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  1. I definitely needed a bathroom break. In fact, I tried to time it during a non pivotal moment in the film. I seem to recall that I missed something important. Then again, I watched it more than once in the theatre anyway.
  2. The sound system is also better in the theatre than my Yamaha Soundbar. You can't convince me...
  3. It may take a while for me to go back the theatre, but watching a movie on TV is just not the same. Of course, I don’t have an 80” 4K TV at home...
  4. Probably not a wise decision to buy an Omnibus based on the cover art. That said, I’m looking at the Marvel Horror Lives Again Omnibus and the cover is just awesome.
  5. The EC writing was also just on a whole other level.
  6. I would recommend selling these via one of the three main comic auction houses (Comic Connect, Comic Link, or Heritage). You might realize higher prices and usually with good books there's some flexibility with the seller's premium.
  7. I think you would be horrified to see my mix of grades and page qualities in my 1-50 run.
  8. I assume it works similar to one of those Facebook Live Auctions?
  9. Being in Canada, my only real option is either my LCS or Amazon. I've heard that Tales of Wonder might be a good option for my American compatriots.