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  1. I wonder whose handwriting is at the bottom. Doesn't look like Stan's.
  2. Always loved this one by whatsisname. Berry often had trouble with line weight, but not here -- he did a great job. Plus: It's SO WEIRD.
  3. The first piece of OA that I ever saw was a dps. I walked into a con in Berkeley in 1973, and facing me was pp. 2-3 of FF annual 1, Submariner returning to Atlantis. It was a shocking $75! This is one of my favorite 1970s pieces by some guy whose name I can't quite remember. It's drawn at a weird size, slightly larger than normal but not twice up.
  4. Thanks for the post - sounds like a great exhibit. I went to that 1970 museum show, when I was 6. My dad, an engineer, took me, and bought me the accompanying book, which I still have. I also have this. Apologies for the extremely terrible stitching.
  5. Four %23148?updated-max=2014-05-08T10:00:00-04:00&max-results=20&start=37&by-date=false I knew Buckler swiped from KIrby but I was sort of amazed to see that this blog has a 44-part series based entirely on finding Kirby images used to make only FF 148.
  6. Tah-DAH! I'd post an image but the censors might object.
  7. Cool -- good to know. And, not having seen it in person, I have to that lil' Gollum poking out there to the side of his wrist?
  8. I wonder if this is one of those Frazetta oils like Neanderthals where the dusty browns in the background are actually the masonite of the board he was painting on.
  9. AHA! From the description: Jack Kirby rendered the pencils for this pin-up for use as the back cover of a late 1970s publication Kirby Masterworks. Roz Kirby sprayed these pencils with a fixative to keep them from smudging. For that publication, Joe Sinnott lightboxed the pencils to produce the inks. Later, he went back and inked these actual Kirby pencils. So there IS a lightboxed version, too.
  10. Sorry to -- no, OVERJOYED to contribute to this: how does AF 15 work into your consideration of whether ASM 10 is Year One?
  11. "Honey, I know you love your bulldog cover, but guess what? You know how, even more than bulldogs, you love giant playing cards?" "Ummm..." "And giant clowns?" "Not really." "Because I got you something." "Wait, how much was this?" "You're welcome." "Does it come with a COA?" "....."
  12. Ebay. Everything about it, particularly compared to how amazing it could have been.
  13. This one can in fact be solved by dying, if that's any help.
  14. 1. No matter how much I collect, I am still going to die.
  15. I like Larsen's work and I especially like seeing his posts on social media explaining why he does what he does. Even if you don't like it (and I'm sure he'd be fine with that), it's cool to see how much sweat he puts into figure out how to tell a story. And doing 245 issues of a comic really is a creative achievement. Even if you're, I dunno, Jack Chick. You might not like it, but the argument "I don't like something and thus it's bad" doesn't really sway me.