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  1. Ernie Maresca Shout Shout "Knock Yourself Out"
  2. I can do that, as my notes have been carefully kept in a climate controlled vault of the highest quality construction.
  3. This contest is to reveal the contestant who just got eliminated. I should have mentioned that.
  4. A brief break from the contest to alert the contestants. Calling @comicdonna Calling @comicginger1789 Calling @ChrispyC66 Calling @William-James88 Calling @Joe Ankenbauer ?? This isnt working for Joe. Calling @Math Teacher - heard you changed your name from Joe Ankenbauer.
  5. Grab your favorite beverage. Smoke if you got em. Lets have another contest in this rapidly shrinking universe of surviving contestants.
  6. It's that time again. Another comic book has arrived, please hold onto to the guard rails.