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  1. Early on in my collecting journey, I focused mostly on FF and soon added ASM. ASM soon became my favorite and Marvel had a couple more titles featuring Spidey - MTU and Peter Parker. I started collecting these as well. At the time, I also watched the Saturday morning Superfriends cartoons (it was early around 7am?) featuring the DC superheroes. Spiderman was completely different from Superman and the other more familiar DC superheroes. He was young, had everyday struggles (such as paying the rent), was cracking jokes and was definitely more relatable. His origin back-story about why he w
  2. Bought some books last Dec from Jeff. Great communication, good prices, great packaging and the books were just as described. No hesitation here!
  3. The only difference I can see is the crease on the back cover, lower left corner. It's hardly noticeable now, but you can still see it faintly - here's a magnified view. There is a pic of this same area in the first post of this thread. The book also seems a tad bit flatter, but unfortunately, I didn't take a side-view pic before submitting.
  4. I did do the pre-screening service and they did end up pressing this book. I'm going to compare the pre- vs. post- pressing images and see if I can see the difference.
  5. Good job, everyone - it came in on the higher side. I'm happy, that's for sure. Here are the graders notes: crease left bottom of back covercrease left center of back covercrease top of back coverspine stress lines breaks color Thanks for participating!
  6. I bought around 15 books from Dale's recent sales thread and my box similarly also had a very rough ride, but Dale packed them well and all of the books arrived safely. I was impressed by his selection of books and they were priced affordably. I highly recommend Dale and I look forward to his next sales thread. Thanks again, Dale!
  7. Thanks, it brought back some memories and it is nice to know what I paid for them. I paid $20 for Teen Titans #1 (1984) and some 35 years later it's worth maybe $50 . The same order says I paid $15 for Teen Titans #2, but I can't find that issue I remember some places you had to pay 25-50c for a catalog and others you had to provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
  8. This was my first time with Dale's thread, and I was blown away by the sheer quantity and quality and variety of books that were offered. Thanks, Dale, for all of your hard work - can't wait for your next sales thread!