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  1. I have been doing research on this , seems like LED is best option if you are a serious collector .There are many things to consider not only lighting .What i am trying to find out do particular LED Color and Temperature matter ? There are Warm white, Cool White, Day Light. Different levels of brightness starting at 2300k-6000k. I want to beable to use the best light while reading,inspecting, cleaning ,bagging boarding etc my comics, while not damaging the books with the wrong type of light bulbs . I already have blinds shut in the day stored in the BCW black boxes . Next step may be tinting the windows to block any potential UV . This would br very important for people wanting to display on there walls. Or get uv protecting sleeves . If anyone has input on what color and temp LED they have liked the best please share !
  2. Yes i absolutely love Microchamber, i use them for all my books with mylar . I have recently purchased my first few slabs and did not notice any micro paper that is why im trying to find out if they add this paper to all books ? Or only “Vintage” books or by request only ? I have seen some posts of people submitng there own books with micro paper usually 3 sheets. Someone cracked open a slab and there was only one paper in the returned book. Some people reporting no paper added at all .
  3. Hello ! I am trying to find out the real policy on the incapsilation process and if micro chamber paper is always added to all comics before sealing . I have tried to look around and cant find a 100% answer . Thanks