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  1. Wish they had more good to mix in with the bad. Right now it's hard for me to see any real improvements for members. Hopefully all this extra money actually will decrease turn-around times, but I'll believe it when I see it.
  2. These books are great. They look so fantastic in hand; my 5.5 looks like it could have been printed yesterday.
  3. Damn. Congrats to whoever ended up grabbing all of those high grade AAs; going to be dreaming about them for a while.
  4. Bought a GA raw book from Mike and it arrived quickly, safely packed, and exactly as described/pictured. Would buy from Mike again.
  5. As an Alan Scott guy, AA16 is my holy grail. Awesome books, GLWTS!
  6. I'll go ahead and grab these ones as well: Spirit July 6 1941 VFNM Spirit February 16 1941 NM- Spirit May 17 1942 VF Spirit May 24 1942 VF
  7. Take these per PM: Spirit January 3 1943 F/VF Spirit August 16 1942 FineSpirit September 27 1942 F/VF Spirit December 27 1942 F/VF Spirit June 1 1941 F/VF Spirit April 13 1941 VF+ Spirit February 23 1941 Fine- Spirit August 4 1940 VF- Spirit January 18 1942 VF+ Spirit February 1 1942 VF-Spirit May 25 1941 VFNM
  8. Only have a couple of pulps, but thought I'd show off two really cool books we picked up recently. Argosy Vol. 19 number 3 and 5, from Dec 1894 and Feb 1895 respectively.
  9. What a cool collection to pick up; excited to see what else gets posted.