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  1. glendgold

    HA February Auction

    I just heard differently from someone who apparently Knows. I figure the info will ease into the marketplace eventually.
  2. glendgold

    HA February Auction

    I guess I'm not 100% sure, but I kept hearing the same paddle number called after each lot, and whoever paid that much for the last page had, I thought, a big incentive. Could well have been wrong and maybe 7 out of 8 went to one place Oops.
  3. glendgold

    HA February Auction

    One bidder got all of it.
  4. glendgold

    HA February Auction

    You mean because the reserve got triggered? I think it means money of some sort will exchange hands at that price, but my hunch -- given that it got triggered just now, which is a very weird time, strategically -- is that everyone will be happy if this causes someone to bid higher.
  5. glendgold

    HA February Auction

    Sorta. Maybe you know this already, but for those who don't -- the Don Marquis stuff was thought to have disappeared. In 1950 something, Edward Gorey was leaving work at Doubleday and saw a dumpster in front of the office and on top of the pile was Herriman's art for the Archy & Mehitabal books. He impulsively grabbed the first three pieces he saw, walked off, realized he should get the rest, then came back and it was gone. Trash truck had taken the rest. He told this story starting in the '50s, hoping to find more art, and he never did. So the assumption was that it was gone. Apparently not.
  6. glendgold

    HA February Auction

    When these popped up, I was thrilled because I'm very glad they still exist. And that's pretty much where it stops for me. Don't need to own them, but glad they exist.
  7. glendgold

    HA February Auction

    Just think how much more expensive that FF 209 would be if Frazetta had drawn anyone's feet.
  8. Wow. I have never heard the crush story. Interesting. Nor the Marie-drew-for-Ditko. Weirdly, I can believe that one. I wonder...was that a...Hulk story?
  9. glendgold

    Thoughts on this Bob Kane drawing?

    Does anyone else remember this story? Heard it about 15 years ago. At some point Kane was tired of Batman and so to relax he painted clowns. One day Kane was complaining about how long his ghost was taking to draw something and a friend joked to him something along the lines of, "Maybe you'll have to draw Batman this time," and Kane said, "No, not my Batman ghost -- my clown ghost." BTW, Clown Ghost? I'm trademarking that now.
  10. D Man? Weirdly accurate name. This is a forgery traced from the Daredevil -- excuse me -- D Man -- 1 cover. Oh, and this one, too, goes without saying right? Same auction house.
  11. I guess Charles Addams and Dr. Seuss slept in that day.
  12. I love the idea that maybe they're holding back on the good stuff.
  13. The piece I was referring to in the above post is no longer on eBay, so I'm showing it below. Also the Hulk auction from p. 6 of this thread has vanished -- I'm not sure how that works, as it should be in the eBay archives, but it's not.
  14. Here we go again: I feel bad for the guy who read my posting of the Hulk piece and was "curious" enough to bid, so let me be really specific: this is a forgery. It's not by Jack Kirby. If you read this thread and then you bid on it, you're bidding on a forgery sold by a guy with a track record of selling forgeries. It's not a hidden treasure. (I'm discouraged, btw, by how pointing this stuff out is going -- it seems to in fact be encouraging bidders -- I posted this piece to some Facebook groups and the piece immediately started getting more bids. I don't understand the psychology behind deliberately choosing the wax piece of fruit, but if anyone else does, please explain it so I don't keep making the same mistake.) G
  15. glendgold

    HA February Auction

    This is true. Also curious to see if the scarity of this event -- splitting up a Strange Tales book that wasn't even on the 1980 inventory (in other words kinda coming from, ya might say, a black hole collection) -- makes this pop. Early answer is HOLY COW YEAH. Ditko did great work on Doctor Strange, and there's some lovely linework on these, but this ain't his best sample. It's a really good, if static, story. Has anyone read the new John Morrow book STUF' SAID? It's a compendium of everything Lee, Kirby and Ditko said about how the Marvel Universe was created. And something I hadn't picked up on before was how often Stan snubbed Doctor Strange. There's like a dozen contemporary pullquotes in the book in which Stan complains about it. It was hard to write, he didn't know what was happening in it. he never gave it enough space on the cover, etc. So this was mostly Ditko's baby, and that makes it an interesting strip. But also, minus Stan's involvement, there is zero emotional engagement with Doc. He isn't a hero with a problem. There's no agony and no joy, just a guy fighting magic with magic. It's cool but the personal stakes just aren't there. When Clea shows up in 126, that does light a narrative spark and the stories get better, but I always felt I didn't know Doc the way I knew Peter Parker until the '70s. The 117 pages have some cool design elements (someone more patient than me should figure out what else he took from The Spirit besides the window from Denny Colt's crypt) and I've always liked how Mordo and Doc Ock seem to have shopped from the same supervillain mail order janitor uniform catalogue, but yeah, these shouldn't go for Spidey prices. There's gonna be more of this coming down the pike. In other words, no one needs to bid on these.