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  1. piper

    Which one would you choose ????

    I'd take the CA7. PS: I would love to see this thread revived.
  2. Are you no longer going after the full run?
  3. piper

    New Years Resolutions

    Nice resolutions everyone!
  4. piper

    The Phantom Stranger #1 (1952)

    Nice blue copy! Do you have any of the rest of the run? I’ve passed on many chances to upgrade my restored copy and regret it. Anyway, I love the character in all of his various Gold, Bronze, and Modern appearances. Heck, I need more Phantom Stranger OA!
  5. piper

    Superman in Cleveland

    I didn’t see any comic books, but squeezed a trip into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and found a couple of decent foodie haunts with my meagre Meal Expense per diem. I need to come back in the summer and see a baseball game.
  6. piper

    Superman in Cleveland

    Chicago is pretty awesome 😎! I’ll pop into the Rock and Roll HOF so the trip will be worth it.
  7. I saw this nice little homage to Seigel and Shuster while waiting for my baggage at the Cleveland Airport. It’s not to often that I see comic related stuff while on a work trip!
  8. piper

    Give me your top 10 favorite comic artists

    As I sit in the airport lounge, here’s my random musings in no particular order: Fine LB Cole Frazetta Kirby Romita Steranko Aparo Wood J Buscema Hughes with an honourable mention to J Scott Cambell for all of his cheesecake covers.
  9. I think there's less than 10 non main title appearances that every Spidey collector should own. Off the top of my head: ST Ann 2 Avengers 11 MTU 1 FF Ann 1 XM 35