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  1. Miracleman rarities

    Young Marvelman 26 (second issue) in VG: $379.51 (price may fluctuate with exchange rates). https://www.ebay.com/itm/Young-Marvelman-26-VG/391942124017?hash=item5b419231f1:g:3q4AAOSwoVNaKuDk Marvelman 26 (second issue) in Poor: $1248.59 (price may fluctuate with exchange rates). https://www.ebay.com/itm/Marvelman-26-P/372161544376?hash=item56a68e80b8:g:ZhcAAOSwtnpaKtxc
  2. Bigger BA Key: GL 76 or HOS 92?

    I'm very sympathetic to the argument on behalf of Detective 395. In terms of impact AT THE TIME, however, GL 76 was an earthquake that built in power as it rippled out over the years. The market may very well decide that that impact is no longer relevant, but historians of the art form will continue to acknowledge the impact it had at the time. Scratch most of today's most popular creators, and you'll find Adams generally and GL 76 specifically somewhere in there.
  3. Bigger BA Key: GL 76 or HOS 92?

    Which is it? It made its point and that's about it? Or it became the industry norm? Because becoming the industry norm is the definition of being timeless. The fact that HOS 92 may stand up as a better story--or one that doesn't feel as dated--doesn't change the fact that GL 76 changed comics. You don't have to be an old person to know that. But you do have to read your history. Read comics journalism/interviews/etc. from the mid-'70s on, and its impact will become clear.
  4. Bigger BA Key: GL 76 or HOS 92?

    Yes. Swamp Thing 20 and 21 are hugely underappreciated by the market.
  5. 1st appearance SGT.ROCK

    It's not super-clear, but the market and "expert" consensus seems to have settled on Our Army at War 83 as being the first appearance of the character Sgt. Rock in the form, appearance, and specifics for which he came to be known. Now, someone ask me about the Teen Titans.
  6. Bigger BA Key: GL 76 or HOS 92?

    HOS 92 is the first appearance of Swamp Thing. Clearly. Major, major key. GL 76 changed comics forever. HOS 92 might be hotter at the moment and even outpacing GL 76 in price, but in terms of significance and importance and key-ness, only revisionist history would deny the title to GL 76. It was THE single touchstone for a generation of DC comic readers and creators across the industry.
  7. House of Secrets 92 too hot to handle

    No. Swamp Thing 1 essentially rebooted it. There were differences. It's been a long time, so I don't remember all of it. I think ST 1 was contemporary, while HOS 92 might've been set in the past. Different bad guys with different motives, too, IIRC. Though I could be wrong.
  8. I don't think so. I was referring to the one shot from the original art, sometimes called Artists editions. I think that's IDW's brand for them. This, I think, was published by Graffiti, which I believe calls them Gallery editions.
  9. Agree that it was underappreciated in its time, but it wasn't UNappreciated. There was a fair amount of grumbling about the art style, if I recall correctly. But there was also a fair amount of people who recognized it as an important work, one that gave Miller and DC to continue pushing the boundaries of both storytelling and production values.
  10. Not interested in your recollection. Unless you can back it up with evidence. As for how many people share my opinion on its quality, should I ask those who bought the Absolute edition or the Gallery edition?
  11. I also lived through both. So my witness testimony cancels yours. I also have the press kit DC sent out promoting Ronin as one of its first TPBs. Due to, y'know, failure.
  12. Notice the complete lack of substantiation here? Yeah. That.
  13. Massive Silver Age database of key issues

    I haven’t even tried it out yet! BUT I WILL!
  14. Massive Silver Age database of key issues

    And they say there are no heroes any more.
  15. Marvel's Retailer Breakfast falls off the rails

    Again, wanting to prove you are diverse means you are not doing it just for the sake of being diverse. Not semantic; they had reasons for it.