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  1. Several I found, but you probably know them already : - 2 Marvel trading cart from Art Thibert, like this one : - Spiderweb Art has many pieces done (obviously) by the Hildebrandt brothers, like this one : - Metropolis Collectibles has a large selection of Marvel Masterpieces done by Simone Bianchi, like this one : - and Tri-state Original Art has this art, never used :
  2. No, and I'm not sure I will do one someday. I come from the comic fanzine world and I'm used to present pictures and words to suit what I want to show. The way CAF display things doesn't always suit me, so I will probably build in the future a small website dedicated to my modest collection.
  3. Many thanks for the members who have already replied. I just wait a little further in the week-end and will reply to you.
  4. Hello, I'm a french collector looking to add some small gems to his collection. I've bought 10 pieces of original art last year and would be interested, this year, to add to my collection several ones that I have spotted recently (range price 200-600 USD - I'm only a small fish here :-) ). But I have now in front of me a problem I barely had in the past : the sellers don't want to send the pieces outside USA, for reasons they do not want to clearly explain... I tried to ask them for this reasons but they didn't respond. I suppose they want to keep their sales inside USA for convenie
  5. Loved this adaptation (the french edition) since childhood. My junior high school had a copy (!) Finally bought it 20 years ago. Great art. Great adaptation for a great movie.
  6. Same for me. Bought one page last year. Nice experience, and they even gave me (for what it's worth) a COA.
  7. Already back on sale... I agree, for this time, it's not a attempt for a (new) flip ! :-) (I hope the 3rd owner of this board this year will not loose money - reserve price ? - and that this beauty will find somebody who intent to keep it)
  8. Sorry to bother you, but why do you name it a pipe dream ? Pages from Byrne SSH can be seen for sale from time to time. Some examples below. This one is still on sale : This one sold only 3 weeks ago : (IMHO, this one was great) And this one sold only 1 months ago :
  9. I forgot : I contacted this seller several times in the past to tell him he was selling fakes (with proofs enclosed). His attitude in the responses showed clearly to me he was not an innocent victim of the Kirby studio in Peru, but somebody who was looking to do a commerce of fakes.
  10. Well, what I do most of the time is to use the "Report item" function. And select the right option (see below) ... and, above everything else, provide a short proof in the comment section, which appear when you click the "Continue" button (I generally send an shortened version of an URL linking to the legit art. Ex : for a fake Kirby, the link to the real piece of original art from the Kirby Museum. Why use an URL shortener ? Because the web text field for the proof is rather small, so maybe a long URL to the proof wouldn't fit). All in all, you have to do your homework careful
  11. The Ebay seller selling fake Ditkos has returned again, this time with this : (this is becoming worse and worse. At least, his previous fakes were fakes of drawings done by Ditko or fakes based on characters Ditko drew in monthly series) Can some of you signal to Ebay this fraudulous auction, like I did already ? It will helps, I hope, with enough returns, to prevent a collector from being robbed just before Christmas...
  12. I had some trouble last week on this precise subject (favorite searches grabing no results or not starting). I guess NicoV had to do some maintenance this week-end, because everything is now back on track. I will not complain, even a minute : it's so a wonderful site.
  13. You can find less expensive items in the Ariel Olivetto and Mike Vosberg sections of his site.
  14. Right. From my own experience, that's what sellers pissed about usually do.
  15. I thought that by 1998, all Marvel comics had switched to digital lettering, but maybe I'm wrong... In comparision, DC still put lettering on pages in 1998 ; they made the switch later. Anyway, there are others pages on CAF from that issue which don't have lettering too :