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  1. Thanks Revat, also if you have a Off-White to White Book... does that actually affect the grade? I have a 9.6 Off-White to White but not sure if it's not a 9.8 because of that or if its a flaw in the book? Furthermore, can a 9.8 have off white pages?
  2. Obviously if you think it's worth it for a shot at a 9.8, and, if so, do they charge you to grade it? (re-grade it if it moved to the 9.8 after the press) Thank you!
  3. I got this signed by Stan Lee when I was a kid at a signing event but have no authentication. Is it worth sending to autograph COA? I don't see that CGC has a service for this. Thanks, -David
  4. Worth getting a Superboy #1 signed by Karl Kesel & Doug Hazlewood 4583/5000 & Simpsons #1 by Bill Morrison 499/500 graded/authenticated? I'm a new guy... Thanks, -David