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  1. Just added six new items to my CAF. Another eclectic mix: Adam Hughes, John Severin, Nick Cardy, Art Spiegelman, Jay Lynch, Jay Kinney and Rick Griffin.
  2. Great thread. Lots of really fun stuff. Does anyone in here have any scans from the Rick Griffin story in Zap #11? I just picked up on of the oversized prelims and was curious to see how it compares to the more polished finished work.
  3. How about that, the automatic censor doesn't like the word f e c k l e s s. It kept changing it to less.
  4. No apologies necessary. You did the right thing and your parents are fortunate to have your care. I lost my Dad at the beginning of this year largely to complications arising from Alzheimer's and I know how tough it can when that insidious disease takes hold. I did wonder what became of you Saturday, but your priorities are in the right place, without question.
  5. I think you caught me there while I was watching the Bears score 21 straight points against my beloved yet frequently f e c kless Raiders. I usually look a little more happy than that.
  6. Just picked up another random pile of art, with a few mysteries. I don't have pictures or scans of most, but I have this one. Sorry about the glare. I will get a better one when I scan them. I believe it's a Robert Maguire preliminary. The collector I got it from had a number of them that were identified as such. In the smaller 3x5ish size as opposed to the large size he would do finished covers in. No signature, and he's done a bazillion book covers, so I haven't found it. I thought it might ring a bell with somebody.
  7. Yeah. I don't have nearly what I used to, but what I have will be there.
  8. I don't think so. I don't know that one. I got a bunch of the Texas Trio books, including the ones with early GRR Martin. Some old mimeo stuff also. Just picked up a tub (yes, a tub) of those off-the-wall brand x 70s horror magazines, so we'll be bringing the better ones of those. Also, added a new stack of original art to the sales portfolio. Lots of fun and unusual stuff.
  9. Weird Paper will be their in all our papery weirdness.
  10. Yes, he's identified it on Facebook as a piece he did years ago as a commission.
  11. Thank you. Steven himself actually identified that one for me on Facebook. I've also id'd the one earlier on this page as Saudelli (sp?) from La Blonda. And the Finlay on page two as being from a 1952 issue of Future Science Fiction. Still trying to figure out the Nebres Sonja, though.
  12. Cool piece, John, Congrats on getting it! I don't think unpublished Morrow pieces like this are too uncommon. A friend of mine has a Rip Kirby one, though it's larger. It's always possible it was published in a fan magazine like Alter Ego.
  13. I do like the old school classics: Neal Adams Batman, Bernie Wrightson Swamp Thing, BWS Conan, Kubert Hawkman, Marshall Rogers Batman, etc. Still need a Ploog Man Thing and Kaluta Shadow, among others. I also try to get nice examples by great artists, as opposed to chasing an entire book or story.