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  1. To keep the video interesting it would be great if some John Wick-style action broke out among bidders every so often. Todd, Jim, Joe, Nadia, can you make that hahppen?
  2. I understand the point about "fighting for their lives," which is a good one, but it doesn't have to go the way of ad hominem attack to still be accurate.
  3. Can we call this a reasonably strong position to take on small-sized Kirby interiors 12 hours before the auction?
  4. "Hello? Yes, I would like to trade my six sharks in formaldehyde for one rabbit. Yes, I'll hold."
  5. The $54,000 R Crumb "Keep on Truckin" reserve is now tripped. Which is impressive until you realize it's 1/100th of the Egyptian Queen reserve. G
  6. +1. It's got a story behind it, obviously, which is kind of cool, but it wouldn't break $200.
  7. Something I hadn't noticed till now: 38 lots of Kirby art, which strikes me as more than I've seen in a single auction for a while. I can't say that any specific page leaps out at me, and most of them are repeats -- but I recognize a few pages from long-term collections, so the results will be interesting.
  8. Maybe the consignor was ashamed and is dumping it because he hadn't gotten more signatures on it.
  9. I figure they've got a guarantee of that amount. The plot thickens if it goes higher.
  10. Reserves just kicked in. One of them in particular is verrrrry interesting.
  11. I think the only things burnt will be the people who bought art from him while he was alive.
  12. Great, first he messes up the plan to defeat Thanos, and now he's responsible for interstate sales tax. Way to go, Starlord.
  13. Haven't seen many pages to this issue, alas. I count two at most (I feel that Herc lifting a building showed up at some point). Also, it's not true that when Jack got his art back "most" were JIM/Thor pages. That list is out there if you look for it.