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  1. I've always loved the Hawkman covers on Flash Comics, but good "Flash" covers are few and far between (IMO). This is one that I particularly like. Had it for awhile, but not sure I've posted it before. Note the small piece of plastic from the slab (?) in the moon. It sits between the outer hard plastic and the inner wall. You can see the shadow. It doesn't seem to harm the book, but may need to get it re-slabbed soon.
  2. Two of my favorite Superman German war covers...
  3. Looks like CC got rid of the magnifying glass!!!! Big improvement.
  4. I picked this white pager up a while back. I have always liked the cover.
  5. Going through some boxes today and got to the end of this one and pulled out these last four books in the box. Not too bad for the back of a short box.
  6. That's it for now. I will leave these up for a couple of days to see if anyone is interested. Thanks for looking and PM me with any questions. Rick
  7. Captain America Comics #30 -- CGC 7.0 ow pages -- $2350 -- $2200 SOLD A beautiful copy featuring a cover and art by Syd Shores. Cover has deep, rich colors and it has o/w pages. The last 7.0 sold for $2270 back in 2018 and wasn’t nearly as nice as this copy.
  8. Exciting Comics #45 -- CGC 8.5 ow/w pages -- $2300 -- $2100 SOLD Second highest graded copy of this Gerber 7 (scarce) book. Classic robot cover by Alex Schomburg. A tough book to fine, especially this nice.
  9. I was getting these books ready to send off to auction, but thought I would offer them here first. I kept getting lots of glare on my scanner, so decided to photograph these books. The photos have a little reflection on them, but represent the colors better than the scans. I kind of like photographing them over scanning. If you have any questions, let me know. Usual rules apply. First gets the book over any PM. Payment is by PayPal, check (must clear) or MO. Time payments are available on these books. Would require half down (non-refundable) and the balance due in 30 days. Prices are firm on these books. I ship everything USPS Priority. Shipping is FREE within the continental United States only. My shipping is fast and rock solid.
  10. BTW...first one to buy one of these books will also receive this book for FREE....
  11. Amazing Spider-Man #11 -- CGC 7.5 ow pages -- $1400 According to GPA the last recorded sale was for $1300 in Sept., 2019. Also, an 8.0 just sold for $2476 in Oct, 2019.