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  1. Beautiful pieces, I agree. They strike me as more Pixar-influenced than Frazetta-influenced, however.
  2. I suddenly feel the need to own a Brazilian bootleg comic of a cover I own.
  3. Carlo, you might want to post the image. The link goes to a "we can't find what you want" page on eBay.
  4. Here's an NFT rambling: Billions of dollars of bitcoin has been lost when the owners forgot/misplaced their password. One guy misplaced $220 million that way. I suppose a forgetful collector is in the same boat if his item is digital only. But what if he owns the physical artwork and its token? Can the OA be re-tokenized, or will the NFT-focused crowd now view the actual art as worthless?
  5. Very fun art, and a generous artist. Those pages are nicely detailed. Do you know if Paul's pages are printed directly from the pencils, inked digitally, or inked on separate boards?
  6. Heritage has a nice panel page in their upcoming March International Signature Auction. (Not the seller, just interested in Budd's art.) Good luck!
  7. Stefan's post suggests that a pen-and-ink Kubert original was attached to an NFT and sold for a multiple of what it might have otherwise. If so, this will have an impact on the hobby we love. Also, I understand why artists would be excited to collect a percentage when their artwork is sold again. It sounds as if some contracts will give them that percentage even when the art sells at a loss... again, if I'm understanding the current madness correctly.
  8. There's clearly a "Marvel premium" in this hobby, and it's reflected in the pricing.
  9. I'm a big fan of first appearances. Every major comic book character has had dozens of "important" storylines, but his or her first appearance? That's extra special.
  10. John's my friend, but that's not why I thought it was a great read. I only wish I could talk him into writing a sequel.
  11. Essentialsequential.com represents him.
  12. The goal I'm least likely to fulfill is finding J.G. Jones' original cover art to Fatale #6 (Broadway Comics). I keep looking, but it seems to have disappeared. I'd also like to find any available pages to Aliens: Special by Leif Jones. If I do, I'll gift them to a friend.
  13. The seller won that war. Imagine how much less he would have gotten if either of you had walked away!