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  1. So where’s the list of foreign variants???
  2. There is no other version. It was a mistaken listing. Like B&B 54.
  3. His Ghost Rider variant just made a spec site hot list. Multiple covers from his variant month appreciated well beyond cover price. And that’s just modern Adams. The classics are still outdistancing the runs around them.
  4. Any recommendations for stores that carry UK back issues? Native stuff or UK versions of US stuff? Do book stores carry any? Antique shops? We'll be in both Ireland and Northern Ireland.
  5. By what metric? Probably more popular, generally, but in TPB/HC sales? Critical acclaim? Artistic merit? Swamp Thing had TWO epic, seminal runs that helped redefine the art form.
  6. It’s almost as if they hadn’t heard of it or had reason to think it was special until a writer they enjoy flagged it and that piqued their interest in reading and owning it.
  7. It may be that people are buying it because they want to own it. There’s this hobby called “comic COLLECTING.”