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  1. Hey All, I am looking for a copy of Tales from the crypt 33 Something around a mid grade (4.0-7.0) I am willing to negotiate on the price! Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hey All, I am searching for a copy of Tales from the Crypt 33. Looking for a copy around 4.0-7.0 I am open to negotiating the price! Thanks in Advance!!
  3. In my opinion, it will probs drop the grade a good bit, assuming it is starting at a 9.8, it could drop down to an 8-8.5, maybe 9.0
  4. Hello All, I am looking to buy a copy of My greatest adventure 80 (first appearance of the doom patrol) at around 6.0-6.5 I am hoping to get something close to the market on this. I am also willing to do a trade plus money! Other grades are welcome as well, just shooting for around a 6-6.5 Thank You
  5. I’d buy ultimate fallout for is still up for sale, I’m down to buy it! Anyway you could wait until Friday for payment? @FlyingDonut
  6. Do you think it’s just a manufactured defect? I’m talking about the angle running up on the bottom it’s very slight
  7. Hey guys, I recently purchased an amazing spiderman 300, and noticed that the angle of the cut on the bottom looks to be off. Anyone have any insight to if it was trimmed? I feel like it was, but I am new to comic book collecting so I cant be sure. Any help would be appreciated! Thank You
  8. Hey All, I recently picked up a copy of ASM 238. The book is already graded at a 5.5. The only real flaw with the book is a large subscription crease running down the middle. Grader notes say : Crease full center of front cover- breaks color, crease left top of back cover, spine stress lines. I am wondering if the book should be pressed and re-graded, to try and get the crease out. Does anyone have any insight into this? Any idea if the crease would come out with pressing, or is it something that cant be fixed? Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks! Do you think pressing would help at all, maybe bump it up a little?
  10. Hey All, Id like someone to take a look at these pictures and tell me what they think the grade of this book may be. It has some color breaks on the spine, on both sides - so I think it is sitting around 7.0-8.0 I am wondering if pressing the book would help the grade. There are no other problems with the book, except the spine issues, and some light wear on the edges. Thanks for any insight in advance!