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  1. Still appreciated! That's the only real drawback to black holes - there are so many pieces out there that I have to imagine exist, but where they are (and in what storage conditions) are a mystery. I have a few pieces I still don't have posted. I wouldn't consider any of these pieces something that someone would be searching out, but I received a message from someone recently telling me that they had been "wondering where that piece was located..." I purchased a small collection last year from a guy who was selling his late friend's collection of comics, art, and other collectibles. This
  2. Thanks! Tough to say whether or not I will end up with everything, but it has been fun to see these pieces reunited. I haven’t seen them all in the wild, but they’re all out there somewhere. Aquaman and Maxwell Lord are the only two that I don’t have either piece of, so I hope those are sitting safely united in someone’s collection.
  3. I posted the pieces I do have to CAF. If you’re familiar with these covers but have never seen the throne artwork on its own, I recommend taking a look. It’s interesting to see how much detail was covered up by the seated figures. And again, let me know if you see any of the others floating around out there!
  4. Hey guys, I am looking for the figure half of the Professor Zoom White Lantern variant cover for Green Lantern Corps 51 (Ryan Sook). If you have this piece, or if you know where it is located, let me know!
  5. Same. The only issue is I seem to have run low in the wrong year! Looks like I am back to itoyas for the next few months - hopefully the story will be different when I check in again.
  6. I just spoke with eGerber and was told that they aren't currently taking orders for mylar. They didn't have a timeline for resuming sales, but I didn't think to ask if this is pandemic related. They directed me to BCE, but prices have kept me away from them for a long time now. I noticed that others are experiencing shortages (especially in 4 mil products) - I am hoping that this is simply COVID at work and that eGerber will start sales again in a few months. I would prefer not to pay 2-4x elsewhere.
  7. I have a few DPS pages and a couple of pages with overlays, all attached with masking tape. All of these pages are relatively new ('90s and newer) - I have been considering whether or not this tape should be replaced with something I know is archival. Has anyone here removed and replaced tape on a DPS, and what did you use?
  8. I don’t recall ever seeing this, but I like it! If I can track down those issues, I will take another look.
  9. That’s about 10x longer than any other Ditko letter I have seen.
  10. It is nice to see some younger collectors here - no offense to anyone who doesn't consider themselves young. I am 33, and I joined these boards at 19. Things were quite a bit different then (community and market) but I don't recall running into many people who were close to my age. I do see younger folks on the FB groups, but the boards here are far better for a chat, in my experience. I do wish I could get this forum on Tapatalk, but that just means I would probably spend way too much time here.
  11. Spencer Beck used to rep him, but that has not been the case for some time now. He has been quick to respond (within a few days) every time I have reached out on Facebook. I hope everything is alright.
  12. Looking for pages from Green Lantern (‘90s series) #100. There aren’t many of these posted to the usual channels, but I know they’re not exactly “wall pieces” for many. Maybe you have one tucked away in a portfolio somewhere. If you have any pages you’re looking to sell, send me a PM.