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  1. My Amazing Spider-Man collection. I sold off all of my SA books several years ago and used most of the money to pick up Golden Age books. Recently, I decided that I really missed SA books, so I have started picking up a few. I can't afford the high grades anymore, but nice looking mid-grades are just fine for me. Hoping to add more in the future, but here is my entire SA Spider-Man collection so far...
  2. Detective Comics #292 -- CGC 9.0 c/ow pages -- Savannah pedigree ...$250.00 (GPA... $300) SOLD to MCMiles
  3. Batman #251 -- CGC 8.5 white pages ...$675.00 (GPA... $800) SOLD to buttock
  4. Batman #124 -- CGC 8.5 ow/w pages ...$550.00 (GPA... $780) SOLD to MCMiles
  5. I have three nice books from my collection up for sale. All are well centered with bright colors. I have priced them BELOW GPA, so I am pretty firm on the price. Usual rules apply. First gets the book over any PM. Payment is by PayPal only for this sale. I ship everything USPS Priority with tracking and $100 insurance. Shipping is $15.00 within the continental United States. My shipping is fast and rock solid. Will combine shipping also. Good luck, Rick
  6. War Comics #11 -— 5.5 ow/w pages—- $1750.00 SOLD to cmcfan What a fantastic Classic cover by Russ Heath!!! This is a super tough comic to find and this one is one of the top copies out there!! Beautifully centered and super glossy with deep rich blacks and reds on the cover. Plus, off-white to white pages as a bonus! You won’t find a better copy. Don’t miss this one.
  7. Blue Bolt #108 —- 6.0 ow/w pages —- $850.00 SALE — $750.00* SOLD to Comcav A great looking classic L. B. Cole rocket ship cover. Plus, Spacehawk by Basil Wolverton. Nicely centered copy with great colors and gloss. Tough book this nice. A 5.0 sold on eBay for $710.00 in October, 2020. * NOTE: There is a scratch on the inside holder. It doesn’t affect the book in any way. I am discounting this book in case you want to send it to be re-slabbed.
  8. Weird Tales of the Future #5 — 4.5 ow/w pages — $2000.00 SOLD to dinesh_s Another classic Wolverton cover and a tough one to find this pretty. Great black cover and more Wolverton art inside. Really pretty copy of a terrific comic!! A CGC 4.0 sold for $1920 in May of this year and a 5.0 sold for $2252 in March.