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  1. It would be great to have a September show to go to!
  2. It's variable the length of time it takes. I had one package take a week. Another was 7+ weeks.
  3. If you insist... Thanks Lion’s Den for agreeing to part with them!
  4. I wonder if he would like the Ultimate Spider-man series?
  5. I've never been a Vulture Fan. For my money, I'll take Mysterio. When I was putting my original 1-700 run together, I'm pretty sure that No. 2 was the last book I needed. I absolutely hate the cover.
  6. I have two books signed by Stan: ASM 1 and 13 (both signature series). The Excelsior in my opinion is too much. It takes up too much of the cover. Even better is when the creator signs the splash page.
  7. I loved McFarlane's Spider-man especially with all of the crazy webbing.
  8. I have never read Spawn. I saw the movie on cable back in the day.
  9. I'm getting close to showing a 1-20 group picture. Lots of books still in transit (shipping is very slow across the border) and need to find a No. 16.
  10. I'm sure my wife is thinking the same thing. She asked me why I liked the character the other day.
  11. Are any of the books shown available for sale?
  12. I know that many of this say it all the time, but "I'm glad I bought my copy when I did." As far as I'm concerned the top 3 BA books to own outside of price variants are HOS 92, GSX1, and IH181 (in no particular order).
  13. I purchased the House of X/Power of X Omnibus on Amazon yesterday. I'm looking forward to giving it a read!