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  1. I played in Holland several years ago for one of the Liberation Anniversaries. It was a very emotional experience visiting one of the military cemeteries. Great turnouts all over Edmonton today.
  2. I have it recorded on my PVR. I’m still undecided about whether or not to watch it yet.
  3. Very cool. My cutoff these days is 1 - 50 plus a few BA keys. There are so many amazing Romita covers in the 50’s, 60’s, etc., I may need to revisit my cutoff point. I had 1 - 700, but was happy to reduce the number of long boxes. Where is everyone else’s cutoff point?
  4. The above reviewer has an axe to grind. I thought it was about a 6.5/10. Meh... not terrible, not great.
  5. I shouldn’t grade on my iPhone but that looks like a sharp book structurally. I think 5.0 to 5.5 while watching Will’s soccer practice.
  6. I refuse to list only one: Spider-man: Many awesome writers over the years! I think outside of Batman, he has the best rogues’ gallery. I also love the supporting cast and the Romita Art! Silver Surfer: cool backstory, awesome powers, space saga. Phantom Stranger: Love the aesthetic of the character as drawn by Aparo and Adams. I love the whole Horror, Occult angle of the character. He also has a cool power set and a vague origin.
  7. I’m currently playing the Pandora System that plugs into your TV. It’s fun to play Galaga, 1942, Track&Field, etc. I wish it had a few more of my favourites though such as Zaxxon, Satan’s Hollow...