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  1. Just added my first new art of the year to my CAF. Nine pieces, including a 1970s Toth splash, a swell Joe Kubert Enemy Ace page, a violent Bob Powell Cave Girl page, a first year Stan Lynde Rick O'Shay daily, plus Moldoff, Timm & more.
  2. I asked him about it a couple of years ago. He didn't mention Fiction House art... the only specific thing I recall him remembering was a stack of Perez Teen Titans pages.
  3. Tom Grindberg can be very Frazetta-esque. He's actually really good at emulating a number of styles, while being far less derivative than Hoffman.
  4. It was, and well worth the drive. Thanks for hosting, Richard!
  5. Looks like there will be two to three peeps from the San Antonio art collectors cult making the trip.
  6. That seems right on the money with Heritage results. 1 D/D at 65k, 1 D/B at 33.
  7. What do you think is the ratio of value of a Ditko/Ditko to a Ditko/Bell?
  8. It's a great piece and should pull in $150-$300K or more. That said, and not to denigrate this cover at all, but it is, arguably, the weakest of the Frazetta FF covers. I mean, if you had to rank them top to bottom, keeping in mind that it's like pointing out the weakest team ever to win a Super Bowl.
  9. I'm a big fan of disparate CAF updates, and they don't get any more contrasting than these two. An Ernie Colón full page splash from the first issue of Amethyst (1983), and a 1936 Hannes Bok painting... I've also recently added pieces by Jeff Jones, Linsner, Neil Vokes, Percy Crosby and others.
  10. I agree 100%. Other inkers, not as much, but with Greene...
  11. Maybe the San Antonio delegation will have to break tradition and do a mid-week roadie...
  12. Still looking. I wish Gerber's customer service was better. I wouldn't mind waiting the multiple months it takes to come.
  13. Dang, it it was a weekend, the San Antonio contingent would come up. Are you the same Joe that goes by JL on CAF? -- Roger K.
  14. I've used them on a few occasions and have always had quality issues. The seal on their edges is frequently very weak. About one out of every five large (12x18+) sized mylars has been split.