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  1. Agreed. Most notably the slanted "Marvel" logo font.
  2. Agreed. Timely's flagship title. Goodman changed it from MC to MMC. Perhaps he liked the longer title to go with his popular pulp title Marvel Science Fiction.
  3. Primetime

    Anyone else mildly annoyed when....

    I believe it’s legit considering all the sources I’ve spoken to and read throughout the years. I did have one person say they were iffy on if Reilly actually died in a Kamaze crash. It seems true though that he died in the war. His parents sealing up his room for 25 years plus is a normal reaction/response. Someone (Nearmint?) posted this 1939 yearbook pic of Tom Reilly awhile back to prove someone by that name at least existed in the right time era.
  4. Primetime

    Anyone else mildly annoyed when....

    Similarly, (with all due respect to Ron!) when the Reilly pedigree is/has always been referred to as the San Francisco’s ...
  5. Primetime

    Timelys and deadbeat ebay bidders

    Richard, I always come through buying timelys
  6. Primetime

    PGM X-Men #1

    The purple around iceman has always had discoloration issues on copies. Looks 4.5 to me with lime green boxes (as opposed to dark green)
  7. Primetime

    PGM FF2

    I’m at a 4.0 but I tend to be strict. It won’t surprise me if cgc grades it higher. The full date stamp is always a great site in a comic cover.
  8. People are hoarding. It’s just tough in the marketplace, but not a difficult book in general. The #2 is much tougher. I know one guy that has 5 copies. Another has 3. And doubles in at least a few more collections. Great cover. My history with the book goes back to 1996. Was the hottest book of the 1990s along with Suspense 3. I’ve grown to favor issue 2 by just a tad. It’s sort of like a Tec 29 vs 31 comparison for me.
  9. Or imagine if the unused Subby cover was used on Marvel 2. Goodman was convinced the Angel was going to be a hit.
  10. I see an All Select 2 lower right. Wonder if that was the Reilly copy, Ron?