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  1. A shot in the dark here, but if anyone on these boards won the Edgar Church lot that I didn't win, I have an offer for you. I (admittedly) wasn't paying attention and completely missed it.
  2. If I were buying (either as the original buyer or buying from you) I would prefer to have it left there. It adds history to the art - without the specs and date, it's just another (good) GL commission.
  3. It appears to be based on the old black & white serials. If that’s the case, it’s pretty spot on. Also a bit dorky, but have you seen those serials?
  4. As a fan of snowy scenes, there is some Kinkade stuff out there that I find attractive. That DC piece is...not great. "The painter of light" title just makes me think of him as the old JJ Abrams ("needs more lens flare") of painting though.
  5. I’m on the “leave it alone” side of this discussion. Unless you’re making necessary modifications for preservation/longevity purposes, original is better.
  6. Five years this Fall. I thought the storyline made a pretty big splash in 2014, but social media says otherwise.
  7. I saw your CAF post just earlier today. Enjoyed the story. Congrats.
  8. I have a few sketch covers currently up at ComicLink (ending Friday, 7/26): Batman by Craig Rousseau/Jeff Balke Batman & Superman by Emmanuel Francisco Batman by Adam Hughes Nightwing by Romeo Tanghal
  9. Just about a week left on these, with great deals still to be had on all four!
  10. Quick update, for those interested. I took this to a local framer I have worked with before, and we (carefully) cracked it open. There were three layers of foam board, with the board used to float the art attached to those. The outer layers of board looked like a different type than the inner layer, but the inner board and the board “attached” to the page were determined likely to be made of archival materials. The page itself was attached with what appeared to be archival tape: two pieces along the top, two on the sides, and two along the bottom. If I had thought about it, I would have taken some photos. All in all, it was very easy to disassemble. A couple of the foam board layers do have to be removed (carefully) to get safe access to the tape holding the art to the floater board. I wasn’t interested in keeping the page framed, so we separated the art from the board and that was it.
  11. All CGC SS, all 9.8 Batman by Craig Rousseau/Jeff Balke Batman & Superman by Emmanuel Francisco Batman by Adam Hughes Nightwing by Romeo Tanghal Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.
  12. I too have had positive dealings with Mike. He doesn’t handle deals in quite the same way as most other reps I’ve dealt with, but certainly handles them better than some I have come across. I actually like the “offer” function on the MGA site, but if you initiated talks through CAF the system would definitely be less clear. Mike falls into my “would do business again” category.