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  1. very good points. I also forgot to mention that my friend in 1979 chose the ASM 1 because he was trying to complete the run in that title. It made more sense back then. Today's market is more focused on keys and dollar values...
  2. Mike, ASM1 oddly was very desirable in the 70s and 80s. I know a guy who chose an ASM 1 over an AF 15 at the same price in 1979 because it was a “#1” issue. It’s a head scratcher to us now as why anyone would pass on an AF15.
  3. Primetime

    Tips on Collecting Golden Age!

  4. Primetime

    Bigger Key: ASM 3 or 14

    I would take the #3. Earlier book too, and one of only three Spidey covers signed by Ditko. Both villains a toss up as for the more popular one. You get the pin up page in the #3 as well.
  5. Primetime

    Batman and Detective Show Us Yours!

    Agreed. soft soft price and might not have been wise to end it on a Thursday morning for eBay. I was thinking this is at least a $25k copy. Will be interesting to see what the two low grade CGC Comic Connect copies go for next week.
  6. agreed 100%. The last few years I have settled for a few tough books with slightly less desirable PQ, but it really doesn't bug me too much. If I had passed on those books, I'd still be looking/waiting for copies. As long as there isn't any brittle page fragments floating in the mylar or slab, I am generally OK with it on super tough books.
  7. Primetime

    Grail Question

    I would take any Bat 1 story page over the pin up. I would also take a Kazar story page if it's a Marvel 1 (although a Marvel 1 back cover is very rare and unique). From a pure enjoyment perspective, we do buy comics for their front cover, interior art, and stories and not back cover ads. I can understand a pin up (Bat 1, Supe 1, Cap 4, Marvel 17) back cover would be desirable though.
  8. Primetime

    Captain America Comics #1 Club

    congrats to both parties
  9. slabbing certainly has changed the location of signatures. I can understand the old school approach Kirby would have taken back in those days when signing a comic book on the interior. One could easily take the book out of the bag and open it up to view the signature. Plus, reading comics was still a very common thing as opposed to slabbing in today’s era. Quite a change.
  10. Primetime

    Fantastic Four Collecting Thread!

    He has blue trunks on in all the timelys to my knowledge
  11. what a special moment was this photo taken in San Diego?