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  1. MrBedrock

    Heritage Fall Signature Auction

    Not after Harley's been eating his lunch on top of it! Depends on what he's having.
  2. MrBedrock

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    That book makes your collection too phat!
  3. MrBedrock

    Am I the only one

    OTOH... Who among you gloats when you see a book sell for significantly less than you sold it for in the past? Do you dance around and say things like "Booyah! In your FACE!"?
  4. MrBedrock

    Am I the only one

    I don't cry but I whine a bunch.
  5. MrBedrock

    Is Cap #3 the Action #7 of it's title run ?

    Good point. The phrase "Come on, Cap!" stuck throughout the series. In the 1960's when Cap started being portrayed in the underground comics the phrase was often used without the comma.
  6. If Dave buys something will you please use the proceeds for charm school tuition?
  7. your FACE has plain all over it. That's not right at all.
  8. That is exciting. It has a plane on it.
  9. curious as to how one buys a book without seeing a picture or even knowing the grade. "i'll give you $500 for that book, sight unseen and condition unknown!" yep. that's how you do it.
  10. That's the cheap version?
  11. It just doesn't make sense that Bulletdog doesn't have a metal helmet.
  12. It is interesting reading this thread as a retailer. Manga and Anime in general are obviously areas where we realize there is great demand. But from a small retail perspective the product is super low margin and fraught with downside. Anytime we have access to order these products we are worried that they will show up at huge discounts through big box or book store retailers of through Amazon. And all of those retailers can order on long credit 100% returnable while the specialty shop comic industry has had very little access to any returnability. Makes for tough decisions when trying to stock sellable material to make up for the recent downturn in new issue sales.
  13. MrBedrock

    Anthony Castrillo is a liar and a cheat.

    I just read a post or two from this thread, completely out of context, so forgive me if this has been brought up already... If Judge Judy makes $147,000,000.00 per year couldn't she just send this Castrillo fellow some loot to cover the folks he can't afford to pay back?