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  1. Perhaps a better one will fall your way eventually.
  2. This just arrived yesterday. I finally have a toehold on a Woolrich/Irish book. This edition was published in February of 1944.
  3. Time to add one more and start on that second thousand.
  4. Finally get to contribute again. I picked up this copy at my LCS back in 2012. I have been dealing with a recent death in my family, so I have not been as active lately.
  5. Sidewise in Time to faces of time
  6. In fact it seems that the writers could not quite buy into tossing Robin, though at least Robin is relagated to watching from a jail cell.
  7. The reverse of that is nearly depicted on TEC 290, as Robins robot is about to toss Batman.
  8. One of my earlier TEC books. Kind of an odd cover, but "normal" for TEC books that time period.
  9. Now that's a tough act to follow. Cave Carson failed to catch on with the comic readers despite some nifty artwork, and being showcased in Brave and the Bold.
  10. Liquid Life to ocean in the background