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  1. I happened to check out the FS thread this morning and saw the Micronauts 9.8W for sale...which immediately brought back flooding memories of this... I remember desperately asking Santa for the Micronauts Battle Cruiser...I wanted it so badly...think my parents had to run all over looking for it, but there it was Christmas morning...and it was KICK AZZ! I loved this thing...especially the ship could fire the two side rockets and then had two smaller firing rockets that you could attach to the tail. Plus it was motorized...this was awsome...I played with it for years...although I did loose if for some time. You could pry off the orange heads of the rockets and essential fire the "sticks" --- they flew much faster and farther (essentially you could use the rocket launchers as hand guns ...all until I decided to shoot my younger took 'em away for a while Anyway, this was the best toy I ever had...what say you....PS anyone else have this beast!!!!!