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  1. I stopped collecting comics around 1990, so I missed the whole Valiant craze. I know bits and pieces of things about it, but I'd like to know more about it from the people who were immersed in it. Its rise/fall, books, rarities, pictures, etc. If there's already a thread about it, then I blame the legendarily craptastic search engine for its continued failure. If there isn't, I can't believe Valiantman hasn't started this over the last 10 years. And it gives me another chance to see his Rai 0 10.0 again. I figure is start another fun thread to counter all of the bad blood and negativity happening around here, lately. Anyhow, enlighten me.
  2. Didn't see one. Figured everyone's favorite psychopath deserved his own area.
  3. There is a copy out there. Just want to see if someone on the boards had it, and if it's for sale?
  4. September 1993. Typical cutoff for copper age seems to be 1992. Doesn't belong in the modern age. Chrome age? Whatever. It'll get more love here. Share some. One of my favorites. 9.8, yo.
  5. Sifting through the sand we call the copper age forum, I noticed after 8 long pages there was no NM 98 club threads that most popular issues have. In my non- esteemed opinion, I will attempt to spew some controversial thoughts of mine regarding this issue. Popularity wise (NOT value or print run), I think this issue may come to define the copper age even more so than TMNT 1. The hulk 181 of the age, if you will. Deadpool kicks azzz, and with the game and movie on the horizon, it's only a matter of time before his popularity eclipses that of the turtles. When a book with a 3-4 hundred thousand copy print run has 9.8's selling for 3 bills, BEFORE the masses discover him, it is my opinion (go easy on me) NM 98 will be THE copper age book to have. Unless the movie bites, then all bets are off. Marvel knows it has a gold mine in the making, so i'm assuming they'll put a bit more effort into this than they did Daredevil. R.I.P. my friend. But again, I'm not talking about value. TMNT has a print run of 3000? One of my old LCS's had close to that of NM98, so it will never reach the monetary heights the turtles have. Unless they grade a 10, perhaps? Anyhow, if it's been discussed before, I didn't find it. I figure this would create a discussion worth having between the eight people who post here in the copper section. Commence retribution or agreement....
  6. I'm getting conflicting information on what his first appearance in comic form is. Otherwise, it's gamers monthly, and I don't consider that to be it. Is it Sega's mini comic, or the 1/4 issue they released a year before Archie comics released #0? Confusing. I think it might actually be a little known issue of Justice League Europe #33. It came out in December 1991, and Overstreet doesn't even list it. Thoughts?
  7. Hi there fellow Joe fans. I was inspired by the gentlemen in this copper forum who started the Miracleman and Albedo threads to create a GI JoE thread. I enjoy the way they ACTUALLY converse about the books they love and not argue about everything wrong with the hobby. For some reason, outsiders stay away from these threads with their graemlim wars and their trolling. I know there are a lot of Joe collectors out there due to the fact they almost NEVER come up for sale in 9.8 and that it was the second most popular comic around (after the X-men) for a few years back in the 80's. Feel free to get it going... Ill start by saying #24 was the greatest issue ever (except maybe #19.) JC wherever you are...stay the away.