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  1. To keep it basic (and I'm not the expect in this) yes it's bad. Yes comics decay over time, if they are locked into an airtight case that decay intensifies. Last I checked, CGC does include that special paper to absorb the decay and recommends that the sealed/slabbed books be re slabbed every 7 years. Sadly, many people don't do this there are going to some formerly pristine books that might be in worse condition in 20-30 years time in slab than if they were in a Mylar bag and acid free board. That's assuming the bag and board were changed when they were supposed to be. I suspect many col
  2. He wrote a column in 1955 called "It's Still Murder" in which he continues to attack the comics after the code was implemented. I have it online here: http://www.thecomicbooks.com/1955itsstillmurder.html
  3. Hi All I went to Toronto Comicon and recorded 5 panels and took 24 pictures. Panels were: Steve Englehart Spotlight (51:27, 47.1mb) Steve Englehart is interviewed by Mark Askwith. He asks him about working on The Prisoner comic, starting off as an assistant under Neal Adams, working at Marvel, how he became a writer, why he left comics and what work outside of comics he did, writing Dr. Strange as a solo hero vs part of the Defenders, working with Frank Brunner and Gene Colan, the Master of Kung Fu, Starlord, Captain America, Silver Surfer, his work at DC for both Batman comics and t
  4. Yeah, Tom King is very popular now. 2 Reviewers just said "anything Tom King writes."
  5. Hi all. I went through every website that did a 'top comics of 2017' type list (136 of them) and combined all the lists together in an excel spreadsheet to see which books got mentioned the most. The results are here: http://jamiecoville.com/blog/blog/2018/02/10/the-combined-best-graphic-novels-of-2017/
  6. I have these backed up elsewhere too. Plus these are all downloadable (right click, save as) so I suspect somebody somewhere has downloaded them, if only to put on their mp3 player or something.
  7. Hi All, I was at San Diego last week and audio recorded 24 panels with a focus on comic history. You can hear them all at my website. The panels are: Jack Kirby's Consciousness, Roger Zelanzny's Lord or Light, Barry Ira Geller and the Real Argo (48:05, 45.1mb) On the panel was Barry Ira Geller and Mike Royer. Barry talked about Kirby's and Royer's involvement in the Lord of Light project. Barry announced that Lord of Light is being produced as a television series. Barry said 80% of the movie Argo was not true. They played 2 clips from CIA Agent Mendez regarding the Argo plan t