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  1. I could be wrong. I am trying to think of a best case scenario (in house art tryout cards, test cards for a possible set, etc) but the art just looks too amateurish, the poses are all swipes, and the stamps on the back are a little too convenient. I hope I am wrong.
  2. Those look every bit like bootleg cards that someone is trying to pass off as real. I would avoid those like the plague.
  3. Roy is never cranky or insulting. He is very opinionated and will sometimes discuss his position to extremes. That's why I called him argumentative. The reference was vague and I apologize for that.
  4. I think you misread my post. "This poster", the one claiming intellectual honesty, is you.
  5. This response to Crowzilla's statement that the Church books were "naturally pressed" has sat here for a while with no response (other than a couple of folks whose emojis shed tears for me) and that really bugs me. Whether or not, or to what degree, anyone believes that stacking comics in a pile for a long period of time in perfect storage conditions constitutes "natural pressing" is irrelevant to the comment above. What is relevant is that this poster feels so strongly in his viewpoint that if someone has the gall to disagree with him they must be "intellectually dishonest", and therefor
  6. I can sign that for free if anyone wants a sig series. My gift to the boards.
  7. Maybe with better scans? Or better pictures. Yeah. If the scans or pictures are changed there is no doubt this book will fly out of here.