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  1. I think if Spider-Man were actually more recognized, people would be getting his name right.
  2. I agree with most of this, but I think HOS 92 is a different kind of book, one that IS valued more these days: First appearance of an iconic character with multimedia fan base.
  3. Maybe. That could explain it. So could the shared border.
  4. Yeah, I think the top-grade copies may no longer hit the highs of yore but I don’t see the rest of the range actually going down. I suspect it’ll hold steady with some slight steady growth and not enjoy the insane leaps we’re seeing elsewhere. That said, I suspect it’ll also have its moments in the spotlight now and again. Our field hasn’t yet fully reckoned with the importance of Neal Adams, I think.
  5. It’s not irrational. It’s just that rationality isn’t instant. For understandable reasons it’s taking people longer to recognize UK variants, that’s all. But it IS happening!
  6. Virtually the entire premise of our hobby is “I remember a time when no one cared about X.” The fact that no one cared then is why it’s valuable now.
  7. I’d say GL 76 is a VERY traditional key. The hobby used to be much more focused on the craft and the substance. GL 76 was a milestone in those senses PLUS in the industry’s history PLUS the first GLGA team up PLUS the first O’Neil/Adams GLGA PLUS as an award-winner PLUS as a creative influence PLUS various story elements that are still with us today. That said, all of those things are (sadly) fading in importance as character-chasing fans flood in. Art, craft, history are less dominant and so I suspect GL 76 will actually gradually lose ground against other key books (most proximately GL
  8. Yeah, you don’t get to tell other people not to use information.
  9. They actually don’t even have the name or form a team in 54...
  10. Pretty sure that’s true, at least in terms of a sustained, comic-universe multiverse...
  11. Even before the pandemic boom we also saw a gradual influx of global collectors/investors. That could also be a part of this. One thing I will say is it’s hilarious to see people advising others not to buy what isn’t currently on fire. Somewhere I got the crazy idea to buy when they’re not on fire...
  12. JTLarsen


    Someone hasn’t heard of hedge funds.
  13. JTLarsen


    Would love to know what local newspaper is all lies.