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  1. Nice new topic Jeff. Thanks for posting. It will be interesting to read the observations that are gained from this data.
  2. Primetime

    What to buy? FF1 or Hulk 1 3.0-4.0

    And on an FF1, I’d look for the tougher dark green monster with no creasing or scuffs inside of his mouth. Not easy to find that combination with what Jim mentioned already.
  3. Primetime

    The 1973 Comic Art Convention, New York

    The Bat 1 owners did mistakenly say the book was from 1938-39. The lady interviewing them couldn’t believe they were asking $175 for it
  4. Primetime

    The 1973 Comic Art Convention, New York

    Nice video. Thanks for posting it NerV. Even though they said it was missing a few wraps and the POFC, that Bat 1 would still run roughly $20K in today's market.
  5. Agreed. I like how the full word bubbles are not miswrapped.
  6. Primetime

    Captain America Comics #1 Club

    For sure.
  7. Primetime

    PGM Tec 28

    5.0 (P)
  8. Primetime

    Bill Everett thread

    very nice signature.
  9. Primetime

    The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    And white pages too
  10. Primetime

    [CLOSED] Terrific 5 cgc 2.0 universal

    Yes, Nick...RIP. He always had the blazing golden age wall ads in CBG and OSPG.
  11. Primetime

    PGM FF #49

    GD+ (2.5) based on the FC.
  12. Primetime

    Please grade this Pep Comics #44!

    Very nice Jon. I have some Timelys that look much nicer that CGC still gave 3.0 when I graded them much tighter as raw books. That said, if the cover on your Pep was not detached, I'd go 5.0. As is, I'll take off a point so 4.0.
  13. It was just cheaper for Goodman to start a new teen comic using the next numerical # after AW19. The odd thing was that he went back to AW21. So you have an odd teen comic in between a run of Timely superheroes books and the #21. Wild, wild west of comics.