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  1. After 42 years of collecting comic art, and 35 years of having multiple pieces by the other Studio guys, I've finally added a Kaluta... a rather nice one... to my collection. Also picked up two Williamson Corrigan dailies, including one with the first appearance of Doctor Seven. You can look here if ya want.
  2. Absolutely LOVE his older work. The Mudwogs era stuff is beautiful, full of detail and reminiscent at times of Frazetta and Manara. As a person... I've heard the rumors. I've chatted briefly with him at shows and he seemed pleasant enough, but a reputation like he's incubated does not usually come unearned. It's one of those cases where you have to separate the art from the artist.
  3. Just added a vintage (1982) George Perez cover that should be memorable to anyone who was reading DC comics at the time.
  4. He might be a little past Bronze Age, but Frank Cho's work continues to evolve.
  5. So this one's pretty cool. Only some inconsiderate spoons wrote in it.
  6. I have a good number of con programs for sale from 1966 on, including a bunch of Houston ones. I'm not sure if I have 1980, but I will check. Are there others you're looking for?
  7. I have seen, but not purchased original comic art and covers out in the wild (many years ago, during a period of little money and lots of debt) In the past 10 years, I have found (and purchased) early 20th century illustration art and what I believe to be the (possibly) earliest existing complete Sunday originals to Happy Hooligan, Maud the Mule and Foxy Grandpa, and a single Katzenjammer Kids panel (all 1905) out in the wild. I genuinely believe it's out there -- you just have to be lucky.
  8. This year's first additions to my CAF: A fun Scott Shaw! Captain Carrot page with Amazoo! An early Malcolm Jones con drawing of Death, and a nice late 1950s large art GI Combat page by the great Russ Heath.
  9. I can only speak for myself, but as a collector, first and foremost, an offer near market is almost never going to pry a piece away from my collection. Certain things I would not let go of for 10x market, but almost anything that I like enough to have pursued and acquired would not leave my hands easily.
  10. I have needed the right Kaluta to finish out the Studio guys. I've had multiple pieces by the other three for decades, but the perfect Kaluta has eluded me. Maybe this year.
  11. I'm not bothered by that so much as I an curious about it. As a general rule, T&A illustrations get a lot of views to relatively few comments (I know there are exceptions to this). For many years, the second-most viewed piece in my CAF had over 5000 views and no comments (it now has two) and it is as far from risqué as you can get. In the old days, (certain unnamed) collectors would set up programs to just rack up views. Thousands of them. Why, I don't know. Maybe there was a sense that a large view count would make it desirable for resale? I think it would be an improvement, albeit minor, if Bill's programmers could make it such that owner comments would not count toward the total, because sometimes it would be nice to respond, but I don't because I don't want to artificially inflate the comment count. Definitely first-world problems, though. What's your gallery under, Grapeape?
  12. That's just nuts. I really don't mind getting inquiries and offers. I don't post to flip and rarely take those offers, though I have a few times. There are pieces that will just not go anywhere until I decide to leave the hobby -- for instance, the top row of my CAF featured pieces. I guess the only offers I would consider annoying are the ones from someone who has researched what I paid for a piece, and what market value is, and is prepared to offer me market value. If I wanted to sell something at market value, it would already be for sale. I like CAF, and I like sharing and talking art. If it devalues something by taking away the "fresh to market" value, so be it, but I'd like to think some art transcends that.
  13. Tell me that's sarcasm and you didn't really receive an email that said that. I know there are some spoons out there, but this can't possibly be real, can it?