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  1. Please grade me Hulk 181 asm 1

    GD- (1.8) on the ASM 1
  2. PGM ASM 2

    2.5 - 3.0 I'll guess CGC said 3.5
  3. Rest In Peace, John Verzyl

    I believe most of the photo binder books where not physically at that con, but I do recall some of the photo books being present.
  4. I say $625k, and I won't take it
  5. Rest In Peace, John Verzyl

    yeah, and he was always set up in his usual spot (towards the back) away from the Gold/Silver area with his trademark color photo binders of great books.
  6. Dueling Detective 27s this spring

    low eye appeal and a dust shadow slowing down an Action 7?
  7. Rest In Peace, John Verzyl

    This was shocking news last week, and as all have posted already, John was very friendly at cons and his knowledge of golden age comics was passionate, accurate, and helpful. I did one deal with John at SDCC in 1996 for a VFNM Cap 34 (D copy), and it was a pleasant experience. You will be missed John. I pray his family is making it through this difficult and challenging time.
  8. Dueling Detective 27s this spring

    The Hake's Action 7 in 4.0 for $124k seemed like a bargain. I was thinking it would go in the $150k+ range...
  9. PGM FF48

  10. Marvel Mystery #15

    3.0 the best cover in the 11-20 run
  11. WTB: FOOM #19

    Yeah thanks. Watching that one for now.
  12. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    in it's raw form, I was thinking 3.0 - 3.5. You can still see faint markings of the "Barbara Campbell" on the HA slab scan. Blue label anyhow you slice it.