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  1. Yes, everything should be back up and running now. Thanks for your patience.
  2. There is an issue on the server. We are working to get it corrected ASAP. So sorry for any inconvenience.
  3. Update - After understanding what caused this, we have a different response. We will modify the award announcement to include MrWalkingDead's set and Lookin4Newsstands' set as winners in the Best Custom Set category. Here is what happened: The Best Custom Set judge marked 3 sets as potential winners for that category. Before taking the awards live, we are supposed to make sure the appropriate number of sets are marked for each category. The Best Custom Set judge ultimately chose just one set because that is what we committed to in our original award announcement. However, we failed to recognize that the markers on MrWalkingDead's set and Lookin4Newsstands' set had not been removed. I take responsibility for that. As the awards were going live, the programmers noticed that we had too many winners in the Best Custom Set category and corrected it. That is why the award icon was there one minute and then gone the next. Since these sets were under serious consideration for that category, it was decided that there is no reason why we have to award just one set and we would like to expand that category to award 3 sets. We understand that this doesn't completely remove the sting of how this unfolded and we appreciate the approach these men took in bringing this to our attention. Both are true gentlemen and we are grateful they are a part of this community.
  4. On behalf of CGC I apologize for this incredibly disappointing experience. I can assure you that what you experienced was not intended and this is the first we are aware of it. If you have the link that you forwarded to your family and friends, I would certainly be interested in seeing it. You can send that to me in a pm on the boards or via email at It may offer a clue as to how this could have happened. I will address this with our programmers to determine the cause. In the meantime, I would like to offer you an extension of your membership for another year at no cost to you. I realize this does not undo your experience but I hope you will accept it as a gesture of appreciation for your participation in this community. Your set is indeed awesome and we value your willingness to display it in the CGC Registry.
  5. how is this for disdain? I'm looking here for inspiration:
  6. Just a matter of making the time to find emojis people will like that will display properly in most browsers. Do you have any specific emojis in mind?
  7. dena

    Who do you love?

    I love it. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts. Lots of great suggestions here and I really like the idea of a virtual black tie awards ceremony. Maybe we can get greggy to MC?
  8. dena

    Who do you love?

    Wait, wait, @RockMyAmadeus are you holding out on us?
  9. CGC awards time is upon us. Anyone care to weigh in on who is the best choice for Best Forumite? Or is there a registry set that you find particularly impressive? Let us know what you think
  10. I'll put a request in with the folks who provide the updates for this software.
  11. Hi Steve! Good question. I'm not sure what is available to us. I will check it out.