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  1. 26 mid grade Creepy and Eerie. If anyone's interested.
  2. Is that a stain and tape on BC? Yes. Clean and press would improve this book. My guess would be 4.0
  3. I would take 3 grades away for such rusty staples. I would guess 5.0 for this one.
  4. My guess is 3.0 after pressing. Do let us know once the grade is in.
  5. My guess is 5.5 after cleaning-pressing. Color breaking creases would still remain. Please let us know once the grade is in. I would like to know how off I'm from the CGC grade.
  6. Not sure how to penalize the stain on BC. My guess would be 4.0 A more experienced grader would be of better help.
  7. My guess would be 3.5 Relatively novice. Wait for opinions from experienced graders.