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  1. I'm still a beginner, but I think it's 2.5
  2. Hello everyone, my name is Karim and I am a collector from Russia. Collected comics since 2015, but only moved to key issues a year ago. During this time, I collected some very valuable CGC and a couple of raw comics. I collect old comics in a bad state, because I am guided by the rule "the worse the state, the cooler the comic", and I don’t have too much money, so I cannot afford to take the first appearance of important characters in the state of VF and higher In general, I registered a few months ago, but I only recently started to actively communicate on the forum, so I think that our acquaintance begins only now. (and I also have mediocre English and most of the words I translate in google translate)
  3. The seller said that it was 1.8, but when the book got into my hands, it seemed to me that it was a maximum of 1.0 + the cover was separated from the comic. Help make an accurate estimate
  4. I finally sold my ASM 300, which I bought for $ 430, now I can finally buy the Hulk 181. Nice upgrade
  5. I don't know why, but I have collected all the first appearances of black winter. Not a big fan of spending more than $ 10 on comics that came out just yesterday, but for some reason I wanted to buy these comics
  6. I buy comics for the collection and therefore deliver them to myself through the warehouse immediately. To sell in America, you need to either leave comics in a warehouse or send them to the same warehouse from Russia. And I am afraid that the comics will get lost on the road or I will indicate something incorrectly and they will go to a different address and get lost. Although ... I can try to sell them in europe, where there are a lot of comic book collectors
  7. Thanks. $ 700 is the maximum I can get for my copy of a newsstand. Since in Russia, few people are ready to spend more than $ 10 for one comic. And a maximum of two people in the country are ready to give $ 700, and I am not exaggerating.
  8. Can any experienced speculator help me? In February of this year, I bought an ASM 300 9.0 with MacFarlane signature for $ 430. Now I plan to resell it for $ 700 (you need to understand that in Russia, when ordering from America, we pay 15% duty and this is taken into account when reselling). I really love my copy of the ASM 300, but it seems to me that this increase in prices is temporary and after the release of the film, prices will fall again. Am I right? If not, then I will not resell my copy
  9. well, while all sorts of Americans are bragging about dozens of copies of the ASM 300, a humble guy from Russia will share only one copy in a mediocre condition
  10. I wanted to take a copy without a quarter to the first page. However, I also hoped to bargain for a good price
  11. Congratulations! I myself am thinking about selling the ASM 300 for the same ToA 39 without a cover. Not sure if it's worth it
  12. My condition is only FR, but I'm glad that I am at least in some club