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  1. And I sympathize with you, again, I know this *does* happen but I was responding to the "I hear they just drop it off" hearsay like it's a common, casual thing going on. I've had to work in conjunction with the USPS for a shipping warehouse and there's lots of costly fines for them if that is just a lazy, every day occurrence is all I was saying.
  2. I've got to state for the record that this thread has been completely fascinating and informative to me in an educational way and I'd like to thank my fellow members here for elaborating on these areas I am woefully uneducated in. I'm learning a lot and appreciating the discourse. Also, one of you guys should invest in my band. Thanks! P.S.- Is anyone here going to Baltimore in October?
  3. I'm sure that happens. All I'm saying is that there are specific protocols with the USPS in regards to the process of dealing with signature confirmation and they are very stringent about it, if only because the USPS has to reimburse and is also fined due to ordinance if it's proven that something was just lazily discarded, etc.
  4. If that's true that postal employee is not only getting fired but getting fined which is why carriers who don't get a signature (because no one answers or is home) leave a slip saying "sorry we missed you" and leaving the next attempted delivery date and/or where the resident can pick up said package.
  5. You'll regret that when my Hero Illustrated screenplay gets picked up by a major studio
  6. I refuse to believe that the Tyro Team as depicted on that cover isn't an exact representation of at least three members of this board when they were in their twenties.
  7. Then it's up to the OP to elaborate if he feels like it. Otherwise, it looks like the answer to his question is "once or twice" that we know of. Case closed!
  8. Ah, I didn't know that. I do know that his politics and mine do not align but all I did was ignore the link to the newsletter and appreciated him having the foresight to warn some of his customers what his newsletter entailed. I used to read Chuck's newsletter but not in some time but his embrace of his femme persona is a weak reason to stop shopping; the ludicrous pricing at Mile High should be reason enough! Chuck's newsletter lists what the topic is gonna be; one could easily just not click on it if it's a subject involving his drag shows or whatever.
  9. It's possible that CGC might launch expansion in the next 18 months to a year considering the massive increase in CGC awareness among collectors and investors. Perhaps they'll have another branch nearer to New York.
  10. If they're clever- and Kevin Feige has proven to be- they won't get a "name" actor. They'll do the same thing they did with Hugh Jackman, which is get an unknown or at least a not famous actor. This was established so well with Christopher Reeve; because there was no pre-conceived notion of him, he just looked like Superman. They will also likely want to get someone younger than someone like Joaquin Phoenix (?!) because, unless it was the 52 year old Jackman, they will likely want to sign a younger actor to a multi-year contract. Not that Jackman couldn't still look good in a decade, but I'm j
  11. The only thing I can logically think of- and this is in reaction to the OP specifying that he was told the "owner" doesn't want to do business with him- is that, either he's complained seemingly too many times and sent things back, which is the owner's right- or there was something outside of MCS, like on Facebook or something. It would have to be one or the other. I know Buddy has a newsletter in which he fairly forewarns customers that it contains his political views, so that you don't read it if you don't want to- for all we know, it's related to that, like someone left a remark or somethin
  12. I really want to say this- I appreciate your advice and educated opinion on this. Very valid points. You've seriously convinced me to invest in at least a 2.0 Hulk #181 should I ever be able to find it. Like Action #1, these are just going to keep going up in value, I'm sure of it.
  13. This is at the bottom of the page: "I'm a bookbinder of trade for several years. I have a great passion for designing unique antique-style books. I am the designer and the self-publisher therefore each book will be handmade by me for you with love." So this could be a way for him to hand-make replicas and then claim a buyer didn't read the small print..?
  14. MCS is my main source and they've always been above standard. Seriously, I would sing their praises as much as possible because it's always been an excellent experience. If they actually cited the 'owner' not wanting to do business with you, may I ask, did you have an interaction with him personally outside of your buying experience? On another online forum or something?