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  1. You should see an update very soon! WalkThrough's even now are only at 6 days. So depending on the day it was received it should be close to completion.
  2. Hi there! You can submit them all together in one box, but please make sure the packing slips are separate (two separate orders). Also, make sure you initial your outside of the shipping box with JS. - Thanks!
  3. Attention comic fans! CGC will be hosting legendary comic book writer, publisher and editor, Jim Shooter, for another extraordinary In-House Private Signing! The submission cut-off date is Saturday, May 15. So get your comic books ready because, in addition to his signature, Shooter will also be offering Remarques! Click the link for the full details! https://www.cgccomics.com/news/article/8985/ #cgc #cgccomics #jimshooter #privatesigning #signatureseries #igcomicbookfamily #igcomicbooks #comics #comicbooks #comicbookart #collectibles #igcomics #collecti
  4. Hello! Yes, you can resubmit your first set of FF comics as a Reholder and add the custom label option at the end of the submission process. The comics would not be regraded but Reholdered with the new FF labels. I hope this helps. Thanks!
  5. Hi there, Our online system does not have a way of showing credits but if you have credit available it will be applied to your grading fees once your package is received from our CGC team. Thank you!
  6. Hello! CGC asks that you please do not send COAs to CGC along with your books. We will not need them and cannot guarantee that they will be returned along with your submission.
  7. Hello, you can change your handle name in your account settings. Go to CGCcomics.com and then login or click on the person icon on the top right corner. Then go to Account Info and you will see your handle name listed with the option to edit it.
  8. Hi there, We were also sad that we could not get all the books signed while Kevin was in town. I recommend reaching out to our Signature Series team and they can look up your order. And if you find that your books did not make the initial in-house signing, they can assist you with canceling your signing order if that's what you're most comfortable with. signatureseries@cgccomics.com
  9. Hi there! You can submit your Walkthrough and traditional grading submissions in one box but you will need to have two different orders/packing slip. For instance, you will need one order/packing slip for Walkthrough and one for the traditional grading. Also, while on the online form you should be able to select your preferred return shipping for each order, so they can be different return addresses for you Walkthrough and traditional grading submissions. The cards that were graded by MAP will not crossover. We can crack them and grade them as a raw card if you prefer. Hope this
  10. We are so pumped to share the news of comic book writer and creator, James Tynion IV, joining CGC's In-House Private Signing lineup! Get your window bags ready because this signing is happening quick! We need all books at CGC headquarters no later than May 1! Also, please-please-please DO NOT FORGET to initial your shipping box with 'JT.' Learn more about this signing here https://www.cgccomics.com/news/article/8987/ @jamesthefourth #signatureseries #cgccomics #cgc #inhouseprivatesigning #somethingiskillingthechildren #batman #comicbookwriter #comics #c
  11. Hi there, we are currently behind on opening mail. So it is not uncommon right now to have a few weeks pass before your status changes to Received. I should also point out that we have a post office inside our headquarters, so your submission is safe while it awaits the receiving team.
  12. Hello, could you send me your order number? Also, just so you are aware we have a post office in our headquarters.
  13. Hi there, this is an interesting idea. However, we have to consider what happens to all of the books already out in the wild with NG that are sketch covers. Changes like this can often have a much larger long-tail operations process, but I will pass this idea along to the team. We appreciate your thoughts on this! Thanks!
  14. Hello, our Quality Control team reviews all slabs before they get shipped out, but in the event that a slab is damaged upon delivery you can contact our customer service team about getting it sent in for a Reholder. As long as the book was not compromised with the damage the grade should stay the same. Hope this helps answer your question.
  15. Hello, the post office is behind on getting all the mail to us, but you may want to call to verify that the package is getting delivered or has been delivered. We have found that their messaging is not always correct. Also, we have a post office located directly in our headquarters so when mail says it has been delivered it is with us awaiting the receiving team. Let us know if you need further info.