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  1. Although if the package never reaches its destination, it's up to the sender (USPS).
  2. Your carpeted walls really help the art stand out. 😀 Congratulations!
  3. Tom? I've always viewed him as the Frank Robbins of quarterbacks.
  4. They're also offering several other Moldoff illustrations, all in color and priced much lower.
  5. I recently made a trade with Mike. He shipped his part of the trade before I'd packaged mine. I've also bought from him, one time and with timed payments. It took months from my end, but the art shipped promptly when the last was made. I trust him.
  6. If your PayPal payments are made through a credit card (rather than through your bank or PayPal credit), you can also request a credit card chargeback through the credit card company.
  7. It can't hurt to ask, but prices tend to be firm. If you dare wait, there is usually a Christmas sale on artwork from many of their artists.
  8. What a nice daily! Pretty girl, big name bad guy, Peter and Spidey... all in three panels. With Lee and Romita in the signature box, too. Sweet!
  9. I think it's a great pick-up, and for exactly those reasons.
  10. This could have been handled better, I agree. I had a better experience. Like West, I offered less than the full asking price on a piece I'd been watching for almost a year. I liked the cover a lot, but it was pricey. Mike responded quickly and professionally. He checked with the artist, all was well, and I received the artwork promptly. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
  11. ...and if you were going to fake a Kirby, you'd probably go for a bad pin-up (as they do, because it's less time-intensive) or a cover (because $$$). Has anyone here came across a phony multiple -panel interior page created by a fraudster? I'm guessing not many, if any at all.
  12. Nice cover! It's a treat to see ANY Farrell/Ajax issues. I've never seen an Ajax romance in the wild. Even the incredible Dr. Love appears to have less than a handful.
  13. Tom did art sales the right way. He always responded quickly to any questions I had, and he was generous with his time. Sorry he's stepping out of the game.