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  1. looks to be from December 1941 (Feb 1942 cover dated) based on most of the books here. . I can see some holdovers from the previous round of books like Superman 14 and Mystic 7 mixed in.
  2. Nov 3rd is daylight savings weekend, so remember we will go back 1 hour
  3. great Heshka painting that would have made a better Bat 1 cover.
  4. Thanks. I’ve got it at 10 x 7 1/2. Pretty close though.
  5. so that's what a freshly printed Marvel 1 would have looked like in hand in 1939 Is the Marvel 1 sized accurately?
  6. Always liked the sept 13 arrival date on the cover which was 13 days after the OCT run was initially released. They sold like hot cakes.
  7. Agreed. The raft story is often missing a wrap. Any value in a coverless copy would come from an owner wishing to complete their incomplete copy by marrying the missing wraps. Also, in the rare event that someone owned a cover, they would be hot for a complete but coverless copy.
  8. The copy that was used to record how much money was being paid to each artist that contributed to Marvel 1.
  9. Since the October and November editions were printed and released within two weeks of each other, I speculate Goodman didn’t have any Oct copies around since they had sold out in a week. So he used a Nov copy as the Pay copy.
  10. looks like they are doing a fine job then.