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  1. Looking for VF/NM Albedo 4 - raw or CGC. If you have or know of a copy for sale, please let me know via post or PM. (And yes, I’ve checked eBay.) Thanks in advance! Jer
  2. Good luck with your search. I have a lower grade CGC 1.8 and it's one of my favorites. Such an awesome cover!
  3. Low grade but complete spine completely split and front and back covers detached with multiple tears
  4. Thanks for all the grades. 2.5 seems to be the consensus, so I'm pretty happy with that. Cheers!
  5. Hi everyone! Would appreciate your thoughts on a grade for this book. complete with all pages including pin-up white stain just below Sub-Mariner's foot still attached at spine top right corner of back cover is detached sliver missing from top left corner of back cover
  6. Hi everyone UPDATED 7/31 I am looking for second print Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1. Any grade. CGC or raw. Signatures or sketches. If you have a copy or know of one for sell, please send me a PM. I'm willing to offer 120% of GPA for the right copy. Also looking for these TMNT Playmates statues that were released between 2002 and 2006. Thanks!