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  1. Hi Dave, I'm guessing the Wonder Woman is by David M. Beck.
  2. You might want to do a specific "WTB Mike Manley DARKHAWK" listing if that's the case. Goid luck!
  3. One of the great things about Timm panel pages, besides the story-telling? Forged copies aren't flooding eBay.
  4. Vodou is right about the shipping time. Wrong about the refund, IMO. If the artist refunded part of your shipping costs, he's trying to do right by you, as I see it. He doesn't sound like a take-the-money and run kind of guy. "Force" a refund and I can imagine how little he'll want to do with you in the future. I've bought directly from two artists in Brazil. Neither packed their art well the first time, but everything survived relatively intact (a minor, easily-flattened fold on the corner of one page).
  5. I don't follow the BWS market -- I'm not a collector of his work and I'm only occasionally a fan -- so I don't know. Did his art contracts go away? Have the buyers who signed those contracts been freed of their obligation to give Barry a percentage of any future profits on the work they purchased?
  6. Link isn't working for me, Jeff. Which gallery?
  7. My takeaway from this is that you made a 70% profit on your original $10 investment. Woo hoo!
  8. The 1998-2003 run or only those issues that appeared in '98? I love the early DH/Buffy issues, too. Good luck!
  9. Look at it this way. If the auctioned cover goes for a lot of money, your cover will likely be seen as more valuable. If the auctioned cover sells for a low price, hey, you can tell people it would have gone for more if it had been pencils-and-inks. And you might be right. There was a time when I turned away from pencil pieces, but I've adjusted my thinking. I've come across a few artists who only work in pencils and, if I wanted an original from them, that's what I was going to have to buy. When I took a deep breath and bought my first one, the artwork was beautiful; tight and finished. I now own four pencil-only covers by three different artists and I love looking at them. I don't value them any less than the inked covers I own. They certainly weren't as cheap as some of the inked covers I own. Just as an aside, I've seen some xeroxed Kirby pencils where I much prefer the pencil work to the inked work that was published. If the pencils were still around, that's where I'd spend my money.
  10. How much did it go for at the time of the drop?
  11. It's being sold as the original cover art. I don't feel there's a blatant attempt to "trick" me into buying the art, though, because I've been given the details I shared with you. If the artist hadn't been open with me and I found out later, then I'd think it was a little dicey.
  12. Kind of my thought, too, and one of my collector friends agrees with you and Rick2. An artist buddy disagrees, saying the cover was based on the rough that's since been made pretty. I appreciate the feedback.
  13. Well, then, how do you see this? I was told that a cover I liked was available. The artist did a rough, which was approved, but then completed the published artwork digitally due to time constraints. Afterwards, the rough was finished to match the printed cover. It's being sold as the original cover art. Yes or no? I haven't yet pulled the trigger.