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  1. I have been picking up a few reader books over the last month or so, but have a bigger book on the way. These early Batman annuals are fun reads.
  2. This title started with some pretty good covers, and this one would have been ok if just the top drawing was used. But wasnt Stranger in the Storm a big hit by Sinatra?
  3. You had to buy this one for your shot at some free Bonomo taffy.
  4. While this book (Detective Comics 234) is not technically Silver Age it is close, and has the look of Silver Age. Issue #236 is noted as the first S.A. issue by Overstreet. There are only 29 graded issues for this book. For my informal requirements that is not enough supply so that collectors in each state could each own a copy. I'm not grumbling as I bought this book raw and it was under graded by the Ebay seller. That fact alone took me by surprise, as most sellers shamelessly over grade raw books. For some reason demand for this book does not seem to be high, but sellers of slabbed books
  5. Using Gocollect, a check on Batman 311 for 9.8 shows one sale this year for $186. The modeler shows 9.8 at $180.
  6. This book just arrived today via an Abe book purchase. The combination of the setting along with the gun didn't scare him line were enough to snag me into purchasing this book. Inside the cover is a quote of interest from "Shropshire Lad" by A. E. Houseman. "If the heats of hate and lust In the house of flesh are strong, Let me mind the house of dust Where my sojourn shall be long".
  7. I recently read "Desertion", as it's in one of the books I have. Radically different story and top notch.
  8. Thanks. The scan of the book has not been modified. I had searched for this book off and on for at least 6 years before finding this copy.
  9. This thread, again, needs some oxygen. A recent pickup, with a cool cover by Murphy Anderson.