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  1. And it even has Moira, who, while not super important in the classic mythos, IS very important in the current lore because she's finally unified the 2 ideals and mutantkind as a whole. She's basically the center of everything going on in X-Men right now, and with a solo book on the horizon, I suspect she will become a more popular character overall.
  2. @Unca Ben shared this: And in another thread, @Nuttzo shared this: And I got this a few months ago. I wonder how many pages were competed? If the full issue was done, I want to know why it wasn't printed. Does anyone have Pablo Marcos' contact info? I tried through his website but got an error message.
  3. I got 2 pieces in today. I posted 1 in the manga thread so I'll link to it there if you want to check out Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider: Issue 5, Page 5 by Takeshi Miyazawa. The other piece I got is Batman: White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn: Issue 6, Page 7. This was one of the least expensive of the pages available from this series over at Essential Sequential, but I gotta say, even in this not-so-flashy page, seeing Matteo Scalera's work in person...it's really detailed and amazing. I'd love to add more of his work to my collection in the future. An interesting note if you're not familia
  4. This is interesting. I got a piece in today from Takeshi Miyazawa. He's done a lot for Marvel and other Western titles, but he lives in Japan now and does his work from there. So, instead of this page being drawn on Marvel's branded board, it's actually on a smaller, Japanese board, the same size and brand that Yuusuke Takeyama used for one of the pieces in my post above. So, it's technically not manga (or maybe it technically is manga?), but it's definitely reminiscent of the typical manga style. This is from Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider # 5.
  5. This sums up how I feel about this sort of thing. I don't necessarily like to see it, but it happens everywhere in the collectible world, and is just the nature of the beast. Regardless, this topic is fun. And it helps keep we potential buyers more informed.
  6. I have no idea who the artist of this is but the signature looks like it may say "Vela." I have a coworker named Vela, but the only art he's good at is con. LOL!
  7. One of the things I really enjoy about this hobby is researching OA I get that isn't fully credited. I've picked up pieces that didn't have a listed artist, didn't have a listed title, or didn't have a listed issue or page number. Any time that happens, I do my best to hunt down that missing information, and sometimes uncover interesting stories about the artwork itself, or its creators. I've posted a few of these stories in this thread: But, I want to know some of the things you've researched and discovered about pieces you own! Here's a couple more of mine I recently had to do m
  8. My favorite comic strip of all time is Garfield. I agree with the above statement about homogeny and mass production/sellout, but I had so many laughs in the 80s and 90s and even the early 2000s with those strips. I'll always love the character from the past no matter how many new things they plaster him on, nor whatever political statements they assign him in the mass market. My 2nd favorite strip, also awesome as some of you have already mentioned, is The Far Side. Fun Fact: when I was in middle school, way back in my Computer Science class, we were given an assignment to type out a let
  9. Love it! I read the entire series, finally, last year (or maybe 2019...it's a blur), and it's full of great art and story. I'd love to pick one of these up for my collection some day, too. Congratulations!
  10. I can't say I've stopped reading Marvel or DC, but there is some great manga out there, and I love that the creators mostly stick with their books for the entire run. Here are some manga OA pieces that I own. 1. Hayame Blast Gear (unknown chapter/volume/page (maybe page 5) for now) by Yuusuke Takeyama. I got this recently for about $30, which I figured was a steal. His autograph is prominently on the piece, which is cool. I also ordered the first 2 volumes of the manga, which haven't come in yet, in hopes that I can pinpoint said chapter/volume/page. 2. Unknown title, also by Yuusuke
  11. I think they're pretty cool, and I might be tempted to buy one of a cover I really liked...if I can get it cheap. They're a neat piece of the production process for comic books, but they don't compare to original artwork. I have a couple of trading card printing plates. I was gifted one, and the other I bought for less than $10. I'd probably pay $50 for a comic plate. On a tangential note, I watched a video recently that talked about some unauthorized reprints and first prints of comics. The guy who did the reprints apparently bought a printing shop and came across a bunch of comic book p
  12. I watched the episode today and really enjoyed it. I really need to start watching them live!
  13. I was digging in some of my comic boxes this weekend and found this piece by Tim Seeley, circa 2006, drawn on a comic backing board. I worked at a comic book store at the time, and he was scheduled to be a guest at the shop on a day I couldn't be there. My manager said I could request a free sketch from him and they'd give it to me when I returned to work, so I requested Batgirl (Cassie Cain), who is one of my favorite characters. My coworker who told Tim what to draw for me thought he'd be funny, and told him I wanted Batgirl with Hulk Hogan. He thought I'd be ticked, but joke's on him, I was