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  1. Thanks again to everybody who checked out the thread. I will be sending out PM invoices later today. Richard
  2. Wow! Thanks so much. You have some great reading ahead of you.
  3. This kind of sat there without mention, but... So after the most important thing, the cover, come the pages. And after the pages are the staples. So after the cover and the pages the most important thing is the staples. Sort of like saying "you are my third best friend, after all of my family and then all of my other friends". Would it be any different if you said that staples are the least important?
  4. There have been some people come and and go from the boards. She was a cool and unique one.
  5. The World of Ditko has tons of illustrations from all across his career with pretty thorough and scholarly discussion of each area of work and influence. The Art of Ditko reprints many of his best know works from before his time at Marvel. So if you want to read a bunch of great stories, go with the Art of..., if you want to learn a ton about the man and his work try the World of...
  6. There are five different Benton books and they are each mandatory reading.