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  1. RickHigh

    redknight99 Kudos Thread

    Really fast payment. Terrific communication. Great to work with. Thanks Phil for a super smooth transaction on the book you bought from me.
  2. Ghost Rider and Shadow are now sold.
  3. Thanks atomized. It's all yours! You're going to love it!!
  4. Thanks!! That's it for now. Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions. Rick
  5. More Fun Comics #71 — 9.0 ow/w pages — SOLD to redknight99 This Classic Dr. Fate sci-fi cover is scarce (according to Gerber) and one that you never see for sale in high grade. There is only one copy graded higher (the Mile High copy at 9.6, which sold for almost $20,000 way back in 2012), and the next highest copy after this one is a 7.5. Don’t miss your chance to get this “old label goodness” (improvable??) copy of a beautiful book. The colors on this copy just are so bright and clean and my scan doesn’t do it justice. (NOTE: I am pretty firm on the price of this one, but can work out time payments if you need it. Just send me a PM before you buy.)
  6. Four Color #199 — CGC 8.0 o/w pages — $750. Stunning colors on this copy of Carl Barks classic “Sheriff of Bullet Valley”.This is a sharp copy with deep rich colors, sharp corners and perfect centering.
  7. Adventures Into Weird Worlds #7 — CGC 6.5 ow/w pages — SOLD per PM A classic Russ Heath cover on this really tough to find (only 10 graded copies) PCH book. Just a fabulous copy.
  8. Adventures Into Weird Worlds #3 — CGC 6.5 o/w pages — SOLD TO Atomised What a great Joe Maneely cover!! Only four graded higher and this one is a beauty.
  9. Shadow Comics v8 #3 — CGC 7.0 ow/w — SOLD per PM Really tough black cover by Bob Powell that is perfectly centered and has nice pages. This classic spider web cover doesn’t come around too often. (Sorry, but the scanner light beams are not included with this book.)
  10. Future Comics #2 — CGC 7.0 o/w pages — Lost Valley Pedigree — $1750.This pedigree copy sports a wild cover from 1940. This Gerber 6 book made the cover of The Photo-Journal Guide and that is probably where you would see it most since it just doesn’t come up for sale very often. This copy is really pretty with bright, rich colors on the cover. This is a “must have” for those who like weird and obscure stuff. (NOTE: Time payments are available for this book. Just send me a PM and we can discuss.)
  11. Ghost Rider #4 — CGC 7.5 o/w pages -- SOLD per PM Nice copy of a classic Frank Frazetta cover that is perfectly centered with nice sharp corners. Tough black cover with only six copies graded higher.
  12. Rocket Kelly #3 — CGC 8.5 o/w pages — SOLD to Inaflash A scarce book (per Gerber) that you just never see. This is the 2nd highest graded (behind a 9.0) with only 5 total graded copies out there. This is a great cover with nice, bright colors.