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  1. 2 hours ago, Number 6 said: I’m guessing because it would put CCS at a competitive disadvantage. Anti-pressers would refrain from bidding on books that CCS pressed because CGC would 100% confirm that those books had been pressed, instead bidding on books that could very well have been pressed but because they were pressed by someone other than CCS, CGC couldn’t confirm 100% that those books had been pressed. There would then be the potential for a market where CCS books sell at discount this driving business away.
  2. I get that anyone might have pressed a book submitted to CGC but an interested buyer of a book should be able to inquire if a book passed through CCS pressing, since it is part of the company. At least CGC could include or eliminate a CCS pressing inquiry. Obviously they wouldn't know if it came from Joe Schmo pressing.
  3. So you are saying CGC has no ability to know if a book came from the pressing room of CCS, even though it is part of the company and housed under the same roof and billed with a similar invoice with the company letterhead on it? CGC has no ability to tell if the books came from CCS ? Yeah, right. And when CGC grades books, they don't know and aren't allowed to know who the submitter is I have a bridge to sell you.
  4. Is it unreasonable to suggest that if a book was pressed by CGC (and there is a record of it through a serial number), that a collector seeking to bid on the book should be able to contact CGC and get a truthful answer? If it is so non-scandalous, why wouldn't CGC want to freely volunteer the information? Why shouldn't a consignor (who slabbed the book and paid for it to be pressed) freely offer this info to a consignment house for this info to be placed in the description of the auction listing if it is so non-scandalous? Seems like there is some scandal to it.
  5. For those seeking proper disclosure, looks like FF Annual #1 9.6 sold on Comiclink is now a pressed 9.8 and is in the current May auction. Here the before, sold $12,361.00 November, 2018. Shouldn't there be proper mention in the listing of this? Can a call be placed to CGC to verify if a book has gone through the pressing service by providing the serial number ?
  6. I think printers creases are ok unless they show white color, as some layer of the color has rubbed off over time
  7. looks like it was a mistake in the grading room
  8. did it come back with a note of loose centerfolds or did it just receive a lower grade with no mention of the loose centerfolds ?
  9. Until they find a cure, people will be scared to return to the way it used to be.
  10. I am waiting for Fancy Dan of the Enforcers to appear in a movie