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  1. Couple dings on the FC spine I’m hoping a press will help. What ya think? I thank you.
  2. Happy weekend, how does this one look? Thanks for looking!
  3. Aw thanks man! I had decided not to slab it after all because a)poor condition, not really worth it, but also it was a lot of fun opening it up again. Even as I saw the pen marks I defiled the inside with 30+ yrs ago, I winced but also smiled. I really appreciate/agree with your comment!
  4. For your consideration. Is one a day for a couple of weeks too many? Hope not. Thank you all for your estimates.
  5. Thanks, I kind of noticed them while taking these photos, and now do not want to remove it again to inspect them in case of further contaminating it with incriminating evidence. The cover and pages are a little thicker material than “normal comic newsprint” and the issue really seems to lend itself to showing prints and dents quite easily when illuminated
  6. This is the nicer of 2 copies I have. A lot of us have been waiting 30 years for this one to catch fire, no? 😆 thanks for your estimates, and 2 questions: do fingerprint smudges affect the grade, and if so does a C & P eliminate them easily? Thanks again!
  7. Lol, Was just about to post this https://www.ebay.ca/itm/124518694139
  8. As the proud original owner of this one, it is evident how many times I read this bad boy. I bought this about 3 months after my first comic, knee deep in McFarlane Hulk, and is probably my favourite comic book cover ever. Unfortunately it turns out I also liked filling my name and address in wherever there was a space for it and checking off comics I owned on the checklist, and figuring out the chips ahoy word jumble. I realize that these are big big dings, but how big is my question to you, the wonderful members who lend their opinions to me. Thanks in advance!!
  9. Probably not even close to slab-worthy in this grade, but curious what you guys think the chunk off the front cover would cost me. A lot, I’ll wager. Thanks!
  10. After double checking, this blemish doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the damage from the cover coming loose from the staple on the front cover. It’s not a dent, or a tear. There is nothing showing on the other side on inner back cover either. I’ve also checked other ASM 361’s and don’t see any other copies with this either. Seems to be a strange colour variation, I really can’t explain it
  11. Bought this shortly after its release at a Montreal comic store for under $10, probably taken out once or twice to read and admire. Note the cover loose at the bottom staple, damaged (by shaking within the bag) during shipping to CGC. The package was refused due to visible damage to the box and returned to me. Otherwise looks pretty good. Thanks for your estimates!
  12. Happy weekend! This was a recent birthday gift from my brother, the original owner. The same brother i stole ASM 300 and NM 87 from so many years ago. This gift compounded the guilt. All estimates are greatly appreciated.
  13. I received this package containing a Cgc slab from an e-bay vendor the very same day. No damage to the comic or case thankfully. I do not have good luck with comics and postal services.