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  1. II don't have any other solutions/ideas, but for what it's worth, I've successfully used the iron method before on a gouache illustration that was on a very wavy piece of heavy watercolor paper. Basically I lightly misted the back/verso so that it was just barely damp, laid a layer of paper towels over it, ironed it flat on a low heat setting, then sandwiched it between some heavy books (changing the paper towels out every few hours). The process worked great and completely flattened the piece. I'll admit though that this was a fairly low value piece of art and even then the pucker fact
  2. Ha! You can be proud to know it's one of the top results for an image search on "the doctor is in". Great piece, by the way.
  3. Discipline in action! Congrats. Was a card art piece or Star Wars painting that you had on your radar, or something that just popped up and caught your eye unexpected?
  4. Do you think this is true at all price points? Or just at mid-low to low-high level pieces? I'm asking that partly due to personal interest (as someone smack dab in the middle of GenX) since I'm now entering that phase of life where I'm balancing both my own concerns (retirement, hobbies, etc.) with that of my children (college costs how much these days??). As I noted in the recent thread concerning six-figure art sales, that end of the market is a mystery to me.
  5. But with your life now being complete, where do you go from here???
  6. 2020 was a lousy year for all kinds of reasons, but somehow I missed the news of Mort Drucker's death and was unaware of it until seeing your post. I'm guessing I missed it due to all the pandemic craziness going down at the time. He was one of my childhood heroes and I can remember spending hours trying to recreate some of his illustrations from MAD. He'll definitely be missed.
  7. Yep! The big shame of the change is that they effectively cut off all off-site communication between members. Years ago (before the change) I actually made a couple of very good hobby acquaintances through eBay that I would've never met otherwise. These days that's much tougher.
  8. In line with my budget, I have fairly modest goals for 2021. I've been recently venturing down the rabbit hole of strip art and would like to make a few key pick-ups there. Specific targets include: - Enrique Romero's AXA: I'm hoping to pick up a handful of really nice examples, where Axa is fighting monsters/creatures, or is topless (or better yet, both!). There were some fairly good ones which popped up on Heritage in 2020, but I kept holding out for even better ones and ended up reining in my bids and coming in second highest on the ones I liked. Hopefully I don't come to regret th
  9. Thanks. As I mentioned, was just curious if there was any formal recognition or anything like that at play. I know Bill has always used the term "gallery" for member boards on CAF, so I'm guessing it's a distinction without a difference for the most part. But I'll happily take donations of all sorts, should anyone be so inclined!
  10. Not trying to come across as a naysayer here, but what's the difference between such a virtual museum and an otherwise similarly curated Instagram account, or Pinterest board? That's to say in both case you're just dealing with .jpeg/.png images, right?
  11. I missed Chop-Chop when first looking at the piece on Heritage, but once you know he's there, it's definitely a blemish on an otherwise amazing piece. I'm never one for trying to scrub things from the past (be it WWII era comics or the Looney Tunes / Merry Melodies "Censored Eleven"), but what makes this particular example so egregious is the fact that it was a horribly outdated take on the character even by the time the poster was published. DC had so long moved on from that design by the 80s that I suspect younger Blackhawk fans at the time would've likely had no idea whom they were even l
  12. Not that I expect there to be a good answer, but have they offered any elaboration to why "in light of the current health situation, your invoice can be settled by wire transfer only"? Are ones and zeroes being transmitted through Visa/MC's payment networks more likely to carry the 'rona than those coming through a wire transfer? It's probably just my stubborn sense of general principle kicking in, but I'd be tempted to make some equally silly, unfounded demand upon them that you require be done as part of the transaction "in light of the current health situation".
  13. A general philosophy that applied to almost anything in life is "that which cannot be sustained, will not be sustained". Obviously shill bidding can and does happen, but I just don't see any scenario where it goes on unchecked in an across-the-board fashion at values above FMV. At a certain point, when things are pushed beyond FMV, the shilling parties get stuck. After that happens a few times, they're reined in or stop the practice completely. For anyone who thinks we can create and maintain an artificial market with elevated prices, I'll happily throw some of my doodles on eB