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  1. I'm glad that DD 1 is going up in price and finally getting appreciated. It seems to me that its true value should be close to ASM 1 or at least JIM 83. However, for some reason, everyone sells DD 1 in large quantities and does not consider a super ultra mega duper cool key, like ToS 39 or ASM 1. Perhaps this is because that the character has not yet been introduced into the MCU, but when he appears there, everyone will immediately remember this comic and want him to be included in the collection. And do not forget that DD 1 is not only the first appearance and origin of the daredevil, b
  2. Sorry for the glare, I tried to take a picture normally.
  3. I am used to the fact that the US mail delivers in just three to four days. But my last package from San Diego to the Wilmington warehouse has been in transit for 15 days. Moreover, the status has not changed for four days. After reading this thread, I'm afraid that I might not have to wait more than a month, or that it is not lost at all
  4. Nobody ever gave me comics. However, this year I myself am going to act in the role of Santa (or rather in the role of Ded Moroz, I still live in Russia) and present this comic to my friend. I hope he is not sitting on this forum and will not see his gift
  5. Last update this year. Condition is PR-FA but the colors on the cover are very well preserved so I am happy with the purchase
  6. hold: New Mutants 98 - they said everything for me Daredevil 1 - although I tried to sell it recently, but it turned out to be a failure. I think the prices will rise even more by the time the film and the series are released. Marvel Spotlight 5 - Prices have skyrocketed recently. I think that with the introduction of the ghost rider in the MCU, prices will rise even more drop: Thor # 2 and Thor # 5 - are one of my biggest comic collecting mistakes I've made. Although it's probably too late to get rid of them. I don't want to have more to do with the
  7. In the first place is my holy grail - ASM 50. I love it only because of the cover On the second Daredevil 1, although I'm not a special fan of the daredevil (because I read very few comics about him), but having the first appearance of popular characters in the collection is always nice. On the third Hulk 180. Just a budget version of the Hulk 181, since I didn't have time to save up for 181 this year And also in October I won Giant Size x-men 1, I would put it in my top 3, but it hasn't come to me yet, so I'll leave it for the top 3 2021
  8. I have quite a few favorite arts and artists, but I don't want to clog the topic and choose just one - Tradd Moore and his silver surfer
  9. Well, this year I plan to start making good money, so my desires will be great. I plan to add ASM 129 2.0-3.5, Avengers 1 0.5-1.5, Incredible Hulk 181 1.0-2.0 (or qualified 3.0-5.0) to my collection, and also want to get back ASM 300, at least a low grade. Or instead of all this I will take ASM 1 0.5-1.5, which I have long dreamed of
  10. When they talk about the value of the cover, I always remember ASM # 50. Of course, there is also the first appearance of Kingpin, but personally, I paid in full only for the cover
  11. Finally. First appearance of Gideon and Copycat. Now it's mine. True, I don't understand why I paid $ 260 for this comic, because these are not the most popular characters. Plus it's a 90s comic. Looks like the seller deceived me
  12. it must be an incredible feeling to buy a key issue for 20 cents and have one of the most coveted comics decades later. I envy you