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  1. A number of years ago, before I moved to collecting art in the early 2000s, I was a big Golden Age Collector. I owned a number of the Twilight books, a lot of early Detective comics. I had them all encased originally, and found a few of the certificates in some comic boxes. Most went with the books when they sold, but I probably couldn't find these. The certificates are for Detective Comics #87, and for Detective Comics #58. The CGC had them and returned them, and obviously put the Pedigree on the label. But I have them, so if you own either book, and can prove it to me, shoot me a note and I'll be happy to send them to you if you pick up the postage. Seems like they should be reunited with the books. Please pass this along. john
  2. Thanks artistlost, another boarder contacted me through email and we shut it down.
  3. We have two more auction ending in a few days, before we end this next week with Mike Mignola's piece. This week, a great piece by Scott Hanna, and Pixar illustrator John Hoffman. Thanks for the support the art collecting community has given the museum!
  4. This is our second to last auction. We've auctioned off 32 pieces in total this summer, and Kent and Mike Mignola's pieces close out our auction. Look for Mike's piece next week. Kent just doesn't do comic art commissions like this anymore. This is the equivalent of one of his gallery pieces, it's large and really the scan does it no justice. This is a great buying opportunity. The Bill Sienkiewicz piece still has not arrived—if it ever shows up, we'll offer it at a later date. Hopefully, he'll send it in time for the show. "Sorry" to those who were looking forward to it, I was too. There will be a catalog that Ryan Graff and I are putting together, so if you didn't get a chance to own any of these great pieces, you'll have that. It's going to be a nice one. Thanks to everyone who has bid on the auction. Our new space is going to be incredible, and your contributions have been greatly appreciated. This painting is rendered in mixed media on bristol and measures 17" x 22".
  5. Three new auctions this week. 3 great pieces by Chris Mooneyham, Steve Purcell, and a page from BPRD by Paolo Rivera- You get the blue line page with additional pencils on it along with notations, and the inks, two separate pages of artwork here.
  6. 4 more auctions closing tonight! Nick Dragotta, Michael Gaydos, Nate Van Dyke and Gary Amaro. Some really nice pieces this time. Thanks again for your support. John
  7. We're back after our SDCC hiatus. We have new auctions running this week. Please check them out and throw a bid our way, it'd be greatly appreciated. This week we have Riley Rossmo from Felix Comic Art, Jonathan Way$hak and Anthony Freda.
  8. Three new pieces, and our last round before Comic Con. We'll resume the week after. John Van Fleet- When I asked John do do an illustration for this, he said "you actually want me to get my hands dirty?" Johns been totally digital for years, so this is a rare opportunity to get an original from him. Cliff Chiang- Another great commission from one of the Felix Comic Art artists. This one looks fabulous in person: Tomas Hijo- Really cool scratchboard illustration. Again, in person, amazing. Scans don't do many of these justice. Thanks for looking once again, and good luck. Hope to see some of you at ComicCon. I'll be hanging around ASFA as usual. John
  9. I missed last week. Got busy at work. The big winner was the James Harren piece, which was no surprise, there were many enquirers for that one. Thanks to all the bidders. This week, three great new pieces. Hellboy by Stephen Green- Fun piece. Green is such a great draftsman. Hellboy bust by Lee Ballard-look at all the photos of this thing, it's exceptional. Hellboy by Roger Landridge- "After Fuseli" This one is a lot of fun, and rendered amazing as well - Good luck, please bid big for us. John
  10. The auctions are doing well for the museum, thanks to everyone who has bid or is waiting for that piece they are interested in to come to auction. Three great new pieces are up. Lots of bidding action near the ends of these, which I suppose is expected. Don't miss out on having a piece in the grand opening show, and in the show catalog. We're getting a lot of requests as to when a few of these will be auctioned. Keep watching here, or email us through CAF and we'll try to give you a heads up once they go live. Greg Ruth Hellboy Patrick McDonnell Hellboy remarked print Geoff Shaw Hellboy
  11. We have three more great pieces up for auction this week. Harry Bliss, the New Yorker cartoonist and cover artist, and creator of the syndicated strip, "BLISS" —Daniel Warren Johnson writer/artist of "Extremity"(a great new book, and I've seen this original — it's spectacular!) and Ben Seto (Skullbunnies) Thanks for your support, everyone! Bliss: DWJ: Seto:
  12. Happy Memorial Day, everyone. Thanks for those who bid on pieces last week. Your support is greatly appreciated. We have three more auctions up this week. Starting with this amazing piece by Ian Bertram: This neat piece by Jeffrey Brown: And this amazing Baba Yaga piece by Dave Crosland, entitled, "She has curious habits." Indeed she does. Again, all proceeds go towards making the new Cartoon Art Museum an amazing place. We appreciate your support. Thanks to all artists who donated this week, and to Felix Lu and Mike Mignola for being upstanding citizens. John
  13. Our first set of auctions are live as of tonight. Up first are 3 great pieces by Sam Kieth, Betsy Peterschmidt, and Garry Brown. These auctions are going to help us build out a terrific museum, and a fantastic show later in the year. Please help us out if you are able. Here are the links to this weeks auctions.: Sam Kieth: Betsy Peterschmidt: Garry Brown: