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  1. You have to look at this as an encore of "Master Race." The same folks who bid on that will be bidding on this. 500K isn't a crazy guess.
  2. If the new owner has you sign the page, definitely take the time to fix it.
  3. I'm not sure if he still is as of today, but for years a collector was putting that book back together.
  4. Good luck to all today, consigners, bidders and kibitzers alike.
  5. As long as we can all sit in there and debate the merits of Andrea Dworkin's philosophy of separatism when faced with the realities of capitalistic misogyny versus more contemporary feminists' realpolitik call for inclusion, I'm up for a MLA break-out hot tub session when everyone is properly vaccinated.
  6. Have you asked Denis Kitchen? He would know.
  7. Nope and nope. These are copies of existing Kirby sketches (one of them inked by Frank Miller). They didn't even get the back of the paper right.
  8. Maybe I'm wrong... These are spot illos from the early letters pages. They don't seem to line up with art from the issues, unless someone more obsessed can find them. I'd thought those were Brodsky too, but now they look like Ditko to me.
  9. If you look on the early ASM letters pages, there are spot illos that might also be Brodsky.
  10. I asked Jeffrey for a "dingy angel" and this is what she came up with.
  11. Also I can't remember anything I have said or not said during the pandemic, so apologies if I've told this story before. In 2003 or so I was in Amsterdam on a book tour (err...I write books occasionally) and my publisher put me up at the Ambassade, the local hotel that loves writers. The deal is, they treat you insanely well and on the last day you're there, when you get your breakfast, you're presented with a copy of your book, you autograph it, hand it back to the clerk during checkout, and then it goes into their mind-bogglingly intense library. So I signed, feeling pretty important, and
  12. For those of us intrigued by Kirby's use of PTSD as a theme, this is a pretty cool page. And Wood's inks on the Skull are A+