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  1. It's being sold as the original cover art. I don't feel there's a blatant attempt to "trick" me into buying the art, though, because I've been given the details I shared with you. If the artist hadn't been open with me and I found out later, then I'd think it was a little dicey.
  2. Kind of my thought, too, and one of my collector friends agrees with you and Rick2. An artist buddy disagrees, saying the cover was based on the rough that's since been made pretty. I appreciate the feedback.
  3. Well, then, how do you see this? I was told that a cover I liked was available. The artist did a rough, which was approved, but then completed the published artwork digitally due to time constraints. Afterwards, the rough was finished to match the printed cover. It's being sold as the original cover art. Yes or no? I haven't yet pulled the trigger.
  4. You could also approach a dealer to see what they'd charge to sell the artwork for you. On a consignment basis. With ComicLink, direct sales, or consignment, you'll still need to ship the artwork.
  5. John Stanley is tops in my book. Carl Barks is right there, too. And who can forget Harvey Kurtzman?
  6. One other thought: If you request a credit for the shot, the producers might consider replacing the image, instead. It wouldn't be much more difficult than adding a credit, I imagine. Any monetary bump for your image's appearance in the series would likely disappear, too.
  7. A fascinating story and nicely told. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Looks real to me, but Kirby isn't someone I've studied at length. I wouldn't pay $1.55k for it, but I can see how a devoted collector might pull the trigger.
  9. Dave Gibbons' book, How Comics Work, provides a fun and educational look at his artistic process. Lots of illustrations to help explain things, too.