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  1. You truly are this dense. That modern spec thread didn’t have a post from 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 until 2 days ago when someone else mentioned there is no spec thread here. You seem to be under the impression that I can’t find the thread, when in reality i found it, but it’s as dead as a door nail. This thread has 31 pages right now and 2 days ago the most recent post was from 2015. Y’all are off your rocker on this one.
  2. PSH. please. calling me lazy when you're the one telling me to go post in a "spec forum" that yesterday had comments from f***ing 2014. if you werent the lazy one here, you wouldnt be suggesting I go post in that dead thread.
  3. What speculation thread? you mean the one that has comments from 2014 on its current page? spare me.
  4. Bringing up books like Hell Arisen 3 (spiking hard due to DC announcing November Punchline one shot) or the Legends 1:25 cover can gain you ill will round these parts. Feel free to check out the comicheatingup forums. Real spec over there. CGC forums seems to primarily discuss eBay sales. Little to no spec happening here.
  5. Honey I’m just thrilled you wasted your time to post about me.
  6. Missing out makes me wanna troll too!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥pumpin all day, sweet heart.
  7. I haven’t pumped anything just posting on a forum so those who aren’t aware might become aware. I only got one A cover one 1:25. Don’t be salty homie.
  8. I have no doubt you’ll snag an A cover at your LCS. What you won’t snag is that 1:25 with Robin King on the cover. That will be the big dollar book at least 6 shops here in Illinois couldn’t even order that incentive maybe they get some in anyways. I have a feeling this was under ordered too but I could be wrong. Shops in my area know Jack about this book nor its importance. Happy Hunting.
  9. https://forum.comicsheatingup.net/t/robin-king-1st-app/1233/352 keep snoozing on it I dare ya
  10. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=Death+Metal+legends+of+the+dark+knights+%231&LH_Complete=1&LH_Sold=1 I tried to tell you guys. People barked but proof is in the pudding if you didn’t get the 1:25 you are missing out. SPOILERS follow: Robin King is Bruce Wayne. He kills his parents, Alfred, Gordon all in this book. He also microwaves a kitten. Dead serious. Possible book of the year here. First full of him and Darkest Knight confirmed the 1:25 is first Robin King in cover as well.
  11. That makes sense to me because youd legit have to NOT be paying attention to DC books right now to think Punchline isnt going to be a priority for DC comics going forward. I mean WB reserved the rights to use her on film not even a month ago. Tynion has been really up front about her not being a one and done character. I'm dead serious, if you dont have that book get it and get it now. I expect it to continue to rise with Harley 75 and Batman 97. ts a 200.00 dollar 9.8 at the moment which is nothing compared to what it will be. It's a low print run book 35k total and it really just was not a b
  12. Under 40k and yes I have sources. same source that told me Hell Arisen 3 would be under 40k. Believe me or don’t I do not care but when u miss out just remember I told ya so:) Oh no did you go a page back to find a post of mine!!!’ GASSSSSP. /s
  13. Gals/Guys, are we all expecting first full appearance of both Robin King and the Darkest Knight to sell hard after August 4 release of Legends of the Dark Knights #1 releases? That 1:25 will be a rare book low print run series so I expect the hype train to choooo choooooo