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  1. I was on the lookout for this one. And very recently bought a slabbed 3.5 copy here on boards. GLWS. @Jginsberg79might be interested.
  2. This is before the AF15 fiasco. But I did receive this. And I have never bought from this seller.
  3. I have been getting unwanted messages on eBay from sellers I have never bought from.
  4. Observed tears near both staples. I might be wrong. I was conservatively thinking ~6.0
  5. Bought a FF 49. First time getting something from Canada. The book reached me safely in solid packaging. Very happy with the transaction. Thank you.
  6. Per rules: bid increments must be a minimum of 10$.
  7. Thank you for your response. Quick questions: did you send the books back to the owner? Or sent them directly to the grading company?
  8. The kid has posted pictures of the AF15 books. Now we don't have any option but to support him 🤓 #FightThePower #WeWantJustice