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  1. Thanks everyone for your input. BTW this was a wall book at a small LCS back in the early 2000's.
  2. My initial thought was 9.0 before any pressing. I also think 9.6 might be possible.
  3. You may have hit the nail on the head, as the CGC grading standards do not always match up with the Overstreet grading standards.
  4. I'm a bit surprised that most are giving this book a 5.0 grade. I have an example below of a book I own, with both a raw and graded scan.
  5. I would put it in the 3.0 to 3.5 range, kind of leaning to the 3.0 though.
  6. The book lies very flat, has a few spine tics, with a slightly larger one by the upper staple. The book has off white pages. Thanks.
  7. I'm with the 5.5 crowd, but the top of the book does have me concerned a bit. Nice colors on that book!
  8. The book has white pages. There is a 1/2 inch spine split on the top of the book. The back cover has a 1 inch long tear in the middle top of the book. Thanks.
  9. My first thought was 4.5 due to the back cover. However if the back cover is not stained I would venture 5.0 due to the lower left hand corner and the small diagonal crease in the lower right hand corner. Still a sweet looking book for 67 years young.
  10. Great work on this thread Andy. I know a lot of effort must go into it.
  11. Agreed it can be confusing. I used the Grand Comic Book DB site to zero in on each title.
  12. Terrific cover on that Navy Action 2. I also thought Battle 38, with the looming tank, really stood out!
  13. This thread has been a gas. I'm taking the rest of the spring, summer, and perhaps even the fall off. I want to thank all of the contributors also for their efforts!