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  1. Got it, thanks for taking a look, I really appreciate it. I had bought this as a teen-ager decades ago and this was what I could afford back then, so it's about time for an upgrade.
  2. Hello, I need some help please with this well worn book. There's some holes along the spine, areas of heavy soiling (all over the back cover, in the caption balloon "DIE!", top left of the front cover), lots of creases and other defects. Would pressing help clean out some of these stains? Thanks in advance!
  3. I don't remember the very first comic - it was probably Casper, Richie Rich or Archie. But, I do remember quite vividly the first Marvel book I bought. It was Fantastic Four #204 - its cover, art and colors really drew me in. I had never been attracted to Marvel previously, but it was a whole new world that opened up for me that day.
  4. I didn't get into Little LuLu, although I may have an issue or two. I know I have a couple of issues of Little Dot.
  5. I only discovered this order form and the alternates this summer, actually. So I didn't even know I had thought about GSX #1. Since then, of course, I've thought about that proverbial "What if..." (what if they didn't have X-men #94 and shipped GSX #1 instead) The other thing I didn't even realize until now was that if you wanted a NM condition comic, that you had to pay double of what was listed in the catalog.
  6. Everything changed in 1979. What didn't attract me suddenly became intriguing. In 1979, I bought my first Marvel, Fantastic Four #204 off the rack. Something about that cover, the more complex art, fighting scene, and colors seemed more interesting to me than Richie Rich. Since then, I started collecting just about every Marvel title I could get my hands on. Soon afterwards, I discovered how to properly store the books - acid-free boards and boxes and Mylars. Within a couple of years, I had accumulated several short boxes. My dad saw these boxes lying on the floor and he built me really sturdy shelves and painted them white. They are still there today in my old bedroom (the first 2 pictures were taken this summer). During my early Marvel years, I started collecting Amazing Spider-man (and Peter Parker) and then X-men a little while later. I started X-Men around issue #135 or so and tried to buy earlier issues when I had some funds. It soon became apparent that my grail at that time was X-Men #94, as well as Spider-man #121, very pivotal keys. Growing up in Hawaii, we had some comic shops around, but I turned to mail-order to meet my ever expanding needs. At that time, you had to list alternatives as it wasn't guaranteed that they had your issue in stock. Fortunately, I've kept some of these catalogs and order forms. My first attempt at X-Men #94 was for $60, but they didn't have it. I then tried Maxwell Seeley and here's the order form - X-Men #94 had risen to $75. I also bought New Teen Titans as well. I don't know how I was able to spend $105 for this order. The interesting thing is the alternates, which is on the 2nd page. X-Men #94 and GS #1 were the same price at that time ($75) but I definitely wanted #94 more for the story. Although GS #1 is worth more now, I'm still happy that I was able to get my grail.
  7. I started reading Richie Rich, Casper and Walt Disney comics back in the 1970's. I also had over 100 Archie digests. I don't recall the exact moment I read my first comic, but I do remember going to the corner drug store a couple blocks away and buying comics. I still have the comics, but threw out the Archie digests just last year. Here are some recent pictures of the Richie Rich books. These books currently fill up one short box. I eventually outgrew the Richie Rich and Archie, but I continued reading Uncle Scrooge - loved all of the stories and adventures that they went on!
  8. Just discovered I had these in my collection - the FF 66 is in ok shape, maybe VG/F? Funny thing is that I don't even remember having it. I bought the FF 112 for $5 from Maxwell Seeley back in the 1980s and ordered FF 31 for $10, but the 66 must've come as an alternate for the 31 as I don't have that one. Excited to find these, nonetheless.