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  1. Thanks for the info! I've included more photos of the Three aces comic #54 and turns out the world famous creatures has the mask still!
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I had no idea pulp magazines existed in the 1960s before I got these!
  3. Scare and not particularly desirable, sounds like me ha. I might stick them on eBay in a week or so, just to see what happens!
  4. As requested, and thank you for the reply. I'm a totally amateur at this but I'm glad even a beginner could show some instinct ability! I'm just not sure what to do with them now.
  5. Opinions would be nice, I've no idea what I'm doing apart from basic research. Some are not in the best condition but did I lose money? Pretty sure that here's some golden age, silver age and some pulp. Also a load of British mini ones.
  6. Thanks all for your replies. I'll try and answer some of the questions I can. First, I will not be trimming the cover! On closer inspection on the cover, it is clearly the wrong size for the pages (please see photos). And on even closer inspection, there are two pairs of staples, a pair for the inside pages, and a pair attaching the cover. As for the indica, there is none.
  7. Adding a reply to bump due to it being my first post and taking a while to moderate, sorry if against the rules ☺️
  8. Hi folks, this is my first post of probably many as I've just come into some old comics. I've searched the internet high and low trying to get information about this supplement from a newspaper called New York Star that only seemed to exist for two years. The main question I guess is, is this considered a marvel golden age comic. It seems to be Sub-mariner #28, except with a different cover and minus two ad pages which was released in Oct '48, this being Jan '49. It contains: Three sub-mariner stories (a case of the king's ransom/kids! Kids! Kids!/crime makes the writer) and a Blonde Phantom story (the test of fear). The first panel of every story has a code, being SL-3323, 3522, 3382 and 3562. There is also a two page story titled 'Imagination' with the code SL-3125. On the front cover is art by Frank Frollo. Also included is a full page ad for a 25c beanie copter, a sub-mariner quiz page (3718), a page showing two half page ads, one being for a Simplex Portable Typewriter for $2.98 and a Juke box bank for $1.98, and a back page ad for the new York star newspaper. Every inside page is in colour. So my questions are does this count as a marvel golden age, is it some kind of rare variant find, is it worth grading, does the SL stand for Stan Lee, anything you can tell me would be gratefully recieved. Also, if I was to grade it, is there such a thing as trimming the cover? It overhangs by about 4mm on the outer edge and doing so would drastically increase its presentation. I have more comics with questions so this probably won't be my last post. Thanks in advance!