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  1. To get pix 11 or the US supersations I have to subscribe them so I wont do it until Flash starts. or go to Piracy Sci Fi will do for now
  2. Disney Plus makes a play for adult viewers with launch of Star TORONTO -- Disney Plus is introducing viewers to its older sibling: a new streaming hub named Star. After establishing itself as the family-friendly home to Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies, the Disney Plus platform is opening the gates to a dedicated space for more grown-up tastes. Within its existing platform, more than 150 TV series and 500 movies will be available to Canadians on Star's Tuesday launch
  3. Needs Better music. The techno music in first movies were just as important
  4. I think its Mephisto. Stork disappeared in a puff of red smoke like Mephisto does the two boys were born from parts of Mephisto's souls
  5. R Rated might go here (if you dont live in USA) Star is an upcoming hub within the Disney+ streaming service for television and film content intended for an adult audience. The hub will be available in a subset of countries where Disney+ is operated. Star will include content from ABC Signature, 20th Television, FX, Freeform, 20th Century Studios, Searchlight Pictures, Touchstone Pictures and Hollywood Pictures. Star will launch on February 23, 2021, in Canada, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. It will expand to
  6. Found it. Batwoman and Supergirl are on Showcase. Legends of Tommorow & Superman & Lois are on SCI Fi Channel in Canada Flash and Black Lightning no TV Carrier in Canada unless you have a subscription to US superstations
  7. Some People have way to much money! Or in case almost not enough as he had to pay off in installments.
  8. I think Vision is a Wanda created AI who mimics Vision very well. When she gets close to figuring something wrong Wanted Changes the show
  9. Well in the original Kong Vs Zilla they were same size so why not now?
  10. does anyone know if its airing in Canada?
  11. is it just me or does the site keep logging you out?