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  1. Anyone know what the deal is with the staple placement on the back cover?
  2. When I picked this one up, I figured it was around a 7.0, but based on info I've gotten from others, it could be a little higher. All pages are intact. Just wanted to see what you guys thought (you've been pretty spot on in the past) Thanks!
  3. I recently sent in a submission (about a month ago) and of the 3 tiers I submitted under, my fast track shipment is being returned at the moment. The issue is that Ive moved to a new address in that time. The move happened while the books were in the scheduled for grading stage. I updated my address in my account and sent a message asking if that was enough time for the change to take effect on CGC's end before the shipping return, but I got a response from anyone. Now Im worried my books are going to end up somewhere I'm not. Is there anyway to re-route to my new address before it's too late?
  4. Another one for the "what do you guys think?" Club
  5. Pressed out some of the minor cover and page creases.
  6. Just got my credit card acknowledgement email for 5 books that I recently sent in for grading (and one for pressing) I know the cost of pressing isn't included, but the invoice, and my bank account, both say I was charged 177 dollars, with no mention of the 150 dollar credit being applied
  7. Hello, I recently sent a few books in for grading, and 3 have been marked as complete and are currently en route to me. I'm slightly confused about this statement, though: Returned to Submission Location Collectibles have been inspected and approved in Quality Control, photographed, carefully packaged and are returned to the submission location I shipped my books to CGC through a UPS store, so, does that mean my package will be delivered back to the store, or my home address that is on file?
  8. In a moment of impatience, I made my submission before I actually had the book in my hands. And I'm not sure if I can cancel that submission and start a new one. I have a friend who presses books, though, so I'll most likely just run it by him before I actually mail anything off
  9. Sending this one in for grading in a few days, just wondering what to possibly expect. The most noticable thing I see is the creasing through the interior pages. Thanks!
  10. Yeah, I'm not too concerned with the actual grade, just wondering how much nicer it could look 😊
  11. Thanks again, guys. It looks like there's a lot of color breaking on the cover, but would it be a good idea to press this when I send it in for grading?
  12. Thank you, I actually figured it out a little while after submitting this. Appreciate the help