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  1. Could be worse - could be a Hulk splash. They cancelled him after only six issues.
  2. It's weird that for four of the five recreations Ayers inked, he wasn't the inker on the original cover.
  3. I hadn't noticed that c-link had failed to follow c-connect's lead in mentioning the issue. That's disappointing. Glen
  4. This is what the CAF listing looked like, including my comment. I hope Ankur won't object to me adding that he told me he addressed those concerns in advance by sending links to the two HA descriptions to the buyer before they bought it. For those of you unfamiliar with the piece, it's apparently by Kirby and an unidentified assistant, and the amount of participation by each is unknown. There's approximately three hundred thousand pages of commentary about it on the internet, if you're so inspired to investigate. Short version: *
  5. He drew one of the first pieces of art I bought as an adult, back in 1994, at WonderCon. He was sitting at a table with Dan Clowes, Adrien Tomine and Arielle Bordeaux.
  6. I really liked that piece - I don't know a ton about Wally Wood, but years ago someone who was way more versed in his output said it was unclear how much Wood did in his Doom stories and how much was Larry Hama. I don't know if that's still unclear or got sorted out, or if that has any reflection on the price. You probably know more than I do about it.
  7. Doesn't that equation involve dividing by zero?
  8. They aren't going to take anything down. I've sent them all kinds of documentation in the past and they've never lifted a finger. I figured that a) "here's the source material that was copied" and b) "here are the opinions of some experts" would be enough, but nope. You're a good man for bringing it up, but nothing is going to happen.
  9. This is a really interesting page. I think it was originally drawn for FF 74-77 but repurposed. There's a very long backstory to this - in short, Jack was drawing the Microverse story with an eye toward revealing the Surfer's origin, when he learned that Stan had already assigned Buscema a Surfer book. If you re-read those issues, particularly the last 4-5 pages of FF 76, you can see the moment Jack had to swerve - otherwise the Surfer was about to meet Psychoman. And instead of whatever Jack had planned, he had to back himself out of the story without much of the set up paying off. In any case, Jack frequently drew stuff out of order and then pieced it together. The color image is from the Omnibus version of FF 74. It shows the intro of Galactus to that issue. The b&w image is the Thor 160 page. Look how similar those panels are. Jack was so inconsistent he couldn't remember how many buttons Thor had on his uniform nor how many toes The Hulk had on each foot. The odds of him remembering what Galactus's spaceship looked like a year or so later are mighty slim. So I think that shortly after he drew the published FF 74 page, he drew at least the first panel of what became the Thor page to keep track of where Galactus was. If he drew the whole page, I think that little ship G gets into wasn't intended originally to travel through space but to shrink down to go get the Surfer. There's no propulsion unit on it, just like the one Reed uses. I'm hoping more pages to these issues show up so we can piece together what the heck happened.
  10. Makes you wonder what you're doing with your life, huh? Me too.
  11. Welllll....we know that someone has been keeping busy during quarantine. This is truly magnificent. 51 Jerk Kribys: kirby&pageSize=72&publishDateMin=1587791189&sort=-relevance&status=online&utm_campaign=SearchAlert_20200423_B&utm_content=matching&utm_medium=email&utm_source=SavedAlert