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  1. Hello, yes it is normal. We are running a little behind on mail currently. But we actually have a post office in our headquarters so your submission is delivered to us and awaiting our receiving team. Hope this helps.
  2. We're extremely excited to announce that comic book penciller, Humberto Ramos is joining CGC’s In-House Private Signing line-up! Humberto has decades of comic book art and creations under his belt but is widely known for his Spider-Man work, and more recently his collaboration with Skottie Young on the hit Marvel series, Strange Academy. The submission cut-off date is Friday, March 12 and Humberto will be offering signatures, as well as very limited Spider-Man Remarques and colored sketch covers (torso-up). So, get your Humberto favorites ready and click here for all the details. https://www.c
  3. Hi there, yes you can send the entire slab to us if you wish. We have a slab cracking fee of $5.
  4. Each signing is different and we like to make sure we have enough time to receive all the books and have them ready for the signing. We need at least 10-14 days before a signing to ensure we get everything ready.
  5. Hello! If you wish to change your submission details please contact our customer service team at service@cgccomics.com they will be able to further assist you with this.
  6. Hello! No, if a book is coming in already slabbed for a signing we will crack it, and then place it onto a board, and then into window bag.
  7. Hello, if the book was already verified by us and is currently encapsulated as a CGC Signature Series book then it can still retain that as long as it is shipped to us STILL encapsulated. We charge a $5 cracking fee. Please note, we can not guarantee the same grade after it has been cracked. Hope this helps.
  8. Hello! You will get a confirmation with your packing slip emailed to you after your order has been submitted. So, if you forgot to print it out in the online form it will take a few minutes but it will get emailed to you. If you have any additional problems you can email our customer service team at service@cgccomics.com
  9. I'm terribly sorry this happened! You can contact our customer service team at submissions@cgccomics.com, send them this info, and they will get your set up for a free reholder (we will cover all the shipping as well). Again, so sorry it arrived that way.
  10. Hello! Last Ronin must be submitted as a Magazine due to its length. Our comic slab has a max comic height of 10.5" and Last Ronin is 11". Thanks for the message!
  11. Hi there, no need to worry. We are running a few weeks behind on mail (still catching up with the holiday mail lag).
  12. Hello! All you have to do is log on to the online form with your CGC account info (you'll need a paid account if you don't already have one), and once you make it to the first page of the submission page you will see a REHOLDER option like attached.
  13. Hi there! It's kind of hidden on our site, I know. But if you go to Contact Us at the bottom you can find the shipping addresses. FedEx or UPS:5501 Communications ParkwaySarasota, FL 34240 Certified Guaranty Company, LLCP.O. Box 4738Sarasota, FL 34230United States
  14. Hi there! For the CGC In-House Private Signings we strive for 3 weeks for grading and 6 weeks for grading and CCS pressing after the signing has completed. You can find these times written in the articles for every signing (kind of hidden, I know). Thanks for asking!