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  1. What service tier were they submitted at? I would call. I hope that I don't have to wait that long for my remaining book that was submitted at the standard tier.
  2. Agreed...and I pretty much said the same thing with my last paragraph. This was my first batch and I didn't appreciate all of that when I submitted them. Live and learn.
  3. I agree with my economy tier books. I would just like to see some progress with the other one, since I expected it first.
  4. After getting some advice here, I recently submitted an FF 48, 50 and 52 for scoring. I have a few others that I will submit at a later date. In an effort to save some money, I submitted the 50 & 52 at the economy tier and the 48 at the standard tier. I would have probably submitted the 48 at economy too but I didn't want to risk them bumping it up due to its FMV. Truthfully, I thought I was pushing it with the 52 at economy. Anyway, my books were received into their system on 4/29. The two submitted at the economy tier are already done. I expect them back today. The one submitted at the standard tier is still sitting in their system with a "Received" status. Shouldn't that one have been done first? I'm not complaining...just curious about the typical process and turn around time. By the way, I've since learned on these boards that the FMV declaration is probably more for insurance purposes and they rarely bump you up a tier unless it is really egregious. If I had submitted all three at the economy tier, I would probably be expecting them all back today and spent less in the process.
  5. Yes...mine showed up late afternoon on Wednesday, 4/29.
  6. Hi. I'm just curious about how long it typically takes between when a shipment is confirmed to have been delivered and CGC opens and officially receives the items into their system? I recently sent my first few books to be graded and have no idea how long to expect. They were confirmed to have been delivered yesterday morning and I'm a bit excited (and, yes, impatient) as I wait. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the additional comments, fellas. For now, I'm looking at doing 48, 50, & 52. I'll probably do the others at a later date.
  8. Yes, they are complete. No missing pages or tears that I recall (it's been a long time since I've paged through them).
  9. Thanks for the reply. I haven't read them in years and was already leaning toward having them all graded. I know that #52 had quite the spike in value after the BP film came out. Since I missed that peak, I'm hoping for the same thing to happen after the eventual sequel. I'm also looking forward to Marvel eventually announcing their turn at an FF film. I'd like to have all of these all good-to-go and ready for when I do pull the trigger. Here's the #50. Thanks again!
  10. I have a handful of historically significant silver age Fantastic Four books. Some were a family member's who purchased them new in the 60's. Others I purchased at comic book shows in the 80s when I was actively collecting. I do plan on selling them eventually (fingers crossed that Marvel eventually puts together a good FF film). Below are the books that I have and their general condition. I'd appreciate some advice on if these would be worth getting graded and, if so, some help with prioritizing them. I've never been through the process before. FF #6 - Marvel's first villain team-up (Doom & Namor). This one is in the worst shape. Although it is completely intact and readable. The cover near the spine is faded a bit. FF #15 - Similar condition to #6. Maybe slightly better. It doesn't have as much cover fading; but, the spine is slightly rolled. FF #10 (Spanish language version) - This one was purchased in a mylar sleeve and has been kept that way. It is in much better shape than the previous two. I just bought it because it was in good shape for an old book and, at the time, I liked the Spanish cover (Los 4 Fantasticos...LOL). FF # 48-50 - The first appearance of Galactus and the Silver Surfer. My uneducated grade from 1-10 on these would be around a 5, or so, for #48 & #49. #50 is in better shape than the other two and has always been in a mylar sleeve. I would give it at least a 7. Maybe slightly higher. Again, these are my uneducated grades...not to be confused with official grades. FF #52 - The first appearance of Black Panther. It is in similar shape as #48 & #49. Probably around a 5, or so. All of them have been kept in regular bags and boards (except the two in mylar) since sometime in the 80s. Besides having them graded, I like the idea of preventing any further degradation. I can add pics if that would help. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!