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  1. The quality of back issues, especially Gold/Silver/HG Bronze is next to non existent at the LCSs in my neck of the woods. I have some luck buying from boarders within spitting distance. For the most part, I either purchase on the boards or through Comic Link/Heritage.
  2. What are the tougher issues?
  3. I have the start of a small Vampirella collection. I have 1,2,3, and 6. 12,14,15, and 20 are on route to Casa Piper. I’m trying to decide whether to put a mini run together (e.g. 1-20), only go after covers I like, or get the whole darn run. Suggestions?
  4. What are folks’ top 10 Vampi covers? I’m still working on my list but absolutely love 6.
  5. I’m most looking forward to the Phantom Stranger short included in the DVD.
  6. Ok. I’m going to skip it then. I loved the comic series and don’t want to spend the whole time comparing the two.
  7. I'm interested to see what people are finding in the wild. My eBay experience has been exorbitant shipping charges, high buy it nows, and poor grading. My focus as a result has been on securing books either through the boards or auction houses.