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  1. Hey everyone, This one has a lot of spinewear. The staples are still attached, but there's pretty much no color left on the spine. Corners look like they've seen better days too. What do you all think?
  2. Hey everyone, What do you think of this? Silver Surfer #1, 1968. My main concerns are in the spine. There's a lot of wear, and it's slightly elevated compared to the rest of the book. In my opinion, this thing looks like it would grade higher with a press as well.
  3. Hey everyone, I posted this a couple weeka ago, but was told it was too hard to give a grade based on the pics. So here it is in better lighting and angles. Obviously it isn't a high grade copy (but hey, low grade GSX is better than no GSX). Chipping across the top, spine broken in a few spots, creasing at the bottom corner of the back cover (although it appears to be pressable). But just how low grade do you all think it is? Thanks
  4. What do you all think of this one? Colors all look nice, pages look white. Small tear on the bottom of the back cover (shown in the last pic). Thanks
  5. Hello everyone, I can't decide on what grade to call this GSX 1. The chipping on top is obviously a huge hit on the grade, and the spine breaks sure aren't helping, but how low grade is it? Thanks
  6. Thank you! Yes, the cover and all the pages are still attatched.
  7. Hello everyone, I was wondering what you all thought this Daredevil #1 would come back as. There's substantial tape on the spine (visible from the back) and major creasing.
  8. Hello everyone, I was wondering what you all thought the grade would be on this one. The staples are all firmly attatched and there is no (visible) staple rust. There is some dirt near the bottom staple by Black Panther's leg. The cover is a little tanned but still looks very white. The most prominent and concerning damage is the heavy wear along the top of the front cover.
  9. Hello everyone, I was told to come here for grading questions. The front cover is detatched from the top staple. There is a (very poorly done) mostly removed sticker on the top left, and pen marks on Crimson Dynamo's laser.