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  1. That's typical of most commercially published art. Usually, cover artists, newspaper cartoonists and magazine illustrators produce work twice up or larger proportionally to the final printed size. Except Frazetta. Most of his paintings are surprisingly small.
  2. MrBedrock

    Houston Art Gathering-- Next Thursday, Oct 18

    MrBedrock alliteratively approves of this message by promising to provide plenty of pizza.
  3. MrBedrock

    Western comics.

    The answers 'no' isn't it.
  4. MrBedrock

    Bedrock Sales Thread

    It appears that the thread is winding down. I will pm the three winners so far and if there isn't any further activity by this evening I will close down this sales thread and move the books to our site. Please, everyone...keep Gator Rick and his family in your thoughts today and tonight. They are going to have a heck of a storm moving through the Florida panhandle. Speaking from experience, I hope they don't have anything significant to deal with in the coming days. Thanks all! Go Astros!
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    Bedrock Sales Thread

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    Bedrock Sales Thread

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    Bedrock Sales Thread

  8. I would give a big nod to Terry O'Neil's show at the end of January. Only one day but that room is PACKED with just about every kind of GA comic available. Dealers run from small time collectors like me to the big national ones. Have seen a few great collections pop up there. And the weather for January, just can't be beat. I really need to go to Terry's next show.
  9. This year I think the best selections of vintage comics and dealers who specialize in them have been either C2E2 or Baltimore, with Charlotte a very close runner up.
  10. MrBedrock

    Bedrock Sales Thread

    That is it for tonight. Start clicking those ! Thanks so much for checking out the thread. Please check out our web-site at for more cool old funnybooks!
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    Bedrock Sales Thread

    Go Astros!
  12. MrBedrock

    Bedrock Sales Thread

    Planet Comics 65 - good to very good (3.0), light tan to cream pages - $200