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  1. @frozentundraguy No photos of the back pre-sub (of course ☚ī¸) @Motor City Rob It definitely looks wavy in the photo. Had to go take another look just to make sure it wasn't. Here's another photo of the back. I will be humble and stick with this grade. Thanks y'all for your feedback.
  2. Thanks for the input y'all. It came back a 2.5. The book has no missing pieces or pages, no tape or brittleness anywhere, no staple rust, cover and center page are not loose at all. Raw I gave it a 2.5-3.0. I sent it to get pressed and cleaned hoping for a graded 3.0+ but it seems (to me) that the service to the book actually did more harm. I included a photo of the book prior to pressing and the spine was in better condition. As for the back cover, I'm unsure how it got those stains all over. It just had a light stain on the right center. Should I resubmit with CGC or just take the 2.5 grade? I was really hoping for a graded 3.0 or higher.
  3. Hello all. Recently had this book sent out for pressing (and cleaning 😑) via a third-party reputable company who also sent this book to CGC on my behalf. The book came back a few days ago but was honestly (as most of us do) expecting a different score. However based off the graders notes and my own inspection of the book, I still believe this book should have gotten a different grade. I do not currently have a scanner and uploaded the best photos I could. Please let me know what you think the grade is and if I should get someone else to clean and resub or just keep as is. I will also post actual grade up as well. 👍 Thanks. Grader notes: Title: Showcase Issue: 4 Issue Date: 9-10/56 Publisher: D.C. Comics Page Quality: CREAM TO OFF-WHITE Art Comments: Robert Kanigher and John Broome story Carmine Infantino and Joe Kubert cover and art Key Comments: Origin and 1st appearance of the Silver Age Flash (Barry Allen). 1st appearance of Iris West. Issue Year: 1956 Grader Notes: moderate creasing to cover moderate spine stress lines to cover moderate staining to cover moderate tears to cover moderate wear all corners of cover