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  1. Great stuff. Looks like I missed out on the Hulk 102 and 180
  2. Can someone pick me up an Amazing Fantasy 15 CGC 1.5-2.5 with OWW and no MC? Thanks!
  3. Wow! What a gorgeous cover. Somebody please buy this so I'm not tempted! GLWTS
  4. I picked up a nice ASM #6 CGC 5.0 from Adam. Great communication and very accomodating. Thanks, bud!
  5. That place has horrible reviews on yelp. Sounds like the staff there is not very professional. Most of the comments are focused on video games. I'm traveling to Seattle for work but it doesn't sound like this place is worth a visit.
  6. I've bought and sold on FB. Mixed results but there are some serious collectors out there. Good luck!
  7. Thor 339, huh? First Stormbreaker. I had never thought of a weapon's 1st appearance being a key but I understand your reasoning since it has become so popular after the last Avengers movie. Either way, Walt Simonson's Thor and Beta Ray Bill run (starting with Thor 337) are super cool (IMHO).
  8. I can't get enough! Such a cool book at a fraction of the cost.
  9. I still love my TOS 39! Awesome character and cover! I also have an AF 15, FF 1, Hulk 1, XM 1, and JIM 83. This year's Silver targets are ASM 1, Avengers 1 & 4, Showcase 4.
  10. I bought an ASM #101 from Phil. He is great to work with and packed and shipped the book lightning fast. Can't wait to buy from him again.