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  1. I always wanted both. But, I would pick Hulk #1. Read reprints of both and like the Hulk better.
  2. Bought this at the place I buy gas over the weekend. The Mickey Mart FB page says they plan on an ongoing series to be sold thru their stores here in Ohio.
  3. Tape. Missing pages or coupons cut out. Water Damage Any bad Smells
  4. Nice! Never seen this before, what date is it from? My guess would be the 80's since it has a bar code on the cover, and they not so cleverly reused the Creepy #1 cover..... What, you don't think "FUN BOOK" is clever? opposed to "Funnybook", which is why we are here??? Found this on Ebay and loved the cover. Yes, they did reuse Creepy #1. Date is june 1982. And an added plus, none of the puzzles have been done.
  5. Thanks for the heads up on these. I went to the link and ordered the first 3 issues.
  6. I don't currently own this one but I plan on getting it soon.
  7. This is my first ebay purchase of the year.
  8. Right or Wrong, I chose Elmer cause he's my favorite.
  9. Went to see the new movie the other day, and when I got home started looking on Ebay for a higher grade. Prices are now higher than I want to pay so, this is my one and only copy. Having the signature just makes it more special for me.