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  1. Cool book Jon! It’s long been a book on my want list ever since I had the Gerber Books. I’ll say 1.8. How are extra staples considered by CGC? Is that deemed restoration?
  2. I can’t wait to see your upgrade!
  3. Unless you want to put the money towards your AF15 fund, my answer is boring and predictable: Marvel SA and BA Keys.
  4. I know that I'm in the minority, but my favourite cover is 210.
  5. I still need a FF 216 and WSF29. Hopefully, they aren’t as popular. I think it’s one of the great mini runs for GA Collectors on a budget.
  6. How did I miss this thread the first time around? Great books! Thanks for sharing!,
  7. piper

    SD Con 2018 Gathering

    It sure looks like everyone had a fantastic time. Thanks for sharing the books. I'm starting to understand why I can't find a copy of Catman 28...
  8. piper

    Tales to Astonish #27 CGC 8.0 OW/W

    Huge Lions fan! Patricia is going to take us to the playoffs this year...
  9. The family and I thought it was a fun movie outing!
  10. piper

    WTB: PRECODE HORROR! & more...

    Money bags! (Actually, all excellent choices. I wish that I could afford them...)
  11. I couldn’t make it through the Danish Girl. I found it tough sledding... I can’t explain it...