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  1. 1.5 - 1.8 large spine split and large tear on BC are significant defects keeping it under 2.0 for me. My favorite SA book.
  2. 3.0 at best. 2.5 at worse. 3.5 would be a gift grade. A spine split down to the first staple is structurally significant. Has 4.5 front eye appeal though, and near close to full double quotes along the right edge (tough on this book like TOS 39).
  3. 4.0, despite the lower corner damage. The edge wear at the top covers are a bigger issue to keeping structural grade down from what I can see. CGC will probably grade it looser though. Good the pin up is there.
  4. Agreed, Sean. Even two different companies have to be closer in the realm for PQ, let along overall grading. Human error ?
  5. This is when PQ has to be detailed (or somehow on the label) for bigger keys. I once had a Tec 8 from @G.A.tor that was 99% supple but for one edge tear on an interior page that was weak. The slightly brittle label notation did not give the book a fair representation.