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  1. Very interesting. Never knew about that. Is this just the nature of the book essentially then...if it wants to be creased, one way or another it gets to be creased!
  2. Thanks folks. Here are the grader notes below. Anything surprising here? Having lurked on the boards for a while, I know theres no use in feeling bad about these types of things, particularly when I am just happy to get the book I love. Is this a candidate in the future for resubmission? Or should I just let it lie? crease right top of front coverfade front covermarvel chipping full right of front coverspine stress lines breaks colortanning cover Also, can you explain what that means? N
  3. Grade is in! Alas not as some had guessed and oddly wasn't notated as a pence version... BUT happy to finally having climbed my Everest and got my hands on the book I've wanted since a child... Thanks for all the comments
  4. wow you guys are bringing up my expectations...I went into this thinking a 4.5 was the best I could get. Fingers crossed some of you are right!
  5. Back from being pressed. On its way to CGC. Updated pictures here:
  6. Welcome Jake! Those pipe dreams will become reality soon enough - just a matter of time!
  7. Hi all, been reading some previous threads on here regarding this topic. Situation is this - looking at purchasing a key from Australia. I have the option to either ship to the US-California or the UK (preferably the UK). The shipping will have insurance up to the purchase amount, but I am slightly confused on how this effects the declared value. Given this is what the package will have a customs tax (or 20% VAT) applied to it. Is it usually one to one? So if you insure for $10k then expect to pay $2k in VAT? In my reading it seems this is an unavoidable cost of doing business intern
  8. I started collecting comics when one of my parents passed away, so just goes to show how cathartic comics can be in all walks of life. I am sorry for your loss.
  9. Presser mentioned that these extra staples were at manufacturing and should still gain a blue label. - no notes on their condition unfortunately. Don't think you are imagining things - seems to be a stain there unfortunately. Thanks for all the inputs so far - I probably have a few weeks (depending on how backed up CGC is right now) until the grade comes back but I'll be sure to post the final grade. In the meantime I welcome any more predictions!
  10. First time ever getting something graded so finally I can post in here - been on the side for a while in these threads! I haven't seen this in hand - its on the way to get pressed and graded directly, so these are the only two pictures I have unfortunately. The additional notes I have is that it was manufactured with 2 extra staples and there are some small tears to the back cover. Thanks all!
  11. I have a few copies of Mortal Kombat. Some of my favorite books over the years.