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  1. Just curious if this was a mistake, or if CGC did it intentionally for some reason? And it's not my book, I just saw this somewhere and thought I'd try to unravel the mystery of why this would be done?
  2. Not sure if this has been posted before, but I was wondering what people think happened here. Did CGC intentionally package this with the damaged area folded back? Or did the folded bit get caught on something during packaging, and end up folding over in the final slab? It just seems that they'd at least package the book trying to make the damage less noticeable if possible?
  3. I've meant to do the research, but how much consideration does CGC give to colour fading? Sometimes I don't even notice that a book has severe colour fading unless I actually see it next to an unfaded example...
  4. And good time to do it. the 40 somethings that are currently spiking the market will be dead soon too, and most kids today don't seem to have much interest in comic books, so there might be a precipitous drop in comic book value coming as this generation dies off...
  5. Personally, I'm waiting for them to start grading PLAYING CARDS! I've got a few Bicycle One Eyed Jacks that must be 9.8s AT LEAST!!
  6. But do you like that cover? I always loved that Spidey punching Hulk up through the title cover!
  7. And yet, you've still sent them nearly $2k worth of business! I'd say their business model is working PERFECTLY! Don't hire additional expensive professional graders, and just keep accepting orders and extending turn around times! Why would they waste money hiring more staff when people continue sending $2k worth of business and are apparently willing to wait! The ONLY way to change this is to stop using CGC... I suppose if enough people stopped using CGC due to the long wait times, then they might be forced to increase capacity, but as long as people keep sending them business, then why would they even consider doing anything to shorten wait times?
  8. Do most people trust the CGC Grading enough to just buy blindly based on the subjective third party grade, and not bother examining the book contained within the shell? I haven't seen many 9.8 slabs in person, but of the few that I have seen, some seemed to have visible 'defects' that i thought would have immediately made 9.8 impossible, but CGC still awarded them the coveted 9.8 ratings...
  9. I didn't want to bring up that part... But yeah, that's the other problem. Chances are that whoever owns those 10 9.9's aren't in a big hurry to unload them. I'm not a CGC member, but is there anyway to access CGC's records of the 9.9s, or can you only look up books if you have the slab's CGC Certification Number? It might be interesting to at least know WHEN the 9.9s were graded.
  10. Yeah I'm in Ontario, but looks like I already have at least 1 book from all 4 of your McFarlane 'sets', lol. Thanks anyway, GLWS!
  11. Are the prices in CAD or USD? Wish I hadn't recently bought a bunch of random McFarlane books... Jjust trying to see if any of the 'sets' don't include books I already just bought
  12. What's so funny? The census shows there are at least TEN registered CGC 9.9 graded copies in existence, so I'm sure it won't be too hard finding a copy for sale!
  13. So you're saying that a good pressing would be able to fix the book's major defects, but that the book isn't nearly valuable enough to invest in having it pressed since you can easily find cheaper copies in better condition than you'll probably achieve even with ideal pressing results? However, these ARE the types of DEFECTS that pressing can 'fix'?
  14. I think this same book has been listed on different sites over the past few months, and has yet to find a buyer. I believe the issue is that it hasn't been listed close enough to the bargain basement price that people would probably expect considering the comic's condition. Now it appears decent at first glance, but when you look closer at the front, or bother to look at the back, you encounter a severe? (subscription?) crease that's fairly wide and extends all the way from top to bottom, and is located right down the middle! Although, after further inspection it doesn't appear that the crease breaks colour, and on the front cover the crease sometimes isn't even noticeable under certain angles of light... Now I'm not suggesting that this book could be cleaned/pressed and then be slabbed and graded a 9.8, however would this be the type of damage that pressing could possibly fix, or at least improve? I mean, this book probably isn't even worth the effort to repair since great looking raw examples are readily available for dcent prices, but I thought it might be a good candidate using as practice for an amateur?
  15. Yep, those covers were (according to the details listed on all at the LEAST inked by Todd McFarlene. Todd was only a 'hired gun' for those covers, as I assume he had an interest in helping ALL Image publications to succeed. So McFarlane ONLY did the covers on these issues, and other artists handled ALL of the interior pencil/ink work... If the books were more valuable then THESE are ones I might consider sending to CGC, since I really only care about the covers! lol. Also, Batman #423 makes for a GREAT slab since the cover is GORGEOUS, but the story itself is pretty lame. The 'plot' just attempts to show batman's 'softer' side by first talking a guy out of jumping off a bridge to commit suicide, and then they show how caring BRUCE is, by having Batman send some injured kid? to the Wayne manor where Alfred helps him recover... All in all, I find it a pretty forgettable story, attempting to illustrate the 'compassionate' portion of Batman/Bruce's personality, but it comes across as quite LAME, and not very subtle or nuanced... So it's not a KEY issues, there's no villains, no big fights, just an AMAZING cover, and a boring? morality story. So Batman #423 is a PERFECT issue to slab, so you can just stare at that incredible cover image, and have a perfect excuse to NEVER actually read the book again Although I guess it is a comic book that was intended for kids