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  1. It really isn't that interesting.
  2. MrBedrock

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Cool one “for a western”. I have a few including that one. I believe Schomburg did some in-credited covers for that title. Me too...
  3. MrBedrock

    Hake's Feb Auction Detective #27 CGC 5.0

    Sorry, I thought your were linking a new Hake's consignment and that was their photo manager in the reflection.
  4. MrBedrock

    Hake's Feb Auction Detective #27 CGC 5.0

    Strong offerings pictured on the preview page. If the rest is of that quality I will definitely be ... vacationing.
  5. MrBedrock

    Hake's Feb Auction Detective #27 CGC 5.0

    I love the artistic photo-realistic marketing approach.
  6. Was he able to get a word in?
  7. MrBedrock

    GA With Less Than Ten Copies in the CGC Census

    I thought these were too thick to slab? I've got a VGish copy. I also thought they were too thick to slab but I found a restored something listed on the census. Maybe a later book? Anyhow, there aren't any qualifiers in the thread rules so you should post yours.
  8. MrBedrock

    Post your newest Pedigrees....

    One you don't see often I had it...I traded it off...I traded for it back.
  9. Early 80's for sure, as that little X-Men 137 Death of Phoenix issue that's peeking out would tend to suggest. I'll say 1981 where that would be a few months old by then and a hot book. Heck, it was a hot book that month though, too. Some notable board books for me include: Space Thrillers, Hooded Menace (keeping with the Avon theme), that S+K Champion cover (10?), CMJr 1, Our Flag, Captain America's Weird Tales, and Superman 52! All at prices I'm sure that would make this grown man cry. p.s. I'd love a guess as to which tapes were in that boombox! I think that is Rich Halegua pictured talking to Ron. They used to set up next to each other. Rich is still active and sets up at OAF Con every year, mostly with movie paper.
  10. It is especially exciting because Ron is so freaking old!