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  1. Who's next?
  2. Someone may want to jump on this
  3. The lack of visible security was an issue brought up by another dealer. Needless to say, this is something that will be strongly expressed to the folks at Wizard
  4. Thanks to everyone that showed up and made it a memorable evening P.S. Greggy is a dork
  5. They could ask the remodeling contractor set up at the show to take care of it
  6. The footprint is smaller this year. Maybe they don't want people to see that in black & white on the floor plan
  7. If they let greggy in, they'll let anyone in. You're good to go
  8. Set-up day and Wizard still doesn't have their viewable floor up
  9. Congrats on 15 years on the boards ...noob
  10. This. The whole point of going on preview night is to get first crack at dealers' inventory that hasn't been picked through by other dealers or sharks like greggy
  11. Momoa, Baccarin, and a couple of others cancelled