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  1. I love the omnibus and absolute format. I don't have near enough shelf space for this additction.
  2. Did you receive an email notification that they had shipped?
  3. It's been a long time since I've read these stories. Which is better HOS or HOM?
  4. Summer also meant “annuals”. There was a DD King Size Special 4 for sale on the boards today. DD, Sub Mariner, and Black Panther. What kid could resist?
  5. How do you keep two boys entertained in the back of the car in the early 80’s on extended road trips down to Florida in the Summer? Comics. (Kids, stop reading and look out the window... now we say to ours, get off your screens) One summer, I remember my parents taking us to some beach in Michigan 1980 or 81) and seeing a kid flipping through a copy of ASM 100, while I was reading a crummy old Marvel Tales. (I suppose it could have been a reprint but that black cover is pretty distinctive.) As an 8 or 9 year old, comics were a rare treat from my parents or from doing odd jobs around the neighbourhood. Most would have been remaindered copies purchased at a local shack like newsstand.
  6. Thanks. I used to go to that show back in the 90’s before I moved out west.
  7. Motor City in May would have been canceled. Is it still in Novi?
  8. For me, the reading pile is starting to stack so I put them on the bookshelf and then never get around to reading them.
  9. The Omni’s sure look nicer on the book shelf.
  10. Does anyone know if they plan to reprint the ASM Omnibuses anytime soon? I'd like to purchase the four volume set.
  11. Definitely need a House of Mystery 1!