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  1. That is a stunning copy!! You have some beautiful B&B, my friend.
  2. The MM #26 has always been one of my favorites also. For me, the #21 is right up there with it though. Love the Nazi Submerging Fortress .
  3. Here are a couple of cool Schomburg covers. Not high grade, but they both present very nicely.
  4. All Star #33 and Phantom Lady # 14 are sold. Thanks guys!!!
  5. Thanks SOTIcollector. That great looking True Crime is yours. It is a great looking copy!!!
  6. Here is the correct picture. Sorry. Planet Comics #70 — 6.0 ow/w pages — $1025.00 -- SOLD to Podterp A great Maurice Whitman cover with Lily Renee, Joe Doolin, and Murphy Anderson art on the inside. A pretty copy at a reduced price for this sale.
  7. Ooops!!! Sorry. The picture is wrong. I had sold that book earlier. I have fixed the picture.
  8. That's all for the moment. I may list more later, depending on how these do. I will be in and out all day, so will answer any PMs when I can. Thanks for looking, Rick
  9. Phantom Lady #14 — 5.0 ow/w pages — $1550.00 -- SOLD to bat collector Matt Baker cover and story art on this second issue of the title at way below GPA.
  10. NOW AT REDUCED PRICES… I posted these two books in a previous sale. I am offering them here at new, below GPA prices…
  11. Strange Worlds #4 — 4.0 c/ow pages —- $675.00 -- SOLD to bat collector per pm Classic Wally Wood cover and art. Great cover by one of the GA greats.
  12. Blue Beetle #3 — 4.5 ow pages —- $850.00 -- SOLD to Zoinerowich This is a really solid copy with a terrific Joe Simon cover. Tough Fox book to find this nice. Very pretty book, with rich reds and yellow on the cover.