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  1. So much to love about this book ... but how to grade these considerable flaws?
  2. Such a beautiful book! Would love your thoughts on the grade. I know it's not one of the big keys, but the lesser books also need some love!
  3. Half decent copy of a fairly average book. Would love to have thoughts on grade!
  4. Hi All, I would love your grading thoughts on this tidy copy of Superboy 93, please!
  5. Thanks all! That's been really helpfully and supports what i was thinking. Do you have a general rule about whether a book should go for pressing? Needs to be worth a certain amount, or is it case-by-case?
  6. Hi All, Here's my ASM51 - looks like it could do with a press, but not sure the cost of doing so would increase the value of this book. Looking forward to hearing people's thoughts on grade!!
  7. Hi All, Would love to hear your grading thoughts on this ASM35. Many thanks!
  8. There’s one for sale now on Shortboxed: $1,700 for a 2.5 would you consider selling yours?
  9. Yup! I've seen staples like this on a few books over the years, but forgot about this one. I seem to own lots of books that grade low to mid, but have really nice-looking covers!
  10. Wow! So tough to get into the 9s! Would love to see this in a 9.6 or 9.8!
  11. Haha! Have a look at my ASM 13 that I recently posted - someone drew on that one too, and it was obviously a kid, or someone very childish!
  12. Another book that I don't remember buying, but happy to own, of course!