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  1. I mean, mayonnaise and licorice taste pretty nasty but both have their staunch fans. I'm too tired at the moment to rank them all but this one with the Lizard is my #1 from the bunch.
  2. Do you think he'll honor that sell price for Detective Comics # 27 if I show him this ad? I'd give him positive ebay feedback! Also, if he REALLY wanted to settle this Spider-Man debacle, couldn't he just reach out to Luke or the Romitas and ask? *Edit: Guys, he's got a Detective Comics # 27 (1 page only) listed on ebay and...it's hilarious! He put pictures of some dialogue he had with someone who contacted him about errors in that listing. It's a good read. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Detective-Comics-27-1st-Origin-First-Appearance-Of-Batman-Worlds-M-Valuable/333804318056 I don't
  3. Someone is going to cry after they open up their package up.
  4. Yeah, like @romitaman said, it's now got a $69K starting bid! But no, no one has bid on it and I doubt anyone will. The description is even funnier now: "Spiderman Splash art for issue # 259 in “my opinion” I definitely attributed it to be done by Romita sr ! More ! Mike Burkey disagrees with my opinion and doesn’t think the splash is by Romita but I 100% disagree with that! If you are familiar with Classic Romita Spiderman art You can judge for your self! The Original cover Art for Spectular Spiderman #259 according to Marvel Data base was Romita! According to the internet Romita did the
  5. It's a nice piece! I'm sure the collectors are out there, and don't forget the last-minute bidders. Hopefully it will go higher in the end. The $45 it's at know is definitely undervalued, in my opinion.
  6. I don't believe the industry, or shared big-budget entertainment, will die. It's hurting now, yes, but once the masses get their vaccine, they will be "dying" to get out and rejoin the world again. They'll want movies, and past normalcy. I don't know how long it will take to happen, but somebody will step in to fill the void. Theaters will open again, and movies will be made. I don't know if superhero stuff will stay popular, but big budget movies will come again...eventually. Or not, but I think they will.
  7. I second Mandarake. They have the Big Web auctions that @NicoV mentioned , which you have to pay to participate in. But they have everyday auctions as well, and you can find good stuff in there, too. I found out about them when I was buying a lot of anime cels. They're dependable and fun to browse, and they sell a lot of cool stuff. They also have storefronts you can browse through. https://ekizo.mandarake.co.jp/auction/item/indexEn.html
  8. Here are a couple of mine. The first is Lei-Lei (or Hsien-Ko) by Joe Vriens that I commissioned at A-Kon (an anime convention) a few years ago. Joe has worked with UDON Comics on the various Capcom properties, such as Darkstalkers (where Lei-Lei is from). The second is The Little Mermaid meets Godzilla (Hanna-Barbera version) by Philo Barnhart. Philo's parents were both animators who worked for Disney and other studios, and Philo followed suit. He's an animator who worked on lots of great productions, including Secret of Nimh, Dragon's Lair (the video game), Beauty and the Beast, An Ameri
  9. Nice! I love June Brigman's work. Are those your kids? I know she often does that. She was hired to do Power Pack in the first place because she knew how to draw kids.
  10. grapeape has been fortunate to meet a LOT of wonderful people in his life, hasn't he? Good stuff, my friend. And I agree, that's a great parody cover, @shadroch!
  11. I know not everyone here is American, and I know Thanksgiving is one of those hot topics nowadays for some (as is Christmas and some other holidays), but here, any excuse to show off a collaborative user art gallery is a good reason to celebrate, right? So, what you got? Turkey artwork, pilgrims, Native Americans, food, or just something you're thankful for; show us your art! I don't have much from the comic scene, but here's an animation cel of Nanami from El Hazard delivering food. I know some of us will be having this done for us this year, thanks to COVID. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone
  12. I'm not a fan of tracing. I know multiple artists do it, but it's just one of those practices that drops respect points in my eyes. An artist that traces his own work? It's a step above tracing a photo, but not as valued to me as someone who does it all freehand.
  13. Maybe your original post didn't come out like you wanted, but I think it's a good question. In my opinion, I would consider both the original "unpublished" piece AND the new mostly stat page as published. I "technically" have an unpublished/published page such as this. The artist wanted a panel moved to overlap 2 other panels a bit, but didn't want the original page cut up. So they made a stat copy and cut that, and the full stat was what was published. But the original art...is still the art. So it's published, right? It's just different because of panel placement, or in your case, because of
  14. Maybe they found the original, since it's described as having "partial inks"?
  15. I'm not the seller. Mr. Hembeck himself is! Every year, Comic Shop News releases a Christmas Special, and the 2020 issue just came out today. The cover (wraparound!) is a quintessential Hembeck piece, a funny and festive Watchmen scene. As I was reading it just now, I found a little notice "About the cover," which points to ebay, where Fred has put the original work up for auction! It looks like it will be up for the next 6 days. As of this typing, the one and only bid is at $199. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fred-Hembeck-12-x9-color-illo-Comic-Shop-News-Holiday-2020-cover-original-art/164536