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  1. I have 3 spawn #1 9.8 9.6 and 9.4 CGC. Haven't gotten around to selling the 9.6 and 9.4 as of yet. Kingdom come #4 would be amazing!
  2. I really don't expect it but it would be nice some day. yes I know it is means it is perfect in every way. Wish I could get one some day.
  3. True... but what really separate's a 9.8 from a 9.9 or a 10.... not very much... sooo the chances of sending in the amount I have sent it and not receive a 10 is a bit discouraging at times.
  4. Yes it is almost a myth. Between Trading cards and comics.. CGC has never sent me anything over a 9.8 or over a 9.5 on a card. makes me a little peeved when I have spent 6 thousand on grading in the last few months.
  5. I am an elite member and have sent in over 300 cards. 160 still waiting to be graded. I think I will stick with CGC
  6. Hi, So I am trying to decided between the two companies. On one had CGC is a bit more cost effective, and way quicker. On the other hand I live rather close to Beckett. I Just am conflicted on which company to go with. I didn't include PSA because it is taking almost 7 or 8 months to get cards back. thoughts?
  7. I didn't buy it. Thank you for all the info guys. Saved me a headache.
  8. Thank you everyone for all the information. As someone who is knew to collecting... It helps alot. I alost knew this book was to good to be true. Like if it was so good why didn't the owner of it get it graded?
  9. well I am in too deep... Maybe if someone comes along and bids higher...
  10. I really appreciate the feedback. You are right there are quite a few copies on the market right now. Ya... It would be dangerous to buy this book, I mean I am sure I could get the resale value back for it... but who knows... Personally when I see restored labels on a graded book it makes me cringe.
  11. I hear you. Well from what I can see on the back left of the book the edge seems to be cut down into an angle? Did you see that.
  12. Wow Thanks for the info... I may be in too deep at $2100.00 Wow you can tell the cut from just looking at it?
  13. Everyone's thoughts on this book? I am considering getting this. It has had some light color restoration on the front cover. I can't see it anywhere. Hard to spot. It has also had the pages trimmed. How bad is this going to hurt the grade?