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  1. If I'm reading it correctly, the change won't affect buyers, only sellers who will now see a slightly higher PayPal processing fee that includes tax. Although buyers may see prices increase as sellers pass on the cost of doing business with PayPal.
  2. It's almost as if eBay and/or PayPal are trying to drive people away. Having to pay processing fees on tax was not made clear in the e-mails eBay and PayPal sent about the November 1st change in how tax is collected.
  3. Next time I'm at this Walmart I'll take another look but I don't remember seeing any baseball cards in the front area, either.
  4. Where are people finding these at Walmart? I was at a nearby Walmart this afternoon and looked in the toy section, the "books" section, and the checkout area. Didn't see any comic books. The store was crowded so I didn't ask any employees for help (and in the past, Walmart employees haven't been particularly helpful).
  5. I received my first offer from a seller (8% off) just the other day. It was still too expensive but now I try to watch anything I might be interested in, just in case a seller decides to send an offer. I probably won't be using the current 8% eBay Bucks promotion. I'm hoping for 10%+ next month when I have my eBay Bucks certificate to spend.
  6. Agreed. Paying sales tax for purchases on eBay is annoying, even if many buyers were supposed to be paying it anyway depending on local tax laws, but shipping is much, much worse.
  7. I bought all four of Artgerm's FF #1 variants on eBay recently. I only wanted the Invisible Woman cover but got all four for $20 plus a copy of the regular cover.
  8. Wow! Congratulations on the store. I've never seen a comic shop with hardwood floors before. It looks so classy. Like so many others, I also dreamed of owning a comic shop when I was a kid. Believe it or not, I wanted it to be connected to a pizza place, with giant signs warning people to go to the comic shop first before grabbing a slice at the pizza place.
  9. I think I underestimated how much these are worth. I'm awful at grading, so when I compared my books to recent sales on eBay I didn't think mine were comparable. I'll have to do more research and figure out how much time I want to put into selling these books. Thanks for the advice.
  10. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question but I'm looking for advice about selling a few dozen very low-grade Silver Age comics I inherited from family members. I've read and enjoyed them but it's time for them to move on. I took pictures of some of them. The pictures aren't great but they'll give you an idea of the condition. What's the best way to sell these? List them by title on eBay? List the Marvel comics in one lot and the Gold Key in another? List them as a single lot on eBay? Bring them to a local comic store? Based on sold listings on eBay, the Daredevil #4 and some of the Amazing Spider-Man issues may be worth something. If I bring these to a local store, what should I realistically expect for comics like these? $1 a book? $2 a book? Basically, I'm wondering what's the easiest way to sell these comics. Thanks.
  11. I’m sure I’ve read comments from head honchos at Marvel swearing it isn’t cheaper to use newsprint.
  12. He needs to release one for Marvel ASAP.
  13. Darn. I didn't get the 10% off TEN4FALL or the 10%/5% eBay Bucks. Too bad.
  14. I wasn't planning on getting this but I was at a comic store this afternoon and they were having a 50% off sale so I picked up the last copy they had on the shelf. It's the Greg Hildebrandt variant. Haven't had a chance to read it yet.