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  1. Only FF cover inked and penciled by Kirby Nice self portrait of Jack (Reed Richards) on the billboard sign.
  2. The 49 was oddly the one of the trilogy that I never had all these years. Finally got one in ‘15.
  3. Cover dates are useful for organizing and research, but I always go by newsstand arrival dates to classify books. For example, December of 1962 had a slew of great marvels (JIM 89, TOS 39, FF12, ASM 1) on the stands. These are all cover dated March, 1963 (except JIM 89 - Feb 63) but when I look at them they are the last of the 1962 marvels in my mind. Another major division for early Marvels are when the Ditko based “side bar” started in May, 1963 books (Feb 63 newsstand time - ASM 2, FF14) This is when the 12 cent bubble disappeared and was replaced by the side bar art and price boxes.
  4. Agreed, the 12 is earlier and Ayers cover inks with Kirby Pencils are more appealing to me than the 25 Kirby/George Roussos-Bell. Although the 12 cover isn’t a full battle scene, the pending battle poses are still awesome to me. The story is much better in 25-26, however.