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  1. Not Brand Echh #3 9.6 OW/W - Winnipeg Pedigree - $200 $180 Not Brand Echh #4 9.2 White Pages (tricky to get high grades on this one) - SOLD! Not Brand Echh #6 9.4 White Pages - SOLD! Not Brand Echh #11 9.4 OW/W - SOLD!
  2. Hi all. Relocating to a new country at the end of the month so lightening the load a little for my travels. Rules below. Kudos thread here: Terms: First claims the item. If there are negotiations in PMs the book will be available until either buyer or seller has confirmed book is no longer available publically. No PL/HOS. Payment: PayPal or Venmo fine for anything under $1000. Check, Bank Transfer prefered for the rest. Shipping: US only - $15 USPS (if you have any other requests happy to accomodate)
  3. Oh man these are nice...but I am trying to be somewhat measured in my cadence of picking these up...have a few keys to get to before this, but I'll reach out as soon as I am ready to move onto these. Thanks folks! I like that I can scroll through the many $ auctions that have beautiful books I would usually sell my organs for. This way I only have to regenerate a kidney every 6 months or so...
  4. Depending on the recency of last GPA sales on that grade, using that as a marker OR if there is no recent sales on that grade, then using the deviation on (ideally) a close grade and applying a similar deviation to the US GPA on the grade in equation
  5. Hi all, Picked up a few pence keys lately and looking to see what else is out there. Lower grades (2.0 - 6.0) on big keys (X-Men 1, ASM 1, DD1) but more flexible on non keys (Hulk #3 etc). Paying GPA through PP or check. Feel free to flood my inbox Here's to the end of 2020!