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  1. so much for the walk through tier. Hope you are well Brian.
  2. one of my top Schomburg Cap covers. Hard to say but looks 1.8 - 2.0 range. The covers and interior pages of this book often suffered miscuts and fragmented interior wraps to the edges. Both of my copies have similar defects. I love the faint arrival date 12/18 (December 18) penciled on the logo. Big Machine gun! Love it.
  3. it's a dream collection for the the DC completist. Imagine if these were all Timelys?
  4. I can imagine walking in, grabbing a Showcase 8 off the shelf, and sitting down to have a milkshake.
  5. I believe this was a group picture of some of Ian’s books taken long ago. I could be wrong though. Impressive shot.
  6. Imagine if that was a Timely and Cap was on the cover? Regardless, it's still pretty cool as is.
  7. agreed, and yes, full date stamps get me going. This is the first time I have seen a full date stamp on a Cap 33 which is one of my favorite Schomburg Cap covers. The date stamp matches the release time, which would have been October 1943.
  8. For me, the magazine sized top loaders don't provide an enhanced eye appeal as they give a frosty look. If anything, the top loaders give better storage stability in the boxes along with super gold open end mylars, 2 mi mylite flap bags, and super gold boards.
  9. I prefer pre-1963 Marvels, but two of my favorite covers from '64 are ASM Annual 1 (released June 1964) and Avengers 12 (released Nov 1964).
  10. Yes, a Mystic 5 BC would be the cheapest and only other option to complete a Cap 1 needing a bc.