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  1. You’re responding to people finally? You totally ghosted me a couple months ago when you said you had avengers 83 and asm 42 for sale...
  2. I’m liking that tos 48! Is there a certain threshold for time payments to be an option?
  3. It’s slabbed though, I’m trying to get raw
  4. Hmm fair market value? With raws that can be a bit all over the place, so I’d rather people come to me with their grades and prices and we can negotiate if need be
  5. Mid grade, like 4.0-6.0 and/or presents decently from the front
  6. Looking for raw: ToS 45 and 48 (48 found!) Sgt Fury 1 Avengers 8
  7. Is it easier to use the search function on a desktop? It seems it’s broken when using a phone... example, searching for marvel preview 4 gives me a bunch of results with just marvel or just 4, and even putting the whole thing in quotes brings up the same results!
  8. Looking for raw: Avengers 83 FF 67 JIM Annual 1 Marvel Preview 4 Sgt Fury 1 thanks for potentially reaching out! EDIT: found asm 194 and tales to astonish 44!
  9. Hey Terry if you ever come across a raw X-men 4 in mid grade I’d be interested in buying!
  10. Raw/ungraded mid-grade please!