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  1. Somewhat standard 3-4 weeks arrival time for some major auction houses. I have never been successful with any “make an offer” methods on HA so far. Well, Nelson might not have had it on his wall if I wasn’t sniped for for it on eBay in 2000. nonetheless, any decent looking #2 tries to make its way into my box. congrats Clark
  2. Yes, good to see you here Jesse. There are many knowledgeable board members here to exchange stories and information with
  3. Yah, he’s on eBay too. He’s come out recently, publicly, that he is indeed Joe’s grandson.
  4. Yes, Joe and Jack both left Timely after the 10th issue of Cap.
  5. Jesse Simon is all over Instagram and YouTube. He’s really Joe’s grandson.
  6. Generally, star stamps mean it was sold on a military base. As long as it’s not excessive, any stamps or writing usually have no bearing on CGC grading or on non third party grading.
  7. Thanks. Yes I saw it. Leaning away from a lime green upper box. The military base star stamp doesn’t bother me, but I’m likely looking to buy it slabbed already.