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  1. dena

    Getting in contact with people on the CGC census?

    Thanks for contacting us. In the interest of privacy, CGC does not provide submitter information.
  2. dena

    $150 credit?

    Yes, that is correct. Your card is not charged until the submission is received at our facility.
  3. Hi Marty and thank you for contacting us. Please let me know your invoice number and I will look into it for you. You can send a pm to me here on the boards or email me at
  4. dena

    $150 credit?

    Thank you for contacting us.The credits are applied when your submission is received at the office. I recommend including a note on or with your invoice that says you are using your credit. That way it is clear to the accounting department. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.
  5. Our server was down yesterday for a period of time. It is back up now and your order history should be displaying again. Please let me know if you are still getting the "No order history found" message.
  6. Looks like I am directed to My Journal if I am in the View Journals view. However, if I am in the View Latest Entries view and choose My Journal, I am not directed to my own. It appears to be an issue in the program and not something I can control. I'll report the issue so that it can be fixed in an upcoming release.
  7. I changed the settings so that only the owner and moderators/admins can see what is posted in the Testing forum.
  8. We would like to thank all of the participants in the CGC Registry and congratulate everyone on their individual accomplishments in every set. Click Here to Read More
  9. dena

    I think we're being spammed

    Thanks for reporting. We are cleaning up all the spam right now.
  10. If you would send your invoice number to me in a pm, I can look into this for you.
  11. i can assure you that my intention was not to make light of any such harassment. My post was merely an acknowledgement of the ridiculous practice of creating accounts over and over again.
  12. Actually it's fine right where it is. While this may not be a mountain to anyone, this is something we can easily change and change in way that reflects what the community wants. The feedback is appreciated.
  13. @VintageComics Are you using Chrome? I know it is not the best solution but when I get those errors in Chrome, I can usually get on using Internet Explorer. Just a work around until we can do something to reduce the frequency of those errors.
  14. When you come to the boards are you logged in already? I find that it will ask me to accept the terms if I open the boards and I am not already logged in.