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  1. Primetime

    Where are the Nine MPWF #1 copies Today?

    Berk's CGC 3.5 brittle copy sold through CC in June 2017 for $27,500.
  2. I owned the Cap 34 in the 1990s when it was known as the D copy and not Crippen. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of it, but it was a 9.0 with a bindery chip out, and had the trade mark serial number penciled at the top of the splash page. The paper was tanning which I believe is a common trait amongst Crippen books. I traded a vg X-men 1, a Cap 4 in G/VG, and $150 to the late John Verzyl (RIP) for it at SDCC 1997.
  3. great information as always Jeff
  4. Primetime

    Cap 1 vs MF 73

    The books (and characters for that matter) are not even close to comparable from my standpoint. The Aquaman movie has pushed up curiosity, demand, and FMV for MF73 but it's still a 2nd/3rd tier book/character for me. I did enjoy the Aquaman movie but that hasn't peaked my interest to acquire the book. Cap and Cap 1, on the other hand, I am a fan of both.
  5. Primetime

    Batman #1 Club

    no idea as I don't keep up with Luther. I was just comparing Action 23 and Bat 1 release dates for the OP.
  6. Primetime

    Batman #1 Club

    time would vary region to region in 1940 but it would be a Feb 1940 release. I suspect NYC newsstands would get the new comics faster than the west coast Harold . I have seen Bat 1s with arrival dates as late as May 16, 1940.
  7. Primetime

    Batman #1 Club

    sure thing
  8. Primetime

    Batman #1 Club

    And remember that the cover month/date of a comic means that the book was on the stands in real time anywhere from 1-3 months prior to the cover mo/date. Typlically for golden age it's 1-2 months. So, as Wayne-Tec posted, Action 23 would have been on the stands in Feb 22, 1940 and Bat 1 would have been late April 25, 1940.
  9. Primetime

    PGM Avengers 4

    4.5 (VG+)
  10. who was the letterer on ASM 45? Most have slipped through Stan's quality control team.
  11. Primetime

    Books from 1939 are 80 years old.

    Great year for comics. Tec 31 and Marvel Comics 1 are my favorite from '39.