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  1. Here's a funny one. I have tried to edit this to put in the first name of the venerable character________ Tracy, four times. It just won't accept it. I am going to assume that I am not a luddite, and actually know a thing or two about posting on a chat group. And that this is because this is also a body part/slur. Sorry for the interjection. PLEASE BID!!!
  2. We’re back with three new auctions this week. First up is a piece by Betsy Peterschmidt, an illustrator who has done a lot of work for Scholastic—Legend of the Fire Princess, the She-Ra GN, and others. It’s 8.5 x 11, rendered in watercolor and ink. Betsy also did a piece for our Hellboy auction a few years ago. Next is from another long-time friend of the museum, Brent Anderson. His piece is great, he riffed off his stint on Ka-Zar, giving us a Calvin in the Savage Land motif. I don’t need to list Brent’s work—he’s been doing great comic work for some time now. This piece is 9 x 12. And it’s great. (Yes, I said that twice.) Finally, a piece by Joe Staton, the artist on Tracy, with a Calvin/Tracy mashup. The piece is rendered in ink and marker. I love when artists bring Calvin and Hobbes into their world. That's a fun way to do it. Check out the new Filipe Andrade art that we just got in and I posted on our CAF page. Filipe is a true C&H fan! Again, these pieces will be published in the forthcoming catalog, and exhibited at the gallery. Throw a bid at them if you can. It’s benefits like this that keep the lights on.
  3. Many more are coming. Check out the Comic Art Fans gallery page, there really is something for every collector, and I think many will hammer reasonably.
  4. Three new auctions are live this week, closing in just a few days. First up is a piece by Don Wimmer, award winning cartoonist of the syndicated strip "Rose is Rose!" It’s 7x 10. Next is from friend of the museum, and a contributor to our Hellboy auction last year, Jeffrey Brown. We all know Jeffrey from his Star Wars books, "Darth Vader and Son," and "Jedi Academy!" This piece is 6 x 6 Finally, a cool piece from Andy Ristaino, an Emmy award winning character designer behind "Adventure Time," "Night of the Living Vidiots," and more. It’s 6 x 8 All of these pieces will be published in the forthcoming catalog after our gallery show. Throw a bid at them if you are interested. All help is greatly appreciated!
  5. We have 3 more auctions currently running on eBay this week. The first is from Brian Fies. It's 11 x 14, and from the creator of the graphic novels A Fire Story and Mom's Cancer! The second is from Gemma Correll. It's 6.5 x 8.5. Gemma is the creator behind The Worrier's Guide to Life, and A Pug's guide to Etiquette! The third is a digital print, and is not original artwork. Its signed by Greg Evans, The Reuben award winner of the strip, Luann! There are many more coming, and still more promised from a number of artists, so stay tuned every week, and look at our CAM page where we've posted the art that has currently arrived. Thanks for your support of the Cartoon Art Museum.
  6. Yes, of course. We'd never do anything like this without his approval.
  7. Our first auctions are up. We’re starting off with three, and will take a break over the holidays and be back the first few weeks of January— auctioning a few a week. The first auction we have is by Jon Way$hak. Jon described this piece: "It's a teenage Suzie playing with Calvin's emotions and he's quite frustrated. Of course, his imagination is making the entire situation all twisted." The second piece is by Pixar artist Le Tang. He’s done story boards and production illustration for Clone Wars and Kung Fu Panda. It’s another great piece. Our third piece is by graphic novelist Kim Dwinell. Her graphic novel Surfside Girls is from Top Shelf/ IDW. She’s had a career in animation, on films Hercules, Mulan, Tarzan and more, and now divides her time between her comics work and teaching animation at CSU Long Beach. The Cartoon Art Museum will publish a full color catalog collection all of the artwork created for this auction, and will present a public exhibition of the pieces in March 2020, before the recipients receive them. So although you’ll pay for these after the auction, you will not receive pieces until 2020 so we can show them all in the gallery, similar to our Hellboy auction. Please consider throwing in a bid or two to help the museum out. Thanks John Butler- Board member
  8. The Cartoon Art Museum proudly announces its second tribute auction. This year's theme will be A Boy and his Tiger: A Tribute to Bill Watterson. Starting soon on eBay, we will feature original artwork from top graphic novelists, animators, and cartoonists who have admired and drawn inspiration from Watterson's work. The auction will support the museum's ongoing public programming and exhibitions. Artists have been asked to creative original work in the spirit of Watterson's classic comic strip, drawing on thematic elements and character dynamics of Calvin & Hobbes. These original pieces are currently up on the museums Comic Art Fans website and will be sold in a series of eBay auctions leading up to a full color tribute catalog, and an exhibition at the museum early next year. Once each auction goes live, we will post an image and a reminder of each here as well. Currently, we have pieces on hand from Harry Bliss and Steve Martin, Patrick McDonnell, Mo Willems, Lynn Johnston, Aaron Conley, Jon Way$hak, Riley Rossmo, and many more. Thanks for your support of the Cartoon Art Museum. Please visit us when you are in the Bay Area. We are at 781 Beach street in San Francisco, and currently have a Pre-Code Horror EC show in one gallery, and illustrations by John Kascht in another. We depend on our community to keep us bringing great shows to the museum, so if something interests you please bid, and consider becoming a member if you can. We greatly appreciate the help.
  9. A number of years ago, before I moved to collecting art in the early 2000s, I was a big Golden Age Collector. I owned a number of the Twilight books, a lot of early Detective comics. I had them all encased originally, and found a few of the certificates in some comic boxes. Most went with the books when they sold, but I probably couldn't find these. The certificates are for Detective Comics #87, and for Detective Comics #58. The CGC had them and returned them, and obviously put the Pedigree on the label. But I have them, so if you own either book, and can prove it to me, shoot me a note and I'll be happy to send them to you if you pick up the postage. Seems like they should be reunited with the books. Please pass this along. john
  10. Thanks artistlost, another boarder contacted me through email and we shut it down.
  11. We have two more auction ending in a few days, before we end this next week with Mike Mignola's piece. This week, a great piece by Scott Hanna, and Pixar illustrator John Hoffman. Thanks for the support the art collecting community has given the museum!
  12. This is our second to last auction. We've auctioned off 32 pieces in total this summer, and Kent and Mike Mignola's pieces close out our auction. Look for Mike's piece next week. Kent just doesn't do comic art commissions like this anymore. This is the equivalent of one of his gallery pieces, it's large and really the scan does it no justice. This is a great buying opportunity. The Bill Sienkiewicz piece still has not arrived—if it ever shows up, we'll offer it at a later date. Hopefully, he'll send it in time for the show. "Sorry" to those who were looking forward to it, I was too. There will be a catalog that Ryan Graff and I are putting together, so if you didn't get a chance to own any of these great pieces, you'll have that. It's going to be a nice one. Thanks to everyone who has bid on the auction. Our new space is going to be incredible, and your contributions have been greatly appreciated. This painting is rendered in mixed media on bristol and measures 17" x 22".
  13. Three new auctions this week. 3 great pieces by Chris Mooneyham, Steve Purcell, and a page from BPRD by Paolo Rivera- You get the blue line page with additional pencils on it along with notations, and the inks, two separate pages of artwork here.
  14. 4 more auctions closing tonight! Nick Dragotta, Michael Gaydos, Nate Van Dyke and Gary Amaro. Some really nice pieces this time. Thanks again for your support. John
  15. We're back after our SDCC hiatus. We have new auctions running this week. Please check them out and throw a bid our way, it'd be greatly appreciated. This week we have Riley Rossmo from Felix Comic Art, Jonathan Way$hak and Anthony Freda.