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  1. Rob, I see there's a mold issue. Is there a method to fix this? Would there be any risk to other artwork? (Possibly no problem at all, but I just don't know.)
  2. Although I love original art, I'd enjoy seeing some modern published covers in this forum. I've always liked this Red Sonja cover by Lopresti, for example.
  3. Thanks, Nico. It's working for me now.
  4. I enjoy ComicArtTracker, and use it frequently. Thanks, Nico! Weird thing happened this morning, though: When I type in "Bob Montana", I get 29 results -- but no images or working links to take me to the results. When I type in Sekowsky, Oksner, or what have you, everything pops up as expected. Anyone else experience a similar issue?
  5. John Buscema is one of the greats (his brother, Sal, has said so, too, in the past). He was also prolific. There are thousands of JB pages available. If his available output was as limited as BWS, we'd see a huge bump in the price of John Buscema artwork. IMO.
  6. Always enjoy your predictions, Lee. They're especially fun when you don't have comps to help with your call.
  7. Complete story with cover? Or an individual page?
  8. Interiors. The guy on the cover is too pretty to reflect Ditko's original take on Spidey. (As iconic as the cover is.). Besides, the character's mythology is based entirely on the interior pages. When people/cartoons/movies/tv recount the origin, they always reference the story.
  9. So many great covers here. Congratulations to the collectors who managed to find these beauties.
  10. If the PayPal account had been tied to a credit card rather than the OP's bank account, would he have another avenue of defense (opening a dispute with the cc company), or would it have mattered?
  11. Robert "Bob" Lubbers (note the 's') was a terrific and, now, deceased comic strip/comic book artist.
  12. This is stunning. I love Ngu's work, but before Christmas? I'm so broke right now!
  13. I've enjoyed this newsletter for weeks. It's always interesting and fun. Kudos, Glen, for sharing the info with others.
  14. A great write-up, and some really special artwork. Thanks for sharing.