.
  6. How do I go about alerting CGC to incorrect census information. For example, the Sports Illustrated issue v99 #16 has the incorrect date listed in the census. It should be 11/20/2003 as that is the date listed on the front of the magazine.
  7. Now that CGC is grading sports cards, is there any chance we'll see the Signature Series expand to that department?
  8. Correct, subscription editions are listed separately in the CGC census.
  9. I've seen posts on other forums saying that right now CGC is opening mail that was received 2/2. So looks like the receiving dept. is about 6 weeks behind
  10. So then what happens if my slabs are shipped to me from CGC via FedEx or UPS and they arrive damaged?
  11. Yes! I'm a big collector of Sports Illustrated issues. Definitely a growing category and a ton of fun
  12. Any insights from anyone as to which would be more valuable? The higher grade with a green qualified label? Or a lower grade with the blue universal label? Also, any idea as to how much an issue will be downgraded with the autograph on a blue label? Is it 1 point?...2 points?
  13. CGC has said that the inclusion or omission of subscription or ad inserts do not effect the final grade, they are just noted on the label when present. 9.8 grades for #1 are currently going for about $5,000. Sports Illustrated found boxes of issue #1 in mint condition in a warehouse years ago and resold them to the public in a fancy leather binder with a COA for $200-$400. That essentially flooded the market with copies in amazing condition for a 70 year old issue. Despite this, they still command a nice number today.
  14. I’m all about the Sports Illustrated issues. Here are some of my recent slabs