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  1. if your in Ontario not a chance. non essentials are locked down tighter than a bank vault
  2. My bad... I posted this more of a way to discuss no more in store sales
  3. Target will suspend the sale of certain trading cards in its stores from May 14 out of concern for the safety of staff and customers. The move follows an incident in a Target parking lot where a man pulled a gun in an apparent dispute about cards. The value of some types of trading cards has increased significantly over the course of the pandemic and has led to concerns about threats to staff. Target will no longer sell Pokémon cards or MLB, NFL and NBA playing cards in its stores,
  4. If he had gone to hospital could he have been treated and stayed a regular person?
  5. Ares


    He only has around 2000 posts. Go easy on him
  6. Ares


    I always wondered that. Its like a slab for your slab
  7. Its probably more. I dont remember the exact amount. The Comic Doctor on youtube did a recent video where he talked about the price change. He got my books in before the rise
  8. Supposedly they are getting about 30,000 k Books a month
  9. You Can recycle it The 1980 calendar is reusable in: 2008, 2036, and 2064.
  10. I purchased a small collection last year. They were in storage for a while. But now that my hobby room is ready I am sorting through the collection to re-bag and board. today I hit the jackpot
  11. Are these special printed editions for Zavi? the covers all look the same
  12. I am curious about Batman 311 Gocollect says Batman 311 (39 Sales) & FMV Pending Batman 312 (22 Sales) but FMV of 9.8 $400 Batman 313 (56 Sales) And FMV of 9.8 $1800 Batman 314 (37 Sales) and FMV of 9.8 $120.00 You can get a FMV of books with less sales on free version. I am wondering if someone pays does the book that says Pending show a price with FMV